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Wed, Sep 26, 2007 at 6:11
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Date: Sep 26, 2007 5:50 PM
Subject: Re: Nye Frank
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At this point to see what is in the file, what do we have to do. Several times the information
has conflicted between the staff at the Sheriff office. I want to know what is being
concidered is the facts.

Ty Reddish is a westler, has awards, he plays baseball up to this last fall season. He was
driving and almost hit 3 women and was hostil when they went to help him. The police were
called twice to the scene and never came. The family who's property he crashed on has
called for the police call records and has not heard anything. They have given a written
statement. Ty's high school wrestling experence of what is right and wrong shows he
knows when he is using lethal moves. Detective Martinez told me admitted using a chock
hold and a signature move.

Ty has verbally attached several people. His behavior is not a incident. I spoke to Bob
Keeling a real estate agent in the area and he gave me four additional names of people
that have run in's with Ty. Most of them elderly. He is a known hot head.

He chocked my dad in front of my mother while she begged him to stop. He chocked him
seveal minutes. He has fighting experence, and assulted a elderly man who has zero
fighting experence.

His family has gone around intimidating people to make them fearful of talking. His parents
parked by our home on the road by my moms the evening of the incident. They then
followed us to a family who invited us to dinner to comfort us. They jumped out of the car
and insisted to the family not to invite us or let us in their home. They were asked to leave,
so then proceeded to call that home several times to harrass the people. I am sure the
police can get the phone records as Ty's probation says in it that the house can be

My daughter is out of the country but told me she was being referred a attorney. I am trying
to contact her at this time to let her know where this is at. 10/1/2008
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Thank you for your reply and support.

On 9/26/07, Emmerling, Kim <> wrote:


I know that your family is feeling frustrated, you have suffered such a terrible loss. Please know that your
Father's case is expected to be staffed either this week or next. Our office just received the information and
it is currently being reviewed and police reports read so that the staffing team can make an informed

As a Victim Services Advocate it is important to me that your concerns are known, and that you remain
updated on the status of your Dad's case. I have expressed your concerns with the DA's office. I will
contact you with any new information.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Michael Rushton is the person you would need to speak to if you still have

He can be reached at 955-5400.

Kim Emmerling

Victim Services Advocate

951 955-5508

From: Dawn Breedlove [mailto:]

Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 1:38 PM
To: Emmerling, Kim
Subject: Re: Nye Frank

I am very concerned how the DA office is treating this case. How and who can we contact about 10/1/2008
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this? What is the chain of command? An elderly man was murdered by a 27 year old man, his wife
tried to help her husband with begging the man to stop chocking her husband, tapping him on
back.When I spoke to DA Calhoun she implied my mom helped attack this man. I am requesting
help in contacting the right people to look at this case. My mother lost her best friend, and begged
several minutes while this man chocked him. Dawana Breedlove-Samimi 310 212-1633

Mom loss of income-12k a month to $1400 a month. Plus the profit on building $368,000 race car
and $49,000 xtra parts -guareenteed 3 year contract starting Oct 2007.
Mom has codp medicaton is $800 a month and insurance $400 a month. Insurance pays $3000
medication a year.
Nye was 68 never in a fight, Ty 27 wrestling awards, currently a baseball player, weight lifter.
Ty's dad wrestling coach, his skill lethal.
Nye with his 73 year old wife and Mallocan cockatoo going to get the news paper on Sunday as he
had for 30 years. Driving on a road he put in 30 years ago, and maintained for the community for
Ty chocked Nye Frank several minutes while Nye's wife begged and cried to please stop. The
victim layed still at hoping Ty would let go.
Ty has been yelling at several people without provoction and threatening. The chance and
opportunity to happen again is high.
Ty has knowledge of chock holds and used a deadly hold on Nye Frank.
Tys arrest record and breaking of probation is frequent. Just broke probation 30 days before killing
Nye Frank. He has a frequent pattern of escating crime. Unwilling to comply with probation rules.
At least two times broke his current probation.
Has repeated incidences of drug and alchol use. Alledgedly both parents have a alchol abuse
issues. There has been alledged witnessing of child abuse experienced by children living with Ty.
Tys parents have contributed to his breaking probation. Giving him the car in January is one
example where Ty passed out and car flew near pedestians, into a neighbors yard.

Ty alledgeldly is able to do side construction jobs, do phyical labor on the property at 15700 Twin
Pines, pitch on a adult baseball team, lift weights. But has gotten medical letters to excuse him
from being put into jail.

Lack of remorse, father of Ty laughed and commented ohh did Nye experience a boo boo? Ty told
untrue situation to try to change what really happened to him.
Ty does not work, takes advantage of the system, gets state aid and works side jobs not taxed.

Parents of Ty went to anyone near location and friends of victim, spread lies, tried to intimidate.
One family who invited victims family for dinner was followed, challenged in drive way, and
called 5 times during the dinner.

Dawn Breedlove
ph: 310.212.6260
fax: 310.388.0276

Dawn Breedlove
ph: 310.212.6260 10/1/2008
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fax: 310.388.0276

Dawn Breedlove
ph: 310.212.6260
fax: 310.388.0276

Dawn Breedlove
ph: 310.212.6260
fax: 310.388.0276
email: 10/1/2008

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