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The Silver Lawns News lauds the ‘brains and

(For Private circulation only) brawns’ in silently pulling off the New Year

function the success it was.
Water consumption, it has been reported, is

NEWS on the rise. By default KWA water line is

available only in Kitchen and no where else.
KWA water is to be used only for drinking
(A monthly News Letter of the Silver and cooking and not for any other domestic
purposes. It is for other domestic purposes
Lawns Apartments)
potable water is purchased. It is here a
(JANUARY-2010) rising trend line is noticed. Only
individual attention by residents alone can
The Silver Lawns News wishes all its check this rise.
readers, residents and non-residents, a
very happy 2010 and hopes the New Year The residents can consciously adopt a few
common sense approaches to conserve and save
will bring zillion cheers and all round
water, if not being already done. Pay a
prosperity to them. little attention to water wastages and
NEW YEAR CELEBRATIONS promptly attend to minor leaks in pipes or
taps within their flats. Instances have been
The residents bid adieu to 2009 with all the reported where for days on end such leaks
fanfare and flourish while extending a warm are left unattended causing avoidable
and resounding welcome to 2010. As 2009 wastages. Further defects in the flush tank
rolled away, the early morning cool, fresh, levers leave water running for hours
air softly broadcast the quiet advent of unnoticed. Water pressure can be regulated
2010 with its bouquet of hopes and promises by suitably adjusting the valves separately
well ahead of dazzling dawn. provided in kitchen, wash basins, and bath
No sooner the sun set for the last time in rooms. Also, laundry practices could be
2009, young feet began briskly rustling, examined to see if these can be done weekly
attired as they were at their best. A make or twice in a week.
shift stage, well lit, went up for artists The tips to save water as above are purely
to put up their show. illustrative, and any ingenuity from
In-house talents, mostly in their teens, residents is welcome.
presented a group dance. This added a
variety to the evening programme and was INSIGHTFUL LESSONS FOR THE YOUNG
rapturously received if the rising crescendo Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro Corporation,
of applause were any indication. a doyen of InfoTech industry, had shared, in
This was followed by the musical offerings a speech in 2004, values and beliefs that
of a professional team who played, to the shaped his life. The young may find the
exacting demands of connoisseurs, songs in insights, the lessons proffer, of some
Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi. They enthralled interests. Here is its summary.
the audience with popular musical numbers The first lesson that he learnt was to
packed with lilting tunes and powerful recognize what were his strengths, to
delivery. realize what he was good at and cherish what
was good in him. It is strengths that give
The star attraction of the evening was no the energy for all of us to correct our
doubt the community dinner organized on a weakness and hence we must begin always with
contributory basis. About 100 residents and our strengths. Second, earning our rewards
their family members took part in the event. gives us enduring satisfaction. What is
At the stroke of twelve, a burst of crackers gifted or inherited follows the rule of
had gone off to just remind those who ‘easy come, easy go’. So make struggles to
retired to bed early that 2010 is here to earn our rewards. Third, no one bats a
stay for the next twelve months!! hundred every time. Life has many ordeals,
some we win or some we lose. The important


thing is when we lose we should not lose the The Silver Lawns News gratefully
lesson. Fourth, there are so much for us to acknowledges his contributions and wishes
be grateful for, say, our parents, teachers, him and his family all the very best.
seniors etc. Therefore, always acknowledge
what we have received and savor the memory
of good things. Fifth, cultivate excellence
as a habit and make it an obsession; a
‘wizard’ said ‘your reach must exceed your
grasp’. Sixth, never give up in the face of
adversity and always decide to take on the
situation with courage and dignity.
Persevere long enough; we can put any
problem in its perspective. Seventh, be open
to change, but never be carried away by it. _________________________________________
Eventually values define a person rather
We are what we repeatedly do.
than his achievements; short cuts end up Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
becoming a detour to our destinations. The Aristotle
final lesson is we must have faith in our ____________________________________________________
ideas, even if every one tells us we are
wrong. Evaluate with a calm mind and do what
is most appropriate, for we then are in
control of ourselves but when we react, we
give levers of control to others
The lessons may, coming as they are from a
doyen of achievements, act as radar to our
young minds in their navigation towards
their goals in life, and accomplishing them.
Flat 3 A, Phase-3 has a new occupant in
Dileep G.J. who moves in with his family.
Dileep works as Advertisement Film maker
George V. George, Flat 4 A, Phase-1 is among
the first few owners who moved into the
Complex in December 2005/January 2006.
Electrical Engineer by training, he runs a
partnership business, Ambient System
Pvt.Ltd, a dealer in centralized air
conditioning systems for M/s Blue Star
Airconditiones. Anjani George, his wife, is
a Civil Engineer by training, and works with
Geo Foundations and Structures Pvt. Ltd. The
couple has two children. Akhil, the elder,
is studying in class 6 and Diya, the
younger, in class 3. Both are going to
Global Public School, Chottanikkara.

George is one of the founding members of the

Association and worked as its Secretary for
about two terms. As Secretary of the
Association he played a pivotal role in
building up the fabric of the community.



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