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Its technology and sensor kits can detect both trace metals (lead, uranium,
copper and mercury) and other chemicals. ANDalyze sensor/Fluorimeter is
platform solution for simplifying the on-site testing and analysis of water
for heavy metal contamination is now being sold in China and Australia as a
replacement to more time consuming testing methods such as
electrochemical and reagent testing methods that require significant
training. This new product requires no special knowledge of chemistry, and
produces no hazardous chemical waste and shows test results in less than
one minute, greatly reducing operational testing time and cost for the water

This would be relevant in the Indian context as water tests are quite an
expensive and time consuming affair. Water at many regions in India has
high heavy metal content which existing systems are unable to detect. Thus
this online water testing system would be very advantageous in order to
monitor the water quality output.

Alvim Srl
With entrepreneurial roots in Italy, the company is developing approaches
for biofouling and biofilm monitoring – the detection of microorganisms
that can grown on pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers and other equipment in
treatment plants. It is positioned as a services company that can warn
operators when biocide levels reach above safety levels.

With respect to commercialization a number of companies such as Danone,
Laborelec, Borman have implemented their technologies.

With respect to India there are a number of areas where this can be used
especially in storage tanks of community water treatment plants where the
water collects after treatment and bio-fouling is suspected.

Puralytics (Beaverton, Ore.):
Uses nanotechnology, optics and light to purify water. One of their products, a portable water
purifier can destroy and remove virtually every lethal toxin and pathogen without electricity
and/or added chemicals. Reusable hundreds of times and exceeds both US EPA and World
Health Organization (WHO) highest safe water standards. Each bag has a Capacity of 3.5 liters,
delivering up to 10.5 liters/day. This would be relevant in the Indian context for rural
households, emergency preparedness, disaster response, mission teams. The product is sold in
over 11 countries and has received $4 Million in Series A Funding.