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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Shree Kumar Maharjan

Son of: Nanda Lal Maharjan and Laxmi Maharjan
Date of Birth: 1st December 1979
Marital Status: Single
Permanent Address: Kirtipur-12, Panga, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 9841451293 (Mobile), 97714334219 (Res)
97791525971 (Off)
Personal Blog:

Academic Records
Degree Major Division Percentag Passed Institution
Subjects e Year
M. Sc. Ag. (2 Conservation Distinction 87.5 2006 Institute of
years) Ecology (topper in Agriculture and
department) Animal Science,
B. Sc. Ag. (4 Conservation First 72.06 2002 Institute of
Years) Ecology Division Agriculture and
Animal Science,
I. Sc. Ag. (2 Agronomy, First 67.02 1999 Institute of
years) Horticulture, Division Agriculture and
Animal Animal Science,
Science Lamjung
SLC Board Science, First 71 1996 Jana Sewa Secondary
Mathematics, Division School, Panga
Thesis title: Study on Promotion and Development of Agritourism Industry in Chitwan
District with Special reference to TRPAP Area.
 Young Social Entrepreneur by Ashoka Foundation Nepal in 2007.
 Awarded research grant from Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Programme
(TRPAP) funded and jointly implemented by UNDP, DFID, SNV-Nepal, DNPWC,
NTB and MoCTCA for partial fulfillment of master thesis in M. Sc. Ag.
 Tribhuvan University Merit Scholarships and studentships during the entire period
of B.Sc. Ag. Study at IAAS, provided to the Top ten student of Faculty of
 Jehendar Chhatrabriti Puraskar (Scholarship given to the intelligent students) in

Work Experience

[July 1 2010 to too date] Resource Identification and Management Society Nepal (RIMS
Programme Coordinator

Major Responsibilities: Leading and coordinating Local Adaptation Plan of Actions: Piloting
and Designing project in collaboration with Climate Change adaptation Design Project-
Nepal/IIED funded by DFID and provide technical inputs and monitoring of RIMS other
projects; coordinate the proposal development and fund seeking; institutional linkages and
collaboration; program management and publication.

[May 19 2008 to June 2010] Local Initiatives for Biodiversity, Research and Development
Programme Officer
Major Responsibilities: Leading and coordinating Western Terai Complex Project
(WTLCP)-Agrobiodiversity Component (Dhangadi based) in Bardia, Kailali, and
Kanchanpur districts, design and implement of programs, reporting, supervision and
monitoring, publication, networking and alliance building, organizing trainings,
biodiversity fairs, workshops, and seminars. Review monthly expenditures compared to
budget; attend meetings, recruit, hire and fire field staffs.

[July 2007 to May 2008] Natural Resource Development Center (NRDC)

Natural Resource Development Coordinator
Major Responsibilities: Coordinate and liaise with local artisans at village levels and donors
NGOs and INGOs; day to day management of NRDC’s institution and programs, prepare
business plan with the assistance key staff for board approval; review monthly expenditure
compared to budget prepared; attend board meetings, write minutes and record them after board
approval; formulate and update policies and procedures as necessary; prepare staff job
description and at board’s approval, recruit, hire and fire staff; supervise and manage all staff,
ensuring that staffs have appropriate development and learning opportunities, carry out
performance evaluation annually; networking with government, non-governmental and business

[December 2006 – July 2007] Wildlife Watch Group (WWG), Kopundole

Program Officer
Major Responsibilities: Planning and designing wildlife related programs, implementation
of new projects, policy interventions, report writing, coordinating different line agencies
including donors, publication and dissemination of experiences, organizing workshops,
attending seminars, meetings and assisting chairman in various administrative activities.

[August, 2003 – September, 2005] Ecological Services Center, Chitwan

Research Assistant
Major Responsibilities: Proposal and Report writing, Survey and field researches,
documentation and analyzing field data, Social mobilization, Capacity building of the farmers
and community people on resource mapping program at Dibyanagar and Meghauli VDCs of
Chitwan District, coordination with local CBOs, LNGOs and other community organizations.

[June 2004 - July 2004 ( 2 months)] IUCN-The World Conservation Union

District Resource Person
Major Responsibilities: Resource map preparation, Documentation of bio-resources of Chitwan
and Traditional knowledge of healers of Tharu, Chepang, and Darai, to train local resource

[June 2006 (1 month)] – Practical Action Nepal
Field Supervisor
Major Responsibilities: Identification of local innovations, Documentation of local innovation
and innovator, reporting.


[2007 June – till now] Ashoka Nepal

Young Social Entrepreneur
Major Responsibilities: Proposal Writing for own idea (Nature Expedition and hike program for
students of schools and colleges, Searching for Fund, Implementation of own Idea to change the
society and Social Problem seen in the Locality.

[24 September 2006 to 20 August 2007] Kirtipur Volunteers Society

General Member
Major Tasks: Identification of Development models and materials, indigenous skills,
knowledge, technology, coordination with different indigenous knowledge, skills and
technology related NGOs, INGOs, GOs, collection of development models, Management of
collected materials, man power development.

[September 2006 – November 2006] Wildlife Watch Group (WWG)

Program Associate
Major Responsibilities: proposal writing, report writing, coordinating different organizations,
disseminating experiences, assisting chairman in various administrative activities

2002- June, 2003] Himalayan Resource Institute, (HIRI)

Research Assistant
Major Responsibilities: Planning and execution of training, research on Organic Farming at
Buddhanilkantha farm, Data collection, analysis and report writing

Conservation activities, Agriculture Agritourism/Village tourism, Organic farming,
Permaculture, Community based natural resource management, participatory management

Computer Skills
Regular proficient user of almost all commonly used software packages for word processing,
data analysis and presentation, publication designing, SPSS, Microsoft Movie Maker,
Photoshop, Email and Internet.

As trainee
 Mainstreaming Gender in Prolinnova organized by LI-BIRD in collaboration with SEBAC
Nepal, ECOSENTRE, NCDC-Ilam, IAAS, Tuki Sang, DADO Mustang and Practical Action
Nepal in March 26-28, 2010 in Chitwan Nepal.
 6 days training on Regional Capacity Building Training Programme on Participatory Plant
Breeding (PPB) under Community based Biodiversity Management–South Asia Programme
organized by LI-BIRD, Development Fund, Norway from 29th October to 3rd November
2009, Pokhara, Nepal

 4 weeks training on Contemporary Approaches to Plant Genetic Resources Conservation
and Use (2 weeks on GR policies and GR management strategies and 2 weeks on Integrated
and Participatory Approaches in Agrobiodiversity Management) in Wageningen
International, the Netherlands from April 6, 2009 to May 1, 2009.
 5 days training on South Asian Community based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA)
training organized by LI-BIRD, BCAS, IIED and Practical Action Nepal in Pokhara from
January 9 to 13, 2009.
 Two days training on Social Analysis System (SAS2) in Institute of Forestry, Pokhara
organized by Local Initiatives for Biodiversity Research and Development.
 Six months mentoring and interning with Ashoka Fellows in Nepal under Ashoka Nepal
Forum for Young Social Enterpreneurs AFYSE/BUS Program.
 Youth Leadership Development Program organized by Kathmandu 2020 and Pragya
Management Group on December 8th 2007.
 5 days training on Participatory Innovation Development (PID) organized by Prolinnova
Nepal Programme from November 5-9, 2006 at Narayangarh, Chitwan
 3 Weeks training on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) organized by School of
Environmental Management and Sustainable Development (SchEMS), New Baneshwor
from September 5th to 26th 2006.
 Training on Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Rapid Market Appraisal and Participatory
Monitoring and Evaluation organized by Society for Highland Development (SHID- Nepal)
in 1 Jan to 15 Jan 2003
 Training on Household Solid Waste Management organized by Kathmandu Metropolitan
and Urban development through Local Efforts (Udle) from May 6th to 7th 2004
 Training on Documentation on Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge organized by
IUCN-The World Conservation Union in 1st-5th June 2004
 Training on Self-Management and Leadership Development organized by Social
Mobilization Experimentation and Learning Center (SMELC) IAAS, Rampur and Brahma
Kumaris Rajyoga Center, Narayangarh in 23-27 March, 2005
 Training on Community Preparedness for Disaster Risk Reduction Program organized by
Disaster Preparedness Desk of Huminitarian Aid Department of European Union, Dan
Church Aid and Lutheran World Federation, Nepal from April 25th to 28th 2007

As Resource person
 Media orientation to climate change in NAPA process facilitated by SEBAC Nepal in
Dhangadi 21 to 23 April 2010.
 Community Based Biodiversity Management Training in Pokhara from 17th November
2008 to 20th November 2008 organized by Local Initiatives for Biodiversity Research and
Development (LI-BIRD)
 Counselor in Third Educational Counseling and Expo 2007 organized by Kirtipur Volunteer
Society held in Kirtipur on 16th June 2007.
 Training on Permaculture homestead design in Yansila, Morang organized by Gramin
Samudayik Bikas Sanstha, Yansila Nepal on 26-30 June 2007
 Training on Organic farming in Hetauda organized by Aharnish Dhyan Kendra (ADK) in
18th -21st April 2007
 Training on Wetland Biodiversity Conservation and Wise-Use in Ghodaghodi Lake, Sukhad
Bazzar, Kailali District organized by Ghodaghodi Forum and Terai Arc Landscape (TAL)
Program of WWF in 17th to 19th, Nov 2005
 Training on Permaculture Homestead Design for Agroecotourism in Leknath Municipality,

Kaski District organized by Ecological Services center (Ecosenter) and World Vision in
18th - 24th September, 2005
 Training on Household Solid Waste Management in Boteodhar, Lamjung District
organized by Bhoteodar Bajar Byabasthapan tatha Sudhar Samiti and Urban Development
through local effort (UDLE) in 7- 14 August, 2005
 Training to the Local Resource persons on Documentation on Biodiversity and Traditional
Knowledge in Narayangard, Chitwan District organized by Institute of Social and
Environmental Research (ISER) and IUCN-Nepal in 25th-28th July 200

Writing skills (Publications)

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and their adaptive initiations to withstand its impacts in Western Terai of Nepal (Paper
presented in Youth conference on 3-4th June 2010)
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in Patharaiya VDC, Nepal, Nepal Travellers.
 Maharjan, S. K. 2008. Assessing potential local crop genetic resources of Nepal Published in
Research and Development Highlights of Local Initiatives for Biodiversity Research and

Development (LI-BIRD)
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conservation and use of genetic resources in home garden (Submitted for publication)
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 dxh{g, >Ls'df/ lj= ;= @)^$, df3 @$ ut] laxL|af/, s] oxL xf] u0ftGq < “sLlt{k'/ kf]i6 b}lgs
klqsf” (published in nepali)
 dxh{g, >Ls'df/ lj= ;= @)^$, kf}if !# ut] z's|af/, o'jf ljBfyL{x?nfO{ k|s[lt ;+/If0f ;DalGw
hgr]tgfd"ns kbofqf “zlxb ;fKtflxs klqsf” (published in nepali)
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kf}if–r}q @)^# -rf}dfl;s_ (published in nepali)
 dxh{g, >Ls'df/, ca pk/fGt sLlt{k'/df e'sDk k|lt/]flw 3/x? dfq aGg]5g\ “zlxb ;fKtflxs” –jif{ !,
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 dxh{g, >L s'df/ @)^@, g]kfndf h}ljs ljljwtf / k/Dk/fut 1fg / To;df s[lif tyf kz' lj1fg cWoog
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Bimonthly Magazine on May, 2006 for Publication.

Language Proficiency
English, Hindi, Nepali, Newari (Mother tongue), Tharu (understanding)

• Wageningen International, The Netherlands
• Visited agricultural institutions of Nepal and India during B. Sc. Ag.

• Different VDCs of Chitwan, Makwanpur, Bara, and Nuwakot, Humla, Mustang, Doti,
Sindhuli, Kailali, Kanchanpur, Bardiya, Doti districts for surveys and researches.

Seminar and Talk Program Organized

 Workshop on Conservation of indigenous Knowledge on Medicinal Plants of Chitwan in
IAAS on 2004, December.
 Counseling the SLC appeared students in “Education Expo and Counseling Program”
Organized by Kirtipur Volunteer Society on 16th June 2007 (Ashad 2, 2064)

Paper and seminar presentation

 Paper on the methodology of the resource mapping of the medicinal plants used by the Tharu
and Kumal Communities of the Western Chitwan in the Auditorium hall of the IAAS on
December, 2004 organized by Ecological Services Center.
 Thesis Proposal entitled “Study on Promotion and Development of Agritourism Industry in
Chitwan District with Special Reference to TRPAP Area” presented in IAAS Seminar hall on
December, 2005 (Mangsir, 21 2062)
 Seminar presentation on the thesis findings on Study on Promotion and Development of
Agritourism Industry in Chitwan District with Special Reference to TRPAP Area in IAAS
Seminar Hall on 11 Asar, 2063

Professional Memberships
 Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN), Lazimpat
 Human Rights Organization of Nepal (HURON), Kirtipur Branch
 Kirtipur Volunteers Society (KVS), Executive Member
 Nepalese Society for Systematic Collection, Nayabazzar, Kirtipur.
 Friends of Natural History Museum, Swyambhu, Kathmandu.
 Agricultural Concern Society, Nakhu Dobato, Lalitpur.
 Natural History Society of Nepal, Satdobato, Lalitpur
 Shankhapur Krishak Samuha, Kirtipur 12, Panga, Advisory Member

Associate Prof. Dr. Dharma Raj Dangol, Ph. D.
Department of Environmental Science (DES)
Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science,
Tribhuvan University, Rampur Chitwan, Nepal
E- mail:,
Phone No: 977-1-4330982 (R), 9855058691 (mobile)

Prof. Sant Bahadur Gurung,

Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science,
Tribhuvan University, Rampur Chitwan, Nepal
Phone: 0977-056-581141 (O), 9855056176 (mobile)
Fax: 0977-056-581021

Mrs. Shyam Badan Shrestha

Natural Resource Development Center (NRDC)
Kopundole, Lalitpur
Mob: 9841337086


Signature and Date