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Line up two of the pencils parallel to each other and secure them with tape, leaving at least a
centimeter untaped at both ends in order to leave a space for the rubber band later. Repeat for the
other two pencils.

Create a cross that looks like a lowercase "t" with the two pairs of pencils. Secure them in that
position with either tape (electric tape works best), rubber bands, or glue.

Unscrew the tip of a cheap or useless pen. Unscrew the other side of the pen, and then take out
all of the inner mechanisms. (Save the ink cartridge because that will be used as the ammo later.)
After doing that, you should end up with a hollow tube.

Secure the tube to the vertical side of the cross with tape.
Stretch a rubber band horizontally across the crossbow, anchoring it between the two pencils
and going over the pen in the middle.

Wrap a piece of tape around the middle of the rubber band where it passes over the pen.


Tie a rubber band between the pencils and the bottom of the hollow pen. This is to add
elevation, which will come in handy later.
8. Put the ink cartridge back into the tube so that it's sticking out slightly.

Stretch the rubber-band to the end of the tube.
Grab the ink cartridge, pull it back further with the rubber band, and let go.
11. When done use the top and bottom of the pen for a cap. Hope you have fun shooting and don't
shoot cats.

Mini crossbow

1. Get 2 toothpicks and tape them together.

2. Tape those to another toothpick to make a "T" shape.
3. Cut a rubber band in half and push it through the ends of the toothpick(the horizontal line of the
4. Cut a piece off a straw and tape it to the vertical part of the "T".
5. Stretch the rubber band behind the straw.
6. Use toothpicks as bolts (ammo for a crossbow). Push the toothpick through the straw, pull the
rubber band back and let go.

Pneu cannon

1. Take a Sch 40 PVC dia 2" and 0.5m long and seal it air tight from one end by a PVC Coupler
using PVC Glue also make a hole on the PVC tube for the Presta-valve and after inserting the
valve seal the hole.

Take a 2" x 1" reducer bushing and attach it to the another end of PVC tube make the seal airtight
3. Now attach a 1" dia PVC tube to the 1" end of the reducer bushing and join a 1" dia ball valve to
keep the pressure.
4. now join a short PVC tube at the other end of the valve as a barrel of the cannon


1. Take off pull cap, then pull up the cap (the way it releases water).
2. Empty the extend pen, it should look like a tube with a smaller tube on top.
3. Glue or superglue the big part of the pen to the small dome of the pull cap.
4. Tape the two items securely together to prevent any leakages, If using AlkaSeltzer, fill the bottle
halfway full of water, drop pills in, quickly put the cap on and press pull cap down(should seal in
air),put toothpick into open hole, aim, pull cap, and fire!
5. When using Perrier, fill bottle with 3/4 of Perrier, cap the bottle, press down cap. Shake, place
toothpick into open hole, pull up cap, FIRE!

1. Lay the match stick (paper matches work well) on the table then lay the needle along it so the
point is on the match end (This will form the exhaust) then wrap the tin foil around the match. If
you use too much foil it will be too heavy but too little and the flame and gases blast out the top
of the foil instead of down the exhaust. Make sure the foil is tightly wrapped but not covering the
exhaust up.
2. Another method is to get a rectangular piece of tin foil and cut the heads off two matches put
them at the end of the foil then lay a match with out the end on it along the same end. Then roll
the foil up so it's a tube scrunch up the end without the match stick sticking out the end then
remove the match stick.
3. When ready take out to a open space construct a stand (I will show you how later in the guide)
and heat the tip of the match causing end of the match to ignite. Gases rush out of the exhaust and
your rocket should fly up to 30 feet I say up to remember.
4. Be safe!

1. Find a good rock for the head. This rock should be no larger than 1/2" thick, and should taper at
both ends.
2. Find the stick to be the handle of your tomahawk. It should be comfortable to wrap your hand
3. Use a knife, split the top of your handle so that the rock fits in very tightly.
4. Tie on the head of your tomahawk with string, and secure the string tightly
5. Have fun with your new tomahawk.

B – launcher

1. Find a PVC pipe or a sturdy tube that is one inch in diameter.

2. Cut the tube into any size desired with a hacksaw. This part of tube will become the barrel portion
of the shooter.
3. Before placing the excess tube aside, cut out small segments of the tube that will fit around the
palm of a hand. This cut will become the handle of the shooter.
4. Cut a three inches segment of pipe so that the berry shooter will have a scope.
5. After cutting out the pieces, gather together two sturdy rubber bands, cement glue or any type of
glue used to combine plastics, and a latex glove.
6. Assemble the berry shooter. Place the scope of the shooter on top of the barrel and secure it with
rubber bands and duct tape.
7. Place the handle of the shooter perpendicular to the barrel and secure it by coating the points
where the handle touches the barrel with glue.
8. When the glue has finished drying, reinforce the handle with an extra layer of tape.
9. Grab a latex glove or balloon and cut out either a finger tip of the glove or the top portion of the
10.Next, attach the elastic finger tip to the to back end of the Berry Shooter with either a rubber band
and/or duck tape.
11. Use the bit of rubber like a slingshot to fire a berry or other soft projectile you place in the tube.

Biro launcher

1. Get a biro and remove the lid and cover.

2. Wrap an elastic band around the body leaving enough to pull back at the back.
3. Put the cartridge back through the body & put the back of it against the elastic band.
4. Pull back & release

1. Seal end of the cardboard paper towel core with duct tape.
2. Poke a small hole in the center of duct tape using knife or scissors.
○ Make sure the hole in the duct tape is just large enough for the grill lighter.
○ You want to form a good seal with the grill lighter to hold the gas inside.
3. Slide the grill lighter through the hole in the duct tape.
4. Slide the lighter back out a little so the duct tape forms a good seal around the lighter.
5. Spray the hair spray into the tube for two full seconds.
○ Try not to soak the cardboard.
○ The gas inside the tube will be ignited later.
6. Quickly drop the ping-pong ball into the tube. The ball should just fit in the tube.
7. Hold down the safety of the grill lighter, and pull the trigger to fire off the ball.
○ It may take a few clicks of the lighter for the gas to ignite.
○ This is until there is not enough free oxygen in the tube to fuel the flame.
8. Once the flame sparks, the ball will rocket out of the tube.
Blow g
1. Prepare a straw with a sack.


Cut the end in a one side politely and take a straw out.


Avoid the end of a sack and draw the name and a picture freely.(Owner mark)
4. Return a straw in the sack.

Fold up the closed end a little.


Hold it by a double-stick tape.

7. Make a mark.
1. A round hand mirror is hung on a wall.
2. A mark is drawn in the window.
3. A mark is drawn and stuck on paper.
8. Remove a cover of a tape. Please play by a local rule.

1. Gather the materials from "Things You'll Need" with the exception of an
2. Cut the towel into three even squares, preferably 3 by 3 inches.
3. Place a stone in the middle of each of the squares.
4. Tape a string to each of the stones.
5. Wrap the towel square around the stone and tape it shut, with the string
coming out on one side.
6. Gather the three stones/string/paper and put them aside.
7. Cut the paper into a rectangle that's about 10 by 6 inches or as long as you
8. Take the paper and make sure that the long side is on the bottom (length).
9. Tape the strings of each of the stones about a few inches from each other.
10.Wrap the paper into a cylinder and tape it shut.
11.You may want to tape the ends shut.
12.Test it on an enemy and hope (s)he doesn't die.
13.If it works, you may want to make more (these are cheap, disposable ones
and outcome may depend on the quality of the materials).

• Most professional bolas are made from special bola-ish items. If you're that
crazy about bolas, try buying one instead of making your own. They might
work better.
• Try to find light and medium-sized stones that won't snap the strings when
you swing them.

] Warnings
• As with all weapons, use with caution-they might seriously hurt/break
• If you are in a wilderness survival situation, this is a fast and easy weapon to
make, but spend your energy on finding food, and shelter, if you have had no
prior training with these, they require more skill than one might think.

Things You'll Need

• Three medium-sized strings.
• Three stones
• Paper
• Paper towels
• Scissors
• Tape
• An enemy
1. Decide the length and thickness you want for your handles, and the length of your cord.
2. Gather duct tape and 2 (or 4, if you practice double nunchaku) cardboard pieces. The pieces
should be of the same length and width as each other (i.e. 30cm long, 60cm wide).
3. Cord should be strong, if it is thin, braid it or find a new cord. Use this formula for the length
of the cord (the length of handle is the length of the cardboard): (length of handle x 8) + 30cm
(for distance between handles) + 20cm (for tying off the ends)
○ The cord is 8 times as long as the handle so that it is fully wrapped through and around
the card as the handle is constructed.
4. If you are making double nunchaku, ensure that the cords are the same length.
5. Fold the cardboard horizontally along its natural "grain" until it is nice and flexible.
6. Starting from the center of the weapon (the top of each handle), lay the cord the length of the
cardboard, roll the cardboard over and lay the cord back up along the freshly rolled cardboard.
Repeat this twice.
7. Ensuring that the end of the cord is at the top of the handle (ready to be tied to the middle piece of
cord) and the cardboard cylinders are tightly rolled, wrap the handle in duct tape. The less
cardboard is showing, the stronger your handles will be.
8. Knot the end of the cord sticking out from the duct tape around the middle piece of cord (the
cord that will be holding the handles together).
9. Repeat process for second handle.
10.Test your weapon's strength by spinning it for a few seconds. In case of problems, reinforce the
handle with further duct tape or consult an internet based knot archive.
11.Decorate your nunchaku (optional).
12.Prepare for battle.
1. Get a soup can or type of can that you can use a can opener on.
2. Cut the top out with the can opener.
3. Flatten out the ridges of the top with a hammer, if applicable. The flatter the ridges or rim is, the
more efficient the fly will be.
4. file the rim so it forms a edge
5. Throw them hard so that they can go at longer distances.
6. You can also use regular full CDs they also work in halves
Spit boll
1. Rip paper up into tiny pieces.
2. Roll the pieces into balls.
3. Stick the paper balls in your mouth.
4. Blow through a straw at your target.
That is the amateur way
1. Put 2 pieces of rolled up loose leaf paper in your mouth.
2. With a drink get it real soaked almost like glue.
3.Get another piece of paper and put the spitball in it it's called wrapping.
4.Put it back in your mouth for about 5 minutes.
5.Now you have a real spitball it should be about the size of a golf ball.
6.This is great for crowd shots just take it out of your mouth act like you are stretching and let her go as
you continue to walk you will see the lucky recipient (victim) and you will die laughing. Sometimes you
get lucky and you catch someone walking toward you. No matter where or who it hits you will always
hear the victim yell what is it get it off.
Good luck
1. Tape 60 or 70 strands of twine over the box.
2. Take more twine and go under over under over when you get to the end of the box you keep
going if you land on over flip the string under and keep going if you land on under flip the string
upwards and keep going.
3. Once you're done, tie the end of the string you weaved with too the last string that if over the box
on both ends.
4. Take the tape of and tie a couple thick knots so that the weaving doesn't come undone.
5. Fold one side of the weaving over to the middle and go along the edges tying pieces of the twine
together to keep the weaving folded then do the same thing on the other side. Make a bunch of
6. Take four long strands of twine and either braid or weave them together. Then take the end of one
of your mats and weave the strand you just made through some of the strands in the mat. Take the
other end of the string and do the same thing to another mat with the other side of your lacing. Tie
the two ends very tightly. This makes one side of whatever piece you are making.
B shu
1. Go out and buy a pack of binder rings if you do not have any. They can be purchased at Wal-Mart
and Staples or nearby convenience stores.
2. To make the ninja stars look more realistic, break the binder rings in half. (optional) It can be
done by hand (can cause slight pain) or a tool.
3. If the rings are in half, lay them out making two "S"es, and tape them together in that layout.
4. If your rings are not in half, open them up, and lay one on top of the other and tape.

1. Use the saw or pocketknife to cut the tree branch.
2. Cut a notch at the top and bottom of the branch. This is where the string will be attached.
3. Create a frame in which the wood can be shaped
4. Place the wood in the frame. You should leave it until the wood is completely dry.
5. When the wood is dry, loop one end of the nylon string around each notch.
6. Apply superglue where the string attaches to the wood.
1. Get out your ruler and scissors. Open the scissors, take one point of the blade, and put it in the
middle of your ruler (below the 15 cm mark and on top of the 150 mm mark).
2. Start rotating the ruler around and around. After a while, a hole should be created under the 15 cm
3. Keep rotating until an average sized pen can fit through the hole.
4. Drill two more smaller holes on the top and the bottom big enough that a elastic can fit through
the hole.
5. Find an elastic band and tie it through those two small holes (tie the elastic on tight).
6. Wrap some Sellotape (or Scotch Tape) around the top and bottom to make the elastic knots even
7. Put a pen or pencil through the hole in the middle pull back and release.
Paper b shooter
1. To begin, lay the paper clip flat on a table.
2. Get the paper clip and bend the innermost end of it upwards between 45 and 90 degrees. It should
be bent near the innermost U bend on the clip.
3. If you want to improve distance/accuracy,you can use the pliers to bend the very end of the
launcher at a 90 degree angle facing the direction you intend to launch it.
4. Load a small paper ball on the tip of the bent end.
5. Bend it back a little (not enough to warp the shape!) and let the bent part go to watch it fly!
N shuri
 take the nails, and put them on the table so that the flat ends are facing each other.
 Tape the nails securely together.
 Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other two nails.
 Take the two taped nails, put them perpendiclar on top of each other, making an 'X' shape.
 Tape them together carefully.
 Fire when ready.

1. Take the pringles cans and clean them out thoroughly. (Eat the chips)
2. Take the can which will be your bottom tube and drill a 5mm hole about 3cm
from the bottom.
3. Measure the two other cans diameters and work out 50% of the cans area.
A=pi*r^2. Take half of A and put it into the equation to find r. If that’s too
much math for you, estimate.
4. Cut the holes out in both top cans to the size you have just calculated. Make
them as round as possible using whatever means you have. You could drill
multiple holes then push out the cutting, use tin snips to cut the hole, or use
a jigsaw with a blade capable of cutting metal.
5. Sand the newly cut holes so they're nice and round. (The rounder the hole is,
the further the ball will fly!)
6. Duct tape all the cans together, with the can with the firing hole on it at the
bottom. Use about 3 layers of duct tape to seal the cans tightly together. If
you wanted to you could also use glue to improve the seal.
7. Heavily reinforce the bottom metal plate of the mortar with tape.
8. Drill a large hole in the PVC tubing so that when it encases the mortar the
firing hole can be seen. The PVC tube is for protection.

] How to Fire
1. If it is cold in your area, try to heat up the tube for about 2 minutes
2. Drop 2.5mls of lighter fluid down the barrel, making sure some reaches the
very bottom.
3. Quickly insert the tennis ball, and use a stick or your hand to hold it firmly in
place while you shake the mortar for 30 seconds. Make sure the fluid doesn't
leak out the firing hole.
4. Prop the mortar into a high firing angle and hold it in place with bricks.
5. Put the blast tube over the mortar making sure the inside hole can be seen.
Wait 30 seconds for the gas to move through the barrel.
6. Put on hearing protection. Then bring a long lit match up to the hole.

Air c
1. 2.5 feet of Sch. 40 PVC or ABS pipe
2. A small air compressor powered by a battery
3. A small PVC( NOT ABS ) valve
4. A 2in-1/2 reducer
5. 3 feet of 1/2 in Pipe
6. One cap and tire valve, or salvage tire valve from car or bike tire
7. A 2 in. PVC U-Bend.

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1. Take your 2 inch pipe and attach U-bend.
2. Take your PVC valve and attach to U-Bend
3. Take your reducer and attach to valve
4. Take your 3ft. 1/2 pipe and attach to other end of your valve.
5. Take a 2 in. cap and drill a hole slightly smaller than your tire valve.
6. Take your tire valve and attach tightly to cap. Needlenose pliers help here
7. Attach cap to 2in. pipe. This serves as the compressed air tank.
8. Tape down air compressor pump to U-Bend and attach hose to tire valve.
9. Turn on your air compressor. Check for leaks.
10.When pressure is ready, twist the valve fast. All the air should come out
11.Add a small object, such as a paintball, into your cannon. It should exit the
barrel very very fast, 230 f.p.s or higher
Blower gun
1. 1 buy a ten foot piece of conduit piping and have the store split it in halve.
2. 2 bring it home and both halves have to be filed with a circular file on the inside of the side that
was cut.
3. 3 put duct tape on the end in a cone shape take a few inches and fold it in a little and wrap it
around the dart.
4. have fun.

Siege c-bow
1. Take a sturdy ruler of around 10cm.
2. Break it into a 6cm segment and stick it firmly to a fastener piece.
3. Twist the ends of the fastener piece to accommodate a rubber-band bowstring.
4. Using a 3cm-wide piece of long wood, cut a shaft.
5. Make a bowstring by tying 2 rubberbands together.
6. Fit the bowstring in the fastener-part.
7. Stick the short ruler-part in front of the wood.
8. Measure 10cm of the wood and cut the rest off.
9. Stick Lego wheels on the sides of the shaft.
10. Use two round-headed pins and stick them in a putty ball hinge.
11. Stick it on the ends of the wood.
Chop crossbow
1. Unfold a paper clip into a straight line.
2. Make a small "V" shape at each end of the paper clip.
3. Twist a rubber band until its line cannot separate from other end of rubber band.
4. Place each loop end of the rubber band onto the small "V" on each end of the paper clip.
5. Close the two Vs so the rubber band won't fly off. Now you have made a bow.
6. Carve a narrow line in front of the chopstick. Make sure that it's narrow enough for the paper clip
to fit.
7. Place the middle of the bow (the paper clip side) onto the the narrow line on the front of the
chopstick. Add a dab of hot glue to stick them together.
8. Place the thumbtack a few centimeters above the bottom end.
9. Cut a little piece of another chopstick and stick it on the sharp end of the thumbtack. Now, you
have a crossbow.

B rock twer
1. Get a piece of bamboo, about 3 inches thick and 1 to 3 feet long, depending on preference.
2. Cut one end so that there is around one inch of bamboo past the end of the section.
3. Get a sharp knife and keep shaving slices off the segment, about half the length of the segment,
until you cut into the hollow in the middle.
4. Make sure the hole you have cut tapers closer to the long end, and keep the hole about an inch
wide at the short end.
5. Slot a rock in that fits in the hole without slipping, or without having to use too much force.
6. Hold it with the rock facing away from you, and swing the bamboo very hard.
7. The rock should fly out very fast and go very far.

1. Find a sturdy, y-shaped piece of wood. You can make slingshots with forked branch of just about
any size, but piece about 6-9 inches long, with a fairly uniform thickness of 1-2 inches generally
makes a strong, easy-to-use slingshot. Try to find a piece with as few imperfections as possible;
even moderate cracks can render your slingshot dangerous or unusable. If there are knots or
bumps you can cut or sand them off.
2. Peel off the bark. With the bark gone the slingshot will be more comfortable to hold. You may
need to let the branch dry a little before you can get the bark off.
3. Let the wood dry. This step isn't necessary, but if the wood is still green, it's a good idea to let it
slowly dry. This will give it more stability and strength.
4. Get a long, thick rubber band to form the firing mechanism. You can make a stronger firing
mechanism by using surgical tubing or several rubber bands wound around each other. You can
experiment with the length to find out what works best, but it is important that it be strong and
5. Cut the rubber band in half. You now have a band for each side of the slingshot. If you're using
surgical tubing or multiple rubber bands, you can skip this step--just make sure that each band
(each side of the firing mechanism) is of equal length.
6. Get a rectangular piece of leather or strong cloth (several rectangles of duct tape stuck together
work, too). This will be your holder or "pocket." It should be nearly square (each side should be
about 2-4 inches), but a little longer one way than the other.
7. Cut two slits into the pocket. Use a knife to make an incision about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in from each
edge. The slits should run parallel to the shorter edges of the pocket. Try to get them both an
equal distance from their respective edges. The slits should be just large enough for the rubber
band to fit through without being wrinkled.
8. Slip one end of one of your rubber bands through the slit and fold it back over itself so that it
makes a little loop around the edge of the pocket. Secure the loop by putting a small, but sturdy
rubber band around. The smaller rubber band will probably have to be doubled or tripled around
itself to make it tight enough. Repeat this other rubber band on the other side of the pocket. Make
sure the bands on both sides are still of equal length.
9. Use rubber bands or electrical tape to secure the other ends of the long rubber bands to the
slingshot body (the wood). You can also, if you wish, lash the rubber bands to the slingshot body
Secure one of the long rubber bands to the back of one branch of the "Y" and secure the other
long rubber band to the back of the other branch of the "Y". The rubber bands should be secured
to the wood near the tips of the branches. Once again make sure the bands are of equal length.
10. Shoot your slingshot. Use small rocks, rubber balls, and wadded-up pieces of paper--just about
any small projectile--as ammunition. Exercise caution when firing your slingshot, and wear eye

Pen bom
Pen bomb
1. Get any type of pen, or marker and do one of the following:

○ Method 1: Microwave Explosion
2. Read all warnings before attempting.
3. Place the pen in the microwave and watch.
4. You will have to clean out the microwave afterward.

○ Method 2: Ink Volcano
2. Cut off the top of the pen.
3. Add baking soda and vinegar.
4. Soon the ink will begin to spray.
5. Annoy people with the splashing ink.
1. First, you will have to have a tin soda can.
2. Then cut the soda can in half.
3. Then you will cook sugar and saltpeter (about 5 parts saltpeter to every 3 parts sugar) until golden
brown and gooey (If you over cook the mixture will ignite in the pan you are cooking in.)
4. Next, you put the cooked mixture in the can while it is still gooey.
5. Insert the fuse while the mixture is still soft.
6. Then put the can in the freezer for about 20 minutes or until hardened.
7. ENJOY!!
Flame trow
 Place the two rubber bands around the aerosol can.
 Place the wall bracket (that should already be bent into a 90-degree angle) under the rubber bands so
it's held onto the can somewhat securely.
 Break off a bit of that plasti-tak and put it on the bottom of the candle.
 Attach the candle to the wall bracket using the plasti-tak.
 Line up the candle wick with the sprayer tip on the aerosol can.
 Light the candle.

The flamethrower that I made.

Flour bomb
1. Take the explosive parts out of about 4 party poppers and tie them together.
2. Put some flour on a piece of kitchen roll and place the party popper explosives on the top of it.
3. Tie some string from the explosives and wrap the explosives and the flour in the kitchen roll
making sure that the end of the string stays outside the kitchen roll but the explosives are in the
4. Seal the kitchen roll so it is in a ball around the flour and explosives.
5. Light the string and stand back.


1. Get your egg, and poke a hole on each end of the egg. It should be wider than the
toothpick/needle itself, but not too big.
2. Blow into one hole until all of the yolk and liquid in the egg are gone.
3. Rinse the egg and let it sit until it is mostly dry.
4. Tape one hole shut, not using too much tape.
5. Use the paper to make a small funnel, and stick it in the hole. Pour your baby powder/flour into
the funnel until it is mostly full.
6. Tape the other hole shut as well.
7. Find a tree, and throw it! The bomb will explode and powder will fly everywhere. Enjoy!

Roket gulaa

1. Get a good propellant to lift the rocket. The size of the rocket will determine
whether you could need a slow or fast buring propellant. For small rockets,
the faster the burn the better, while the larger the rockets need propellants
that burn slower so the rocket does not exceed pressure limits and burst.
2. Gather your propellant materials.
○ Buy kno3sub>3 (Potassium nitrate) from Home depot (home depot
brand not kno3, use lowe's spectracide brand) in the garden section.
(you also can use Potassium permanganate) D In some states you
need a permit to buy hazardous materials such as KN03 but we can
negate that problem very easily. Don't buy the entire stock of stump
○ Buy powdered suger.
○ Get a rock tumbler with marbles.
3. Dig a hole if you don't have sandbags to put the tumbler in because of the
defragmentation hazard of the propellant being mixed.
4. Boil 2 cups water and add 2 pounds KNO3 until all of it is dissolved.
5. Boil out all the water until you get a crusty, white powder left. That was
fractional recrystalization; the KNO3 was pilled, so we dissolved it in water to
break the strong crystal formations and get a powder. It should be clumpy
and look like a cake, so get a hammer and break the clumps and throw it in
the rock tumbler and tumble it until it's a very fine dust.
6. Add the powdered sugar, by weight rather than volume. You should have
60% KNO3 40% Carbon (optional 5% Mg dust for nice tail).
7. Add KNO3 and sugar to the rock tumbler with marbles and place it in a hole or
pile sand bags around it. Propellants are not explosive, but they do burn fast.
A fast burn could be 4000fps yet it would still be a fast burn. When a
substance detonates, the entire substance turns to a gas. This is much
quicker, more efficent, and the reaction is hotter, so it produces thousands of
atms of pressure, compared to propellants that could produce half that under
ideal conditions. You will get a finished product in 6 hours of tumbling. Be
extremely careful when turning on and off the tumbler because it could burst
if the powder takes fire.
8. Test your propellent by putting 1/8 of a teaspoon of propellant on a board
outside and and carefully lighting it. You should get a fast burn and little
residue of carbon on the test surface.
9. Continue to make many different mixes if the propellant if it does not burn
fast enough. The entire pile should go up in a puff of smoke like a ninja
smoke bomb; don't make it any faster! Don't leave the rocket tumbler on for
the entire weekend or it will become very sensitive to shock.

Rocket Body
1. Case your propellant in a wrapped up piece of paper.
2. Wrap the paper in layers while putting glue around the ram rod up to 1/8 of
an inch thick and let it dry over night. Making the motor casing is harder to
make then the propellant. Make sure there are no bubbles in the casing or
during the burn, the pressure with burn a hole in the motor.
3. Mix the water putty until it is very thick and not sticky.
4. Put the water putty on the spindle. A little will go a long way, so don't overdo
5. Put the motor casing in the spindle with the putty at the bast. With a rubber
mallet, give the putty light taps until it has taken the form of the nozzle.
Remove it slowly from the spindle and let the putty dry for an hour. Put the
motor casing back on the spindle and charge with propellant. Pound until it is
very stiff. The higher the density of the propellant in the rocket, the more
thrust it will have. Continue to add propellant until it is clear of the spindle
and add the delay propellant.

Delay propellant

This is normal propellant with 10% Baking soda to decrease thrust.

1. Add an end plug made of water putty.
2. Let the rocket dry on a rack and in an air tight container because the
propellant is hydroscopic, which means it will take out the water from the air
and add it to the propellant, making it a poor rocket.
3. Buy FFF gun powder and coat the core of the rocket so it takes fire easly.
Insert a visco fuse, also known as a cannon fuse, into the nozzle.
4. Glue the guidance stick to the side of the rocket. Make sure the rocket will be
stable in flight by placing the rocket on your finger just behind the nozzle. If it
balances or the stick side falls, then it will be stable. #Balance your rocket
with clay and just have fun because it is only the beginning of what you can

Fire ball
1. Gather the materials needed.
2. Lay out the old shirt on a table.
3. Cut a strip out of the shirt.
4. Roll the shirt strip into a ball.
5. Thread the needle and tie off the end.
6. Insert the needle through the balled-up strip of shirt.
7. Pull the thread through until the knot at the end of the thread stops it.
8. Wrap the thread in all directions around the balled-up shirt until little thread remains.
9. Insert the needle back through the balled-up shirt.

Fireball after steps 1-10. (Quarter used as scale)
Cut the needle off of the thread.
11. Squirt the lighter fluid onto the ball.
12. Light the ball on fire and hold it in your hand.
13. Put the fireball out by closing your hand and cutting off its oxygen supply.

1. Get a ping-pong ball and wrap it in tin foil.
2. Poke a hole in the top of the wrapped ping-pong ball. Use a hobby knife,
small screwdriver, a tooth pick, or ice pick.
3. Put two bricks a little bit apart on a non-flammable surface and gently wedge
the ping pong ball between them (with the hole facing up).
4. Use a lighter to heat the bottom. This may take 5 to 10 seconds.
5. Back away quickly at first sign of smoke. Because the smoke is toxic and it
smells bad. Run quickly and cover your nose.
6. This step is optional, as number 5 said, the smell is toxic. If you are afraid of
holding it or if its in a windy situation you could use a fuse. Fuse could be
bought in stores or you could create it from paper. To do it, you need to take
a paper (size depends on your bomb), wrap 1/2 of the bomb using the paper
but, if you wrap them all, the result is that it wouldn't smoke, but a huge fire.
So, after folding it 1/2 of the bomb, you need to make a tail out of it. Now as
usual, light up the tail. Yes it's slow but its better if you do this on windy days.

[edit] Tips
• Another way to prepare the ball is to pierce it with a pen, THEN wrap the ball
and part way up the pen with foil. Then remove pen. you can hold the bomb
with the foil tube where the pen was, and it makes the bomb more
directional ;).
• Leave extra foil on one side of the ping pong ball to twist. This will offer a
place to grip the ball when it is still warm.
• The optional fuse using paper might only give out smoke, but don't worry,
even though you can't see a single fire and just smoke, the bomb will actually
ignite by itself after 2-5 minutes. Just don't come back there and see what's
• Do this outside your home, you do not want your home to be filled with toxic
smoke and it leaves a bad smell for ages.

Big lighter fire

1. Take off the metal cap of the lighter.
2. Move the thing that makes the flame bigger, or smaller all the way to the big side.
3. Move the flame size lever up, off the gear it is on, then move it all the way to the other side, make
sure it is off the gear.
4. Put it back on the gear, and move it back to the right.
5. Do that about 4 times, then light the lighter; its flame should be huge.

Soda gun
1. Get soda cans. Ice cold ones warm ones usually work better, and choose
sodas that are mega fizzy, like Coke, Orange Soda etc.
2. Get the heavy wood that forklifts use to lift. It has to be heavy. Get a long
metal stick, the size listed in the "Things You'll Need". Also, get wires and a
3. Start building your gun. In the back of the huge pipe, place the heavy wood
on it, and also use it to make it the part when you hold the gun.
4. Place three soda cans in it and keep them closed. To secure it place some
more wood around the other side without the handle, except for over the part
that you open the soda with.
5. Place some really heavy and strong wire around the sticking out part that you
open the soda with.
6. Shake the gun a whole lot. Really shake it. Shake it so hard that it might
explode. When it is about to, if you have a cap, the cap will come off easily. If
you have a can. use the wire to pull really hard, and the can will open. The
bottle is easier and has a lower risk of hurting anyone.

[edit] Tips
• For the first time, ask somebody that knows how to put this stuff together.
• It works best with the big bottles/cans rather than small bottles/cans because
bigger bottles/cans explode better.
• Keep ice in the tube along with the soda bottle so it stays ice-cold. The bottle
has to be ice cold and fizzy or else it wouldn't work.
• Soda guns are fun and it is fun for both you and the target.
• It is recommended that you do not do this indoors, and restrict it to your back
yard or some place like that.
• The soda has to be mega fizzy. You can also use mega fizzy beer. But soda
works better. If you use beer make sure you have all beer bottles and no
soda, that is make it either a beer or a soda gun. It's more intellectual if you
want to have a productive name for your gun.

Pen gun high power

1. Remove the ink cartridge and end of the pen. (hold onto the ink cartridge)
2. Cut the writing end of the pen off. (It makes it easier to fire.)
3. Cut the elastic band in half so it becomes one strand. Then put a dot in the center of the elastic
band strand.
4. Put the dot of the elastic band strand over the smaller opening of the pen (you can use a texta tube
instead for it being larger)
5. Get both ends of the elastic band and pull them down either side of the pen, and sticky tape the
ends of the elastic band onto either side of the pen with a little bit of the ends still out so you can
turn them back over the sticky tape, and fold the ends over and tape them down again, to acquire
greater holding and a lower chance of hurting one's self.
6. In order to fire, slide an ink cartridge down with the writing part (nib) is facing outwards.
7. Hold onto the end of the ink cartridge that you slid out the other side, and bring the dot of the
elastic onto the end of the pen and grip onto the elastic band with the ink cartridge sandwiched in
the middle.
8. Pull back on the elastic band and ink cartridge in the middle and in the other hand the pen gun.
9. Ready, aim, fire!
Sniper peng
1. Take the two pencils and line them up together and then put them together
with the duct tape.
2. Take a rubber band and wrap it around the pencil about 2 inches from the tip
then tape it or tie it.
3. Take apart the pen or lead pencil (must be a papermate lead pencil) and take
out the ink cartridge. That will be your ammo
4. Cut one of the rubber bands in half and put it on the top of the hole on the
5. Cut another rubber band in half and tie the two ends of the rubber band you
put on top of the barrel and then tie it tightly.
6. Take the barrel and tape it on top of the rubber band you tied on the pencil
and the barrel should be over the pencil at the end.
7. Take the ammo and put in the barrel and fire like you would with a regular
pen gun.

[edit] Tips
• Sniper pen gun shoots long range and can be fun to play with.
• Do not use it for weapon violence or you'll get caught.
• Do not forget to cut off the tips of the rubber bands.

Nembakin jarum

1. Create your basic blank, which consists of an empty plastic tube open at both ends.
2. Grab a very cheap pen, remove the cap and grasp the tapered part at the point of the pen.
3. Wiggle the tapered part back and forth forcefully and pull until it comes out. Alternatively, you
can also use a pair of pliers. It is not suggested that you use your teeth, as this can cause damage
to the enamel coating of your teeth. (this is an improved version of an invention created in
elementary school when most kids aren't allowed access to tools. Think of it as a much more
dangerous evolution of the spitball).
4. Once you have the front end off, the ink cartridge should come with it. Once you have that out,
flip the pen around and start working on the top cap. To break the glue bond holding the top cap
into the tube crush the tube on the inside of the seam with pliers or your molars. You should hear
a slight cracking and it should begin to slide out.
5. Choose a rubber band or a water balloon as your launching mechanism.
6. If you choose a rubber band, cut the rubber band (this can be done with scissors, or just a paper
clip or a thumbtack, by making one perforation in the rubber band and pulling hard which should
enlarge the hole and eventually snap it) and tape it to the sides of the tube at one end. You should
tape it with one piece of tape long enough to wrap around the tube at least three times. When you
tape it to the tube, leave enough of the rubber bands free to fold it back over the taped down part.
Once the first layer of tape is down fold that slack over on top of the already taped part and tape it
down. This will help prevent the rubber band from pulling out.
7. If you choose a water balloon, roll it over one end of the tube as far down as you can while
leaving a little slack so that you can pull it back to fire it.

W gun

1. Take out a bike pump with a needle on the end. (when I say needle I mean
the thing you stick in a basketball or bike to inflate it)
2. Get a water bottle.
3. Fill with water, the fuller it is, the easier it is to squirt.
4. Stick a push pin, sewing needle, tack, etc. into the cap of the bottle. The
tighter the hole fits the inflate-needle, the better force the water squirts out
5. OK- this is the fun part. Pump the pump really really hard until you feel the
force in the bottle will suffice in pushing the water out (without gravity)
6. Put your thumb on top of the water bottle and aim. If your bottle is full, you
should be able to squirt exactly on it. If not? Hold higher than normal and let
7. You should now have a water gun! Repeat if you want to do it again. Also you
could use a gatorade bottle with a cap that squirts to use as a water gun.

[edit] Tips
• Always, always, always pay attention. I'm serious. If someone says stop, stop.
Unless they're kidding and you are warring each other with it.

[edit] Warnings
• Never shoot at people if they don't want you to!
• Never shoot at your mom, dad,or pet!
• Never shoot at an animal of any sort!
Rubber band

Bow & Arrow

1. Step 1
Make the bow by cutting a notch into both ends of the sapling branch with the knife and thread in
one end of a rubber band into one notch. Stretch the band down to the opposite end of the branch
and thread the other end of the rubber band into the notch.
2. Step 2
Saw the small dowel rod in half, making "arrows". Cut small divots into one end of each of the
rods and use the bow to fire the arrows. Thread the notched arrow into the rubber band and pull
backwards toward you; release your grip to fire the arrow.
3. Step 3
If desired, wrap the ends of the bow in tape to add strength to your pull. The added stability will
also make your arrows launch further. For safety's sake, resist the temptation to sharpen the

Rubber Band Rifle

4. Step 1
Glue the clothespin onto one end of the dowel rod and allow to dry completely. Screw the wood
screw into the opposite end of the rod, in line with the clothespin, screwing it into the wood about
a quarter of the way to make a "sight".
5. Step 2
Attach a rubber band onto the screw and stretch it down, clamping the other end of the band in
the clothespin to load the launcher. Be careful not to let the band snap backwards toward you
when attaching it.
6. Step 3
Launch the rubber band by aiming at your target and pushing down on the end of the clothespin.

Mini flamethrow

step 1Equipment and Preparation

For this 'experiment', you MUST wear goggles or big glasses that cover your whole
eye. When the lighter explodes pieces fly everywhere. Don't take the risk - you may
be sur…
step 2Kaboom!

Now for the fun part! Light the lighter, and hold it with the flame until it (the black
plastic loops holding the striker and valve in place) starts to melt. This takes pe…

step 3Spread the word

Now you've enjoyed this immense experiment, tell your friends about it!

Bige fire

step 1items needed

1. generic lighter. 2. extreme desire to play with, and get burned by fire.

step 2take the metal cap off

take the metal cap off. this can be done by bending the sides of it out.

step 3up the power

ok heres the slightly tricky part. find the little switch that deternimes the power of
the lighter, and turn it all the way to the UP position. lift it up, then turn it to …
step 4Burn something

Light em UP!!!!! and next time, I'll show you how to make a REAL flamethrower out
of a disposable fire extinguisher (how ironic!).

step 1Materials list

You will need:Steel Wool - I used Extra Fine #00Long 2 conductor wire - I used 18
gauge speaker wireCellophane wrap - I used the kind that sticks to itselfTape - I
used ele…

step 2Get the cable ready

Take your 2 conductor cable and strip the ends. Separate them a little bit, and cut
the wire the length you want, or use the whole spool (in this case 60ft).

step 3Wrap the steel wool around the exposed copper

Do as the title says! The key here is to have the right amount of steel wool, not to
little where you might not get contact, and not to much where you might not get

step 4Final Preparations

Now pour a little bit of your explosive of choice onto a small square of cellophane. It
should be enough to completely cover the end of the wire when the wire is placed
step 5Usage

To use this, stick the business end in whatever you're trying to ignite, then take the
other end of the wire and stand back. If you're using capacitors, then just charge …

Pen gun

troThe Best Damn Pen Shooter Period.

This is a WARNING . Do NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES point this at anybody
or any living creature. It's a very strong little pen shooter, and can leave more than
a mark. I am not going to held accountable for your actions, so if you are not
mature enough to handle this carefully... turn away NOW .

Now for the good stuff :)

This is a fun and easy (and cheap) little toy that I invented the other day. It's very
strong and shoots very far.

What you'll need:

1 Office Depot Ballpoint pen - very cheap -- 1 dozen for $0.89

(this might work with other pens, but I haven't tried)

1 Rubber band of medium length

Some String

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step 1Making the Barrel

Pull the writing end and the little plug on the back of the pen off.This is a very easy
step, if you can't figure it out, you LOSE. Please try again.

step 2Placing the Rubberband

The ideal way to place the rubberband is have it crossed accross the pen (as
shown). You want to make sure that the rubberband lies only about an inch and a
half past the firing end is the end opposite side you write with

step 3Securing the Rubberband

Use the string to tightly wrap around the rubberband. How much string you use and
where you place it will affect how your rubberband stretches. Tie the string off at
the end so it won’t loose..

step 4Loading the ammo

Use the ink cartridge as the ammo. Insert it into the wide hole of the barrel so that
the pointy end goes in last. Let it slide all the way to the bottom. If you are using an
office depot pen,the ink cartridge will fit nicely

Step 5:fire-ing

Grab the rubberband and the bottom of the ink cartridge, pull straight back, and

*Note* If you pull too tight, the ink cartridge might:

a) break within the pen, thus making a big mess
b) fly too hard and explode as it hits a rigid object, thus making a big mess

If you made this properly, it should fire around 30 feet at least.

Make modifications to your rubberband as needed.
Have fun and be safe :) (OR ELSE!

Match gun

step 1gather materials

This is a very simple pocket gun. All you need is two clothespins, super glue(instant drying spray is
optional), a file, some sandpaper, and a lot of free time!

The picture shows another view of my match gun. I took the springy thing off for this one.

step 2get started

First you will need to disassemble your clothespins. You can discard one of the metal things, but you
have to keep one. (you will also need of knife of something sharp) Get all of your other materials ready.

step 3making the body

i will show you a video of another peg gun i have seen. It shows you how to make a good body. Then i
will tell you how to make the banana clip and the handle(they are for looks). it turns out i don't know how
to put on video, so just go to YouTube and find the video called "how to make a peg gun" and use that
one for the body.

step 4making the handle and clip

now you have only one clothespin left. cut one half of the clothespin into two parts. then file and sand it
down until it curves a little. Then glue it in the center on the bottom(like the picture shows). then take the
other full part of the clothespin and cut it in half like the other one. glue the two parts together and attach
to the gun

step 1Stuff you will need.

You will need a few simple things: 3'-4' of Nylon string, 1-2 files to got the bow staff
from, (Optional) Lighter to burn off fuzz and finish it.
step 2Bow Staff

Take the piece of metal and bend it a little bit.

step 3Stringing the bow.

Tie the string th one end in the notch then wrap 10-12 times and tie again. Repeat
with other side.

step 4(Optional) Burning The Fuzz.

Take the lighter and burn off any fuzz from the ends where you tied it (be careful
not to melt the actual string!).

step 5Arrows.

When you are finished you can use wooden skewers for arrows.If you can think of
anything else you can use for arrows, or any improvements please comment.

Cross bow

1. Step 1
Use electrical tape or packing tape to tape two new, unsharpened pencils together parallel to one
another, leaving the both ends of the pencils exposed. Do this twice so that you have two sets of
pencils taped together.
2. Step 2
Join these two sets of pencils together in a cross or a lowercase "t" shape and tape them into
3. Step 3
Remove the tip, the interior mechanisms and the back end from a cheap pen, leaving an empty
4. Step 4
Tape the empty tube to one side of the vertical part of the pencil cross you have made.
5. Step 5
Extend the rubber band horizontally across the pencil cross in front of the empty tube. Attach the
rubber band to both sides of the cross by placing each side in between the two pencils on either
side of the cross.
6. Step 6
Wrap a piece of electrical tape around the center of the rubber band. making sure to get both sides
of the rubber band together.
7. Step 7
Place the ink back into the pen tube. Make sure to leave part of the ink cartridge sticking out the
back of the tube and the tip of the pen cartridge facing forward.
8. Step 8
Stretch back the rubber band, placing the taped portion of the tape behind the tube and the ink
cartridge. Pull back the ink cartridge and the rubber band and let it go.

Ping-Pong launcher Things You'll Need:

• Paper Towel Roll
• Duct Tape
• Pocket Knife
• Grill Lighter
• Hair Spray
• Ping Pong Balls

1. Step 1
Put 2 strips of duct tape on 1 end and then roll about a foot of duct tape around it.
2. Step 2

Take your knife and carve a hole out that's about 3\4 of an inch in the side of the role
where the duct tape is.
3. Step 3
Spray some hair spray down the barrel, drop a ping pong ball down it, aim, and light the
grill lighter by the small hole!
Flour canon
Things You'll Need:
• Flour, Coffee can, Flexible tube Knife, Epoxy Candle ,Matches ,Creamer ,Other

 ep 1
Get a metal coffee can with a plastic top. You don't want a screw-on coffee can, but one with a
top that can be peeled off.
 Step 2
Cut a hole in the side of the coffee can the size of the tube, and fit the tube in snugly. The seal
should be airtight. If it isn't, use some epoxy to seal the tube in.
 Step 3
Fill the coffee can with enough flour to cover the tube by about 1/2 inch. Put a small candle on
top of it.
 Step 4
Light the candle and put the lid on the can. Blow into the tube. It will create a fireball, shooting
the top right off.
 Step 5
Try using other finely powdered foods. Powdered creamer burns very well, and finely powdered
cornmeal will also ignite.