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Agreement on Establishing Relationship

Goldwind Science and Technology Co. Ltd. (Urumqi, Xinjiang Province)
and Hogeschool Utrecht University for Applied Sciences (Utrecht)
The Netherlands

The Objectives of the Agreement

1). Promoting exchanges of knowledge between the East and the West, and
developing the international knowledge and cooperation in the field of durable
(wind) energy between the parties;
2). Learning advanced technology and managing experience from each other;
3). Promoting exchanges and training, so as to strengthen the knowledge of
students of the university and staff of both parties;
4). Training individuals geared to modern enterprise, and furnished with
techniques and skills in all fields of technology and suited to international
operations so as to meet the needs of global social, technical and economic

The content of the Cooperation Project

1. Staff visits

Both parties might invite a number of academic and research staff to visit
them each year. The sending party and the receiving party will jointly decide
prior to any agreed visit how the domestic travel, accommodation and
subsistence costs incurred by the visiting scholars will be borne. The receiving
party will provide suitable assistance and facilities for the visiting staff.

The staff visit requires prior approval by both parties.

2. Student training

Any specific academic programs involving the student training will be signed
in a full MEMORANDUM of CO-OPERATION (MoC) which will detail the
academic and financial arrangements for such a programme. Such MoCs will
be signed from time to time and be subject to ratification by authorized
signatories of both institutions.

The student training requires prior approval by both the sending party and the
receiving party.
3. Academic and research exchange

The academics and researchers of both parties may hold academic

conferences and/or workshops jointly on areas of mutual interest, and
undertake joint research projects. The results of joint research projects will be
shared. Any specific joint projects will be specified in a MoC and is subject to
ratification by both parties.

Consultation will be organized through authorized channels at each party.

This agreement is without any commitment of funds or other resources except

where that is provided for in MoCs. This agreement does not preclude joint
arrangements with other parties. Any Memorandum of Co-operation becomes
effective following ratification by both parties.

Party A: Goldwind Science and Technology Co. Ltd., Urumqi, Xinjiang

Province, China


Wu Gang
Position: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Date: 3rd of September 2007
Party B: Hogeschool Utrecht University for Applied Sciences, Utrecht,
the Netherlands
Faculty for Natural Sciences and Technology

Ir. Robert Blom

Position: Chairman of the Faculty Board
Date: 3rd of September 2007