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// PH Planet in House

// Chiron in House
Chiron here can make you like a knight in shining armor, always ready to fight f
or the underdog. Usually, while you are doing this, you are neglecting yourself.
You could also be a wise councilor (especially in health matters) but you seem
to have trouble taking your own advice. A 1st house Chiron can be a gifted teach
er, and, of course, you can teach others how to do something better than you can
do it yourself. A neat trick to get around this: Give yourself advice as if you
were someone else. Then maybe you will take it.
Chiron teaches and gives advise. The 2nd house is money, possessions, and values
. You can show other people how to take care of their money better than you take
care of your own. In fact, your own finances could be a mess. Sometimes, this p
lacement can make for a miser, but the money collected never brings any pleasure
or get rid of the inner fear that there will be no resources. Most likely, this
is because the person has a low sense of self-worth and feels that they don't r
eally deserve any money or possessions. In other cases, they may squander or giv
e away what they have for the same reason. It is important to remember that if t
here are problems with money or possessions, that these are most likely not the
real issue. The sense of self-worth is the key here.
If you don't have any brothers or sisters, you may experience this Chiron placem
ent as a lack, a hole in your life. If you do, then there could be continual pro
blems with at least one sibling. This is a good placement for a voice coach or s
peech therapist. It is likely that you will be able to teach others to speak bet
ter than you do. This placement tends to increase the chance of communication pr
oblems of one sort or another. No, it does not guarantee a speech defect. Instea
d, there could be problems with making oneself understood. In some cases, this c
ould indicate that one wasn't listened to as a child. That could trigger a lifel
ong quest to "make others listen to me." However, no matter how much they do, th
ere is frequently a feeling that "they are still not listening." The problem is
that no matter how much they listen to you now, it doesn't get rid of the pain y
ou felt in childhood when they didn't. Mercury/Chiron stress aspects are likely
to produce the same result. Recognizing this is a first step to leaving the pain
Well, just about everyone had some trouble or other in childhood with their pare
nts. Chiron in the 4th house will just make it a little more noticeable. The hom
e itself would tend to be an issue here. Perhaps one is so busy outside the home
that they cannot spend much time there, or their work forces them to travel and
be away frequently. The father is more likely to have been chronically ill, awa
y from home, or emotionally unavailable. Perhaps there could be a "don't feel at
home anywhere" attitude. Chiron in the 4th house might work out in other ways a
s well. This placement could conceivably show a person who can help everyone els
e with their home, while their own place is a wreck.
If you need romantic advice, go to someone who has Chiron in the 5th house. Plea
se don't ask them about their own love life, as that would embarrass them. You c
an also go to people who have this placement for advise on children, sports and
games, gambling, and the stock market. Realistically, one does have to look at t
he rest of the chart because, after all, about one out of twelve people have thi
s Chiron. And you wouldn't, of course, ask a five-year old who had it for advise
. But this placement is generally good for counseling in those areas. Just remem
ber to do as they say, but don't do as they do. Chiron in the 5th house can make
for folks who are great coaches, helping players to perform better than they th
emselves could. It could also show people who are great with kids, but either ha
ve chronic troubles with their own, or have none of their own. This can be an in
dicator that you can train your children to be happier and more successful than
you ever could. Watch out though. If Chiron is afflicted, you will drive your ki
ds to succeed in the areas that you would have liked to succeed in but that they
don't really like at all. The most frustrating one is the great lover who can a
lways satisfy their partner better than they themselves could be satisfied.
You can always help (or teach) co-workers do the job better than you can do it.
Perhaps you are a whiz at helping everyone else get healthy (the 6th house rules
health) while you still smoke and eat junk food. Learn to take care of yourself
every now and then. Sometimes it works out in the opposite fashion. Someone wit
h a 6th house Chiron might demand that everyone else serve them, and they are us
ually never satisfied. Of course, obviously, this causes problems too. And oh ye
s, let us not forget the tendency toward eating disorders. This can also manifes
t as strange likes and dislikes in the food department.
This one might spend all of their time taking care of a partner who has some deb
ility. It is also someone who gives great advise on marriage, while their own ma
rriage is on the rocks (or they might not even be married). This can work for bu
siness partnerships as well. You can take great care of a partner and teach them
how to do the business better than you ever could. Watch out that they don't du
mp you as soon as they learn all that they can from you.
What a great sex therapist you can be. A more likely scenario is that you have t
he ability to bring out the sexual best in a romantic partner, while giving your
self the short end of the stick (no pun intended). But the 8th house rules more
than sex. You could also get stuck with taking care of partnership resources bec
ause "you're so good at it," or, conversely, keep getting partners who want to "
take care" of it and do you out of your fair share. Perhaps you become too depen
dent on money from others for support, or too much of what you earn goes to supp
ort others. You might tend to accept other people's values (your family, group o
r society) too readily. One other thing. The myth of Chiron can actually come al
ive with this placement. You could have a talent for healing or rehabilitating o
thers, but not yourself.
Perfect for a travel agent who sends everyone else on fantastic trips while they
are stuck in the office doing the booking, or a publisher or writing teacher wh
o gets everyone else's books before the public, while secretly longing to write
and publish their own. Parents with this placement of Chiron frequently tend to
push their children to pursue the higher education that they themselves never ha
d a chance to get. Negatively, this could mean forcing them into studying what t
he parents wished that they had studied, and not what the kids really want. Ther
e could also be jealousy here (Saturn) and the parents could actually take steps
to deprive their children of higher education. The 9th house also rules religio
n. Sometimes this leads to thinking that the fanatic pursuit of some religious d
octrine will cure all of one's inner wounds. This could also manifest as obsessi
ve travel or study.
Career and public prestige are the battlegrounds with this placement of Chiron.
Yes, this is a great placement for running an organization in the medical or hea
ling field, but frequently, no matter what the career, someone with a 10th house
Chiron will feel that they are taking care of everybody and everything else exc
ept themselves. As usual, there will frequently be an uncanny ability to help ev
eryone else succeed better than they could ever have done themselves. It could a
lso work out the other way. There may be a total rejection of any sort of ambiti
on or responsibility, most likely due to fear of failure. Perhaps the parents pu
shed you too hard to succeed and really got on your case when you slipped up (or
even when you didn't). The other side of the coin is that some parents don't wa
nt their children to succeed and always put them down. You can get either reacti
on to an upbringing of that nature: a compulsive need to achieve or a rejection
of any success or responsibility.
The problem areas are friends, hopes, and wishes. On the one hand, there could b
e difficulty having or holding on to friends, or a fear of crowds or groups. On
the other hand, one may compulsively seek out friends (or join groups, especiall
y groups that want to change society) in order to compensate for inner fears of
loneliness. You might get more than your share of "friends" who take advantage a
nd drain you. More often, you give to friends whether they want it or not becaus
e this gives you a feeling of control (Saturn). But you could be the drainer her
e, always asking things of friends in order to compensate for a psychological ne
ediness that never seems to be filled.
As always, Chiron shows where we can do more for others than ourselves. A 12th
house Chiron may compulsively try to take care of the poor the sick, and the unf
ortunate while neglecting their own needs and those of their own family. Convers
ely, there may be malingering and the person with this placement may themselves
always seem in "need" because of one (frequently self-caused) "problem" after an
other. This placement tends to make a person feel tired and fatigued. If you hav
e this one, be sure to get plenty of rest.