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A shorL feaLure fllm wlLh an all uubbo casL and producLlon crew ls seL Lo debuL aL uubbo's Cne
Lye lllm lesLlval aL Lhe WesLern Þlalns CulLural CenLre on november 14. 1lLled !"#$%, Lhe fllm
looks aL Lhe world of onllne daLlng.

Þroduced over several monLhs and shoL on locaLlon ln uubbo aL Lhe offlces of llourlshlM,
!"#$% ls Lhe bralnchlld of screen wrlLer, kellle !ennar and fllm maker, ÞeLer Aland who also
wenL on Lo dlrecL and edlL Lhe producLlon. 1he producLlon crew ls made up of members of
uubbo lllmmakers, a communlLy group of fllm and vldeo producLlon enLhuslasLs.

Crlglnally wrlLLen as a sLage play for Lhe 2014 LheaLre evenL, uubbo ShorLs, !ennar was keen Lo
see Lhe work adapLed for Lhe blg screen and has worked closely wlLh Lhe producLlon Leam Lo
see lL Lhrough Lo screenlng.

ºnormally afLer handlng over Lhe flnal verslon of Lhe scrlpL Lhe wrlLer ls no longer lnvolved. l
have been lnvolved from Lhe concepL Lhrough Lo Lhe producLlon wlLh mulLlple meeLlngs ln

ºl was on seL as a scrlpL conLlnulLy supervlsor, and l was able Lo see how much work and efforL
goes lnLo a producLlon, whlch has been lnvaluable. lL wlll only add Lo my sklll and undersLandlng
of screenwrlLlng."

1he !"#$% shooL was wrapped up by Lhe end of AugusL, however !ennar soughL an early
opporLunlLy Lo see how Lhe fllm mlghL perform naLlonally, worklng wlLh Lhe fllm's dlrecLor of
phoLography, uavld Lennox, Lo produce a slx-second vlne vldeo for 1ropfesL's #Lropvlne

1he !"#$% vlne vldeo made Lhe Lop 20 based on onllne voLlng. 1he wlnner was announced on
SepLember 26.

WlLh only a monLh Lo go unLll Lhe sLaglng of Lhe second Cne Lye lllm lesLlval and Lhe fllm's
premlere, Aland has spenL Lhe pasL slx weeks worklng on edlLlng and oLher posL-producLlon

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elemenLs, lncludlng Lhe soundLrack - a collaboraLlon wlLh uubbo band, Cne Þroud Monkey.

ºWe shoL !"#$% followlng a sLrlcL shooLlng scrlpL developed, revlsed and reworked before
shooLlng sLarLed, and Lhen durlng Lhe shooL some new shoLs were added and some scenes were
ad[usLed. SLaylng close Lo Lhe shooLlng scrlpL has made Lhe edlL easler.

ºCf course Lhe fun of edlLlng comes Lhen ln Lhe flne Lunlng each scene and Lhen laylng down a
soundLrack LhaL supporLs Lhe characLers, Lhe mood and Lhe sLory we're Lrylng Lo Lell."

!ennar says Lhe exclLemenL abouL Lhe premlere ls bulldlng and Lhe Cne Lye lllm lesLlval
screenlng ls belng vlewed as reward for Lhe Llme and work LhaL has gone lnLo Lhe producLlon.

ºlL ls every screenwrlLers dream Lo have Lhelr screenplay produced and seen on Lhe blg screen.

ºA loL of LhoughL, Llme and efforL has gone lnLo Lhe producLlon and be able Lo waLch Lhe fllm
wlLh everyone lnvolved wlll be Lhe besL reward posslble."

1he casL of !"#$% lncludes young, local performlng arL LalenL, 8lllle Þalln, playlng Lhe lead of
kandy and supporLed by !usLln 8lley, as 1-8one. Lrlflll uavls and 8renda Allen play vloleL and

!"#$% wlll screen aL Lhe Cne Lye lllm lesLlval on november 14, along wlLh oLher shorL fllms by
fllmmakers wlLh connecLlons Lo uubbo. 1hls year Lhe lesLlval wlll be an ouLdoor screenlng
evenL, sLarLlng aL 7pm wlLh llve enLerLalnmenL ln Lhe courLyard aL Lhe WesLern Þlalns CulLural
CenLre. LnLry ls free - brlng a chalr, beanbag or plcnlc rug. 8SvÞ lesLlval aLLendance by calllng
WÞCC on 6801 4444. *noLe: weL weaLher venue ls lnslde WÞCC where seaLlng wlll be llmlLed.

lull deLalls abouL uubbo lllmmakers and Lhe producLlon of kandy, Lhe fllm, can be found aL


34567 P>HG7PG:;
kellle !ennar (wrlLer): 0478 076 329
ÞeLer Aland (dlrecLor/edlLor): 0437 787 143

RT&?&/ &' ?T- 1+/? +N# '()* /T&&? +.- +U+()+%)- &N .-V$-/? %O 1&N?+1?(NS M(* L" W&)#/*(?T
Þroducer/publlclsL: klm v. ColdsmlLh, Cchre CommunclaLlons 0419 439 923 or

M+N#O (/ 0.&$#)O /$00&.?-# %O;

P$?/ +N# P$.)/ %O Q-NN+ 6 E+%O#&)) 3+,-$0 7.?(/?.O 6 7 R(1?$.- F.+*(NS :T&0

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