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Partners in Ministry

A Greenville District Leadership Training Seminar

Sunday, January 10, 2010 3:00 –5:00 p.m.
Buncombe Street UMC
Lay Leadership Training
Prayer Ministry:
Leader: Rev. Cathy Joens
Answer the question:
“Why does my church need a prayer coordinator and a prayer ministry?”
Learn fresh ideas for your prayer ministry as part of evangelism.

Christian Education in the Small Membership Church:

Leader: Rev. Deana Gentry
Learn about the unique opportunities beyond Sunday school
for teaching and learning in the small membership church.

Christian Education in the Medium and Large Membership Church:

Leader: Rev. Alice MacKeil
Learn about the unique opportunities beyond Sunday school
for teaching and learning in the medium and large membership church.

Children’s Ministry-Preschool and Weekday Ministries:

Leader: Rev. Pat Gannaway
Learn to use age-level development and characteristics in children’s ministry.
Learn how weekday ministries and children’s ministries can work together.
This workshop will help coordinators of children’s ministries and directors of weekday preschool programs.

Children’s Ministry-Elementary Age and Rotation Sunday School:

Leader: Rev. Johanna Myers
Explore: 1) the “Way of the Child” program resource, 2) Sunday school advantages, and
3) age-level characteristics for children’s ministries.

Leader: Mr. Chris Lynch
Youth ministry, more than a fellowship group; planning ministry for spiritual formation in youth.

Adult Small Groups:

Leader: Rev. Claire Andrews
More than Sunday school; how to develop a small group ministry in your church.

Electronic Communication:
Leader: Matt Brodie
How to use computers in your church communications:
Facebook, web page, podcasting and other great benefits.
Leader: Rev. Lloyd White
Find creative ways to educate your church about finances;
learn about finding ways to underwrite the ministries planned by the Church.

Leader: Rev. Robin Dease
Discuss the theme of Stewardship:
“Prayer, Presence, Gifts, Service, and Witness - more than financial campaigns”

Leader: Mr. John Redmond
Learn and discuss issues such as: management of property, incorporation, and Safe Sanctuary

Church Council:
Leader: Rev. Jim Arant
Learn why the words “Discerning, Creating and Supervision” are important terms as they relate to the Church
Council’s responsibility in your congregation to make
disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Lay Leader:
Leader: Dr. Joseph Haywood
Better understand the role of lay leader as the position relates
to the local church, District, and Conference ministries.

Leader: Rev. Gary Phillips
This workshop will discuss the nuts and bolts of worship; including how to organize and plan worship.

Leader: Dr. Charles Johnson
A must for Staff Parish Relations Committee chairpersons and committee members.

The following are part of the ..O.W. (Nurture, Outreach, and Witness Structure) -
Streamlining in order to make disciples.
Leader: Rev. Paul Hutchinson
Nurture gives attention to Christian education, worship and stewardship
as this area seeks to nurture spiritual formation within the congregation.

Outreach / Mission:
Leader: Rev. Jerry Hill
Using your church’s gifts to reach the local and larger community by involving them in ministries and mission,
especially in response to disaster; being local advocates for community life, advocacy for justice, and more.

Leader: Rev. Michael Wolfe
Expand your view of witness ministries. Your witness ministry may seem unclear and may happen with little
focus. Learn how to be intentional and mindful, helping your church easily share the Good News with others.

Sponsored by:
The United Methodist Church — Greenville District Council On Ministries
Info and registration at 864-233-3611