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Project proposal Goldwind – Universities

Goldwind Science & Technology

International Universities
Cooperation between universities / institutes and Goldwind

Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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Project proposal Goldwind – Universities


• Objectives of project proposal

• Outline of Goldwind
• Current situation in Goldwind concerning foreign cooperation
• Cooperation types and budgets
• Rights and obligations of the involved parties
• Contact list
• Summary

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Project proposal Goldwind – Universities

Objectives of project proposal

• Actualizing close cooperation between Goldwind and international universities and
educational institutes.
• Promoting international knowledge exchange concerning all relevant fields of
technology and business, for domestic and international markets.
• Realizing long term cooperation between international universities and educational
institutes, in field of research and applied techniques.

Outline of Goldwind
Goldwind Science & Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 1998 by result of a governmental
5 year technology plan. Goldwind specializes in research, developing and manufacturing
large scale wind turbine sets.

Goldwind owns several production facilities, investors, R&D centers, maintenance

centers, and has close cooperation with several international component suppliers.

By the end of 2006, Goldwind erected around 3000 turbine sets, and achieved a turnover
of 150 million Euros. Goldwind is the biggest manufacturer of the Chinese market, with a
market share of new installs wind turbines of 33%. On the world market Goldwind
achieved the 10th place in biggest wind energy manufacturers, with 2.8% of the total
world installed capacity in China alone. China witnessed an annual growth, starting in
1998, of more than 100%.

Goldwind produces wind turbines in the range of 600kW until 1500kw, stall and direct-
drive systems. In the future a 2500kW and a 3000kW system will be added to this range.
Goldwind sells turbines in normal as well as turn-key projects.

The future potential of Goldwind is based on flexibility, large financial back-bone and the
strong increasing demand of the world market. Future market will be hybrid and off-shore

In August 2006 Goldwind won the for the Green Energy Olympic wind farm
(for powering the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008). This project involves 33
of the 1500kW direct-drive systems. This project will be finished by the end
of 2007.
The founder of Goldwind is Mr. Wu, who together with several investors started Goldwind.
Goldwind is awarded by the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), for their
contributions to the Chinese wind power industry.

Goldwind characteristics
• Mission: “preserving white clouds and blue skies for the human beings and
preserving more resources for the future”.
• Vision: “Goldwind China, Goldwind Worldwide”.
• Core values: “learning, excellence and added value”.
• Corporate spirit: “be striving, be responsible, be innovating and be serving”.
• Corporate strategy: “Goldwind, as a technological innovator, continues to draw
from its diverse talents to push its capacity to higher levels of design and problem
solving capabilities. Simultaneously we want to maximize the customer
satisfaction by utilizing an information platform for developing our technology,
products and services”.

Because of future international intentions, Goldwind concentrates on promoting the

capacity of the R&D department, enhancing quality control and offering system services.
Meanwhile Goldwind pays a lot of attention on building a good human resource system
based on cultural values.

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Project proposal Goldwind – Universities

Current situation in Goldwind concerning international cooperation

Until now Goldwind hired 20 foreign students for internship intentions, the plan is to
extend this activities to 20 students a year. The students differ in land of origin:
• America
• Germany
• Italy
• France
• Canada
• Egypt

But all nationalities are to be invited, to achieve an international culture in Goldwind.

According to the business scope of Goldwind and development route, we require students
in the field of:
• Technological majors
o Mechanical engineering
o Renewable energy technology
o Design
o Aerodynamics
o Electrical
o IT
• Business majors
o Economical majors
o Communication
o Logistics
o Management
• International law school majors
• Language majors
• And all other relevant majors.

Cooperation types and budgets

• Internship and bachelor/ master thesis’s
o We intent to invite 20 students annually from different disciplines
o The available budget is 1.000.000 Yuan Renminbe or 100.000 Euros
• Scholarships
o We intents to realize a maximum of 5 Chinese scholarships annually
o The available budget is 500.000 Yuan Renminbe or 50.000 Euros (annual)
• Staff/ knowledge exchange
o We intent to send 5 staff member to foreign education institutes (annual)
o The available budget is 120.000 Yuan Renminbe or 12.000 Euros (annual)
• Academic and research exchange
o We intent to cooperate in academic researches and provide in additional
o The available budget depends on the project
• Involvement in research projects
o We intent to involve in technological research project, by means of
financial and knowledge support
o The available budget depends on the project
• Mutual training
o We intent to realize training for local staff of Goldwind, and for teachers
alliances with the cooperating educational institutes
o The available budget depends on the project

Rights and obligations of the involved parties

• Party A: Goldwind Science & Technology Co. Ltd.

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Project proposal Goldwind – Universities

o Create a high quality and challenging student environment

 Assign a personal coach/teacher for each student
 The possibility to get 2 hour training each week, depending on
personal interest
 The availability of high educated people and knowledge depending
on the major
 Additional knowledge and training when needed
o Provide in research projects
o The assessing of the delivered work of the student
 Constant supervision of the student
 Strict progress checks by professional coach
 Periodical progress reports, to be delivered by the student
o Provide in sufficient living condition
 For all invited persons housing will be arranged, including all
necessary furnishing.
 Interns will receive a compensation for living costs, depending on
 All travel costs from Beijing will be paid for.
 All costs which are made in China for the purpose of Goldwind can
be declared.
o Provide in various research projects
 Technical
• Concept research of wind turbines
o Advanced Independent pitch control strategy
o Low wind speed wind turbine design technology
o Offshore wind turbine technology study
o Wind turbine drive train study
o Low temperature wind turbine design
• Aerodynamics and Aero elastics
o New Airfoil study for wind turbine rotor blade
o Blade geometry and structure design
o Vortex induced vibration study of wind turbines
o Stall induced vibration study of wind turbines
o Noise reduction study for wind turbine rotor blade
• Mechanical Parts & components development
o Structural analysis, specializing in fatigue and crack
development analysis.
o Structural dynamic simulations, specializing in multi-
body dynamic simulation, including flexibility and
rigidity. (Produce a simulation of a complete wind
o Structural design, specializing in gearbox design,
tower design, and composite material structural
o Materials, specializing in composite material and
manufacturing techniques.
o Electrical machines and automation, specializing in
large permanent magnet electrical machines.
o Structural design of permanent magnet generators.
o Cooling system design for multi MW wind turbines
• Electrical system design
o Converter design for variable speed wind turbines.
o Load control strategies and techniques for pitch and
variable speed wind turbines.

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Project proposal Goldwind – Universities

o Harmonic suppression strategies and techniques for

wind turbines.
o Reactive power charges and voltage control.
o Measurement and assessment of power quality of grid
connected wind turbines.
• Offshore wind turbine study
o Ice induced vibration of wind turbines
o Loads combination of wind loads and wave loads for
offshore wind turbines.
o Tide and corrosion protection studies for structural
o Tide and corrosion protection studies for foundations
and towers.
o Corrosion protection studies for wind vanes and
o Tide and corrosion protection studies for electrical
 Business research
• Economics
• Human resource
• Market research
• Marketing & sales
• Information technology
• Communication
• Logistics
• Purchasing
• Quality control
• Customer service
• Etc.

• Party B: educational institutes

o Recommendation of suitable students which are:
 Internationally oriented
 Team player
 Fluent English writing and pronunciation skills
 Independent
 Explorative
 Open-minded
 Problem solving
 Easy going
 Communicative
o Clear requirements for the interns
 Handing over clear task, research and knowledge requirements
 Handing over clear quality demands
 Assigning a direct contact person for Goldwind for internal affairs
o Staff exchange, scholarships and mutual training
 According to agreement
o Technology exchange
 According to agreement

• Mutual rights and obligations

o Sending staff & receiving staff and scholars for mutual training
 The sending party and the receiving party will jointly decide how the
domestic travel should be, prior to any agreed visit.
 Any specific program involving staff will be signed in a full memo of
cooperation (MoC), which has to include all details.

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Project proposal Goldwind – Universities

 The receiving party will provide in suitable assistance and facilities

for the visiting staff.
o Academic & technology exchange
 Any specific joint projects will be specified in a MoC and is subject
for ratification by both parties.
 The results of joint research projects will be shared, but can only be
used by both parties and only Goldwind can use this information for
commercial activities, unless agreed differently.

Contact list

Mrs. LiLi, vice president of Human Resource activities.

 Final responsible for cooperation
 Supervision
, tel: +86 991 3767403

Mrs. Wu Guanghua, director of human resource department.

 Assistance of Mrs. Lili
 Harmonisation of future projects
, tel: +86 991 3767437

Mrs. Feng Yun, international human resource manager.

 Direct contact person for quick response
 All direct student affairs
 Detailed involvement in individual projects
, tel: +86 991 3767 437 or 474

General contact information

Address: No.107 Shanghai Road Economic & Technology development zone
Urumqi, Xinjiang
Province Postcode: 830026
Tel: +86 991 3767437
Fax: +86 991 3767437

We expect to cooperate with the foreign parties within a short period. This document is
mainly a general outline for future cooperation, further details and adjustments can be
made along the process. Any agreement of cooperation becomes effective following
ratification by both parties.

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