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PROJECT : TOTAL AKPO Subsea Production System. DATE OF ATTACHMENT : 16 Nov 2008
OWNER’S REP. : Moody International QA Services Pte Ltd. DURATION OF LAST COAT : 8 days
CAMERON’S REP. : MJ Inspection Consultancy Sdn Bhd. (DRY TIME)
APPLICATOR : Blastech Abrasives Pte Ltd. DATE OF TEST : 17 Nov 2008
SPECIFICATION REF : TOTAL Paint Specification.
TYPE OF ADHESIVE USED : Araldite epoxy glue.

Location / Areas DFT Pull-off Type of Failure Remarks

(µm) Strengt

TEST PANEL 1 (Mudmat 45017568-01) Note

(Blastech’s Report: The test panel was abrasive
BAPLB/2008/255/19585/1) 98% cohesive on Primer and, blasted
and applied with 4 coats system,
Dolly 8 MPa as
2% glue failure.
TEST PANEL 2 (Mudmat 45017568-02) follows:
1st coat Sigmacover 280 (Primer)
(Blastech’s Report: 2nd coat Sigmaguard 720 (EHB)
BAPLB/2008/255/19585/2) 85% cohesive on Primer and, 3rd coat Sigmaguard 720 (EHB)
Dolly 9 MPa 4th coat Sigmacover 456 (Topcoat)
15% glue failure.

The pull-off test and dry film thickness test were carried out with “Elcometer H.A.T.E. 108” in accordance with ASTM 4541 and “Elcometer
345” respectively. Both tests were conducted at the same spot.

Conducted by: Witnessed by:

Lam Pin Min 1) Moody’s Representative,
Technical Service Representative 2) Cameron’s MJ Representative and
Protective Coatings 3) Blastech’s Representative.
PPG Coatings (Singapore) Pte Ltd.