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Centripetal force HW

1. A 1.00 10
kg car is driven clockwise around a flat circular track of radius 25.0 m.
The speed of the car is a constant 5.00 m s

What minimum friction force must exist between the tires and the road to prevent the
car from skidding as it rounds the curve?
a. 1.25 10
b. 9.80 10
c. 5.00 10
d. 1.00 10
2. A point mass moves through a circular arc of length L and radius r in time t. What is
the angular velocity about the centre of the circle?
a. L/rt
b. r/Lt
c. 2/Lt
d. 2r/t
3. A bucket of water is swung in a vertical circle at arms length of 0.70 m. The
minimum number of revolutions per second it must be swung to keep the water from
spilling out of the bucket is
a. 3.74
b. 2.62
c. 1.68
d. 0.60
4. A particle travels in uniform circular motion.
Which of the following correctly describes the linear velocity, angular velocity and linear
acceleration of the particle?

Linear velocity Angular velocity Linear acceleration
A Varying constant varying
B Varying constant constant
C Constant varying zero
D Constant constant zero
5. Two objects A and B of the same mass are fixed on a horizontal circular rotating
platform. Object A is at a distance (1/2)r from the centre of the platform while object B
is at the rim of the platform, where r is the radius of the platform.

What is the ratio net force on A:net force on B ?
a. 1:2
b. 2:1
c. 1:4
d. 4:1

6. A small object of mass m is released at the rim of a smooth semi-spherical bowl of
radius r , as shown in the diagram.

What is the magnitude of the contact force acting on the object when it passes the
bottom of the bowl?
a. 0.5 mg
b. mg
c. 2 mg
d. 3 mg
7. A ball of mass 0.10 kg is attached to a string and swung in a vertical circle of radius
0.50 m as shown below. At the top of the circle, the tension in the string is 6.2 N.

What is the speed v of the ball at this instant?
a. 5.1 m s

b. 6.0 m s

c. 36 m s

d. 72 m s

8. A child on a roundabout is traveling in a horizontal circle with a constant speed. The
velocity, acceleration and the resultant horizontal force on the child are all vectors.
Which diagram shows
the correct directions for these vectors?
9. An aircraft is moving in a horizontal plane at a constant speed. It banks at an angle
of 50
to the vertical in order to make a turn as shown in the diagram below. The only
forces acting on the aircraft are lift, L and weight, W.

What is the ratio of the centripetal force to the weight of the aircraft?
a. 0.643
b. 0.766
c. 0.839
d. 1.19
10. A toy car, of mass 0.10 kg, is travelling along a track which contains a vertical
circular loop of radius 0.10 m as shown in the diagram.

What is the minimum entry speed v of the car required to prevent it from falling off the
track at the top of the loop?
a. 0.3 m s

b. 1.0 m s

c. 1.4 m s

d. 2.2 m s