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15 Uses for Papaya Leaves - A Powerful Cure for Cancer

Posted by Dr. Paul Haider on July 30, 2013 at 12:18pm

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Most people know about papayas but not many know about the amazing health benefits of
Papaya Leaves.
Papaya Leaves contain powerful healing compounds that are very important for great health and
vitality... and for curing cancer and dengue fever.
Indigestion-Heartburn - Papaya Leaves are great for getting rid of invading bacteria
that cause upset stomach problems because they contain karpain which kills bacteria. And it
contains lots of papain, protease enzyme, and amylase enzyme which help to breaks down
proteins, carbs, and sooth the ! tract... and helps with acid reflu".
Papaya Leaves reduce inflammation of the stomach lining and heal gastric ulcers by killing #.
pylori bacteria. And Papaya Leaf tea soothes away colon inflammation from !$% and other
inflammatory bowel diseases.
Break Down Wheat Gluten - Papaya Leaves have the ability to break down wheat
gluten making it easy to digest.
Cancer - Papaya Leaves have a milky sap that&s great for preventing and killing cancer cells
because it contains acetogenin.
'here are many studies including studies in (apan showing that Papaya Leaves are effective for
curing cancer. And there are people who have cured their cancer by drinking Papaya Leaf 'ea for
e"tended periods of time.
'he )niversity of *lorida did studies showing that Papaya Leaves contain agents that kill cancer,
especially cervi", prostate, liver, breast, and lung cancer. 'he more concentrated the tea the better
the results... and there are no side effects of any kind.
+own through history in Australia the native aboriginal people have talked about Papaya Leaf
'ea as a great cancer healing agent, also in Asia and other places.
Most recommend taking ,- leaves, cutting them up and boiling them in a ,./ gallon water until it
boils down to 0uart... then let it cool. 'he tea will keep in the frig for / days in a glass 1ar with a
tight fitting lid... drink as much as possible.
Plus Papaya Leaf tea enhances chemotherapy... and helps with chemotherapy side effects.
Prostate Enlargement - Papaya Leaf tea can help with benign prostate enlargement and
also help with rectal lesions problems associated with prostate enlargement.
Acne Remed - !f you have acne then take dried Papaya Leaves and putting them in a
blender with 1ust enough water to make a paste. 'hen take the paste and used it as a mask, let it
dry, and then wash it off... it works great for acne2
Increase Platelet Count - Papaya Leaf 'ea cures thrombocytopenia or low platelet
counts which keeps a person from clotting. 'here have been many studies showing that Papaya
Leaf 'ea can increase platelet counts in cases of vitamin deficiencies, chemotherapy, dengue
fever and more.
!enstrual Pain - 'ake 3 Papaya Leaves and boil them in a liter of water for ,4 minutes.
'hen add any kind of 1uice that you like... let cool and drink one large glass 5 times a day.
"a#ati$e - Papaya Leaves made into a strong tea also work well as a good la"ative... for those
who suffer from constipation.
Dengue %e$er - Papaya Leaves made into a tea lower fevers and helps with colds, flues, and
even dengue fever... and some even call it a cure for dengue fever.
&kin Problems - Papaya Leaves can help with fungal infections of the skin, warts, scars...
and get rid of freckles.
Increase A''etite - Papaya Leaf tea increases appetite bringing vigor and vitality back to
the body.
Cataracts - Papaya Leaf tea can prevent cataracts.
Em'hsema - Papaya Leaves contain lots of 6itamin + which prevents emphysema.
Immune Booster - Papaya Leaves contains lots of powerful antio"idants that boost your
immune system and stave off cardiovascular disease, strokes, and cancer. Papaya Leaves create
7'h,8 a cytokines which boost the immune system and fights cancer.
Anti-Aging - Papaya Leaf also contains 4- or more different amino acids such as9 threonine,
glutamate acid, glycine, valine, leucine, phenylalanine, lysine, tritophan, cysteine, histidine,
tyrosine, alanine, proline, aspartate, and more... and some of these agents are used in cosmetics
for creating young healthy looking skin, and have been used as anti-aging compounds.
Contains - Papaya Leaf contains lots of great nutrients such as $-6itamins for vitality and
enhanced mood, 6itamins A and : which are powerful antio"idants, calcium and 6itamin +
which are important for strong bones, 6itamin ; which is important for se"ual and
cardiovascular health. *lavonoids that are powerful antio"idants that keep away cancer and
cardiovascular disease, tannins that boost the immune system, and betacarotene for immune
enhancement and eye health.
<ou can find Papaya Leaf tea on-line or ask for it at your local health food store.
Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist and Spiritual Teacher for over 20 years, helping
people to recover and feel healthy. You can also fnd Dr. Haider on FB under Dr. Paul
Haider, Healing Herbs, Shambala Spiritual Transformation Institute, Meditation for the
Soul, and Relax Into Success, Punjab teas, and at - feel free to
contact him any time. Also check out Dr. Haiders radio show
at August show to be
about Spirituality and Food
PAPA(A "EA% )ea*
#he papaya plant $ also calle% pawpaw in Australia an% &nown scientically as Carica
papaya $ is most wi%ely &nown for its %elicious oran"e fruit. 'ative to (outhern )e*ico
an% the Carri!ean+ papaya now "rows throu"hout most tropical an% su!tropical
countries in the worl%. Papaya leaf tea may have a num!er of health !enets inclu%in"
potent antio*i%ant properties when ta&en re"ularly.
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Papaya Leaf and Cancer
Papaya leaf tea has !een use% in tropical re"ions to treat a num!er of ailments an%
recent scientic %ata su""ests that papaya leaf may !e useful in "htin" cancer.
Accor%in" to research pu!lishe% in the 778ournal of -thnopharmacolo"y77 in 9e!ruary of
3414+ papaya leaf tea showe% promise in treatin" a variety of human cancers in vitro
inclu%in" cervical+ !reast+ lun" an% pancreatic cancers. (cientists posit that the
anticancer e:ects of papaya leaf tea may !e %ue to the stimulation of immune cells that
&ill cancer cells. University of 9lori%a researcher ;r. 'am ;an"+ one of the team
mem!ers responsi!le for the stu%y+ ela!orate% on the university7s we!site that papaya
leaf tea %emonstrate% no to*icity on human cells+ potentially ma&in" it a safe+ natural
treatment for many forms of cancer.
Natural Ulcer Remedy
Papaya leaf tea may also !e a !enet for "astric ulcers+ accor%in" to research pu!lishe%
in <#he =est >n%ian )e%ical 8ournal< in (eptem!er 3442. Researchers foun% that papaya
leaf tea prevente% "astric ulcers in rats su!?ecte% to alcohol compare% to the control
"roup. 9urther+ the rats pre-treate% with papaya leaf showe% less o*i%ative stress in
their !loo%+ su""estin" that papaya leaf tea ha% a stron" systemic antio*i%ant e:ect.
Researchers attri!ute% the re%uction in ulcer formation an% o*i%ative stress $ at least in
part $ to an increase in "lutathione pero*i%ase activity $ an important antio*i%ant
function that prevents free ra%ical-%ama"e in the !o%y.
Other Antioxidant Effects
@ther research su""ests that papaya leaf may re%uce hy%ro"en pero*i%e $ a mar&er for
o*i%ative %ama"e. Research pu!lishe% in the 77Asian Pacic 8ournal of #ropical
Aiome%icine77 in 8une 3413 showe% that while papaya leaf tea %i% not %emonstrate as
many antio*i%ant properties as ascor!ic aci%+ scientists still conclu%e% that it may have
potential pharmacolo"ical an% nutritional !enets in preventin" or re%ucin" free ra%ical-
%ama"e. )ore research is nee%e% to %etermine papaya leaf tea7s antio*i%ant properties
in human su!?ects.
Quick Tips
Always wor& with your %octor or other .ualie% health-care professional !efore self-
treatin" with her!s. #his is particularly true if you have cancer or another serious health
issue. Papaya leaf tea may !e a suita!le safe an% natural a%?unct treatment for cancer
an% other %iseases in which the immune system nee%s support an% in the prevention of
free-ra%ical %ama"e.
Reference: http://healthyeatin".sf"!enets-14633.html
Papaya leaves !alance !loo% su"ar an%
!oost immunity

B'aturalCealth1D5E )ost of us are aware of the nourishin"+
restorative an% protective !enets of papaya fruit+ !ut have
little &nowle%"e a!out the healin" powers of papaya leaves $
which are far more powerful than its fruit. Unli&e the fruit+ the
leaves are !itter to taste %ue to its hi"h concentration of
phytonutrients $ which e*plains its therapeutic !enets.
The nutrition inside the papaya leaf is incredible!
Aase% on the research stu%ies+ it was foun% that the phytonutrient
compoun%s in papaya leaves act in syner"y to %isplay a stron" antio*i%ant
an% immune enhancin" impact in the !loo%stream. Papain+ al&aloi%s an%
phenolic compoun%s are responsi!le for their positive !iolo"ical e:ects.
#he enFymes papain an% chymopapain are the two !iolo"ically active
components of papaya. #hey ai% in %i"estin" proteins an% are wi%ely use%
for treatin" in%i"estion+ !loatin"+ an% other %i"estive %isor%ers. >n a%%ition+
the al&aloi% compoun%s+ carpaine+ pseu%ocarpaine an% %ehy%rocarpaine
%emonstrate chemo-preventive e:ects.
Pure isolate% al&aloi%s an% their synthetic %erivatives are use% as !asic
me%icinal a"ents !ecause of their antispasmo%ic+ anal"esic+ an% !acterial
properties. #he phenolic compoun%s+ ca:eic aci%+ chloro"enic aci%+ .uercetin
an% &aempferol e*hi!it potent antio*i%ant e:ect. Papaya leaves are also hi"h
in minerals li&e calcium+ potassium+ so%ium+ ma"nesium+ iron an%
Diabetics have 3 good reasons to try papaya leaf extracts
Enhances insulin sensitivity: Poor insulin sensitivity is the cause for type-
3 %ia!etes+ which causes ineGcient "lucose upta&e !y the cells. (everal
animal stu%ies an% some human stu%ies have shown that papaya leaf
e*tracts were a!le to %emonstrate "lucose lowerin" e:ect.
A stu%y on )auritian population showe% that papaya leaf e*tract
supplementation %ecrease% the enFyme levels of AL# an% A(# B!io-mar&ers
of type 3 %ia!etesE amon" %ia!etic patients an% improve% insulin sensitivity.
Decreases diabetes complications: #he mi* of antio*i%ants in papaya
leaf e*tracts are helpful in %ecreasin" the secon%ary complications of
%ia!etes such as fatty liver+ &i%ney %ama"e an% o*i%ative stress. A "rowin"
num!er of well-researche% stu%ies have %emonstrate% the same.
Accelerates wound healing: #he process of woun% healin" is %elaye% or
hin%ere% in a %ia!etic patient an% can cause other complications. )any
stu%ies have conrme% that consumin" papaya leaves enhance% the process
of woun% healin" $ %ue to its anti-!acterial an% remar&a!le antio*i%ant
The health benefts extend beyond blood sugar stabiliation!
(ome clinical stu%ies have conrme% that the papaya leaf e*tracts
e:ectively inhi!it cancer cell "rowth an% improve immune activity. A 3414
stu%y+ pu!lishe% in the Journal of Ethnopharmacolgy conrme% that the
papaya leaf e*tracts can me%iate an% !oost #h1 type cyto&ines in the
immune system an% may potentially treat an% prevent certain types of
aller"ic %isor%ers an% cancer .
"ow can # use papaya leaves$
#he 8apanese+ the a!ori"inals of Australia an% many tra%itional her!al
treatments have use% papaya leaves for their health-enhancin" powers. #he
ten%er papaya leaves are coo&e% an% consume% similar to spinach in the
islan%s of -ast >n%ies. 9resh+ "reen papaya leaf is use% as an antiseptic+ while
the !rown+ %rie% leaves are use% as a tonic an% !loo% purier.
#he !est way to consume the papaya leaves is in the form of tea. Prepare a
tea infusion+ !y a%%in" 14 leaves to half a "allon of water $ allow it to !oil till
the .uantity of water is %ecrease% to a .uart. Cool an% consume in small
%oses as nee%e% to treat in%i"estion+ for %eto*ifyin"+ for immune-!uil%in"
purposes or as a "eneral tonic.
#he a%verse e:ects of the papaya leaves have not !een teste% in humans
however animal stu%ies su""est low to*icity+ hence they are consi%ere% safe
for lon" term consumption.
%hat are the forms of papaya leaf extracts available in the mar&et$
Papaya leaf e*tracts are availa!le in the mar&et as capsules+ tea leaves an%
in the pow%er form for consumption. =hen you reach for papaya leaf e*tract
supplements+ !e sure to choose non-H)@+ or"anic supplements since most
of the papaya+ to%ay+ are "enetically mo%ie%. )any stu%ies have shown
that choosin" fermente% papaya e*tracts to !e more !enecial %ue to their
enhance% antio*i%ant an% immune-!oostin" e:ects.
=ith "overnment-run healthcare turnin" into a %isaster $ many people are
turnin" to plant-!ase% reme%ies that are e:ective an% less e*pensive+ with
no si%e-e:ects. Papaya leaves are ?ust one of many natural ways to improve
your health $ especially if you su:er from %ia!etes.
>f you canIt tal& to your current %octor a!out natural healin" $ n% another
%octor an% ta&e action to%ay.
'oo&ing for natural health solutions$ (ign up now $ for our free+
wee&ly show featurin" the "reatest min%s in natural health an% science plus
a free gift!
1. @tsu&i '+ et.alJ A.ueous e*tract of Carica papaya leaves e*hi!its anti-
tumor activity an% immunomo%ulatory e:ects. 8 -thnopharmacol. 3414 9e!
3. '"oFi Awa >ma"a+ et.alJ Phytochemical an% antio*i%ant nutrient
constituents of Carica papaya an% Par.uetina ni"rescens e*tractsJ (cientic
Research an% -ssays Kol. 5B1DE+ pp. 3341-3345+ 12 Au"ust+ 3414
1. (omanah 8 et.alJ -:ects of a short term supplementation of a fermente%
papaya preparation on !iomar&ers of %ia!etes mellitus in a ran%omiFe%
)auritian population. Preventive )e%icine B3413E
6. >sela -sther 8uLreF-Ro?op Cypo"lycemic e:ect of Carica papaya
leaves in streptoFotocin-in%uce% %ia!etic rats. A)C Complement Altern )e%.
3413J 13: 31D.
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1apaya 'eaf Tea for +ancer
Promoting, Researching, and Growing Papaya Leaf Tea
(&ip to content
1apaya 'eaf 1owder is the 0ew 23atcha4
Poste% on (eptem!er 34+ 3416
Aase% on its uni.ue natural phenols+ the papaya leaf stan%s out in 'ature. -ven as
compare% to Hreen #ea an% its pow%ere% form+ Bmatcha or macchaE+ papaya leaf tea
coul% !e the new OmatchaP in pow%ere% form.
)atcha !oasts the natural phenol+ catechin+ B-HCHE+ which is shown to !e more
e:ective in neutraliFin" free ra%icals than re"ular "reen tea. )atcha is "enerally
consi%ere% for its cancer-"htin" in 8apan %ue to this intense level of catechins.
Determination of catechins in matcha green tea by micellar electro&inetic
Authors=eiss ;8+ et al. (how all 8ournal
8 Chromato"r A. 3441 (ep 5J1411B1-3E:!i.nlm.nih."ov/m/pu!me%/16512556/
Papaya leaf also contains a phenolic content hi"her than any other part of the papaya
plant. >tIs cancer-"htin" Qavonoi%s are "ainin" in reputation. #his invites us to consi%er
its culinary appeal in pow%ere% form+ prepare% as a )atcha. #he thin&in" !ehin% the
)atcha form of "reen tea is that the whole leaf can !e in"este%+ increasin" its potency
in your !o%y at four times re"ular "reen tea. Papaya leaf pow%er is availa!le from most
ma?or her!al wholesalers.
The Julia Rufn Project researches, promotes, and grows papaya leaf tea.
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Enyme in 1apaya 'eaf6 1apain6 #nhibits Tumor 7rowth
and 3etastatis in 'ab
Poste% on (eptem!er 15+ 3416
Proteolytic -nFyme #herapy for cancerous tumors "oes !ac& to the success of ;r Aear%
in the 1R14Is. Ce retrieve% the trypsin Ba proteolytic enFymeE from youn" cows an%
in?ecte% it strai"ht into the patientIs #umor. #his metho% showe% success. ;octors who
su!se.uently trie% to mimic this proce%ure were %iscre%ite% !ut they trie% to retrieve
trypsin from ol% cows+ which !y %enition have less pancreatic enFymes %ue to their
a"e. #he theory of an OenFyme !an&P that %ecreases as we a"e !elon"s to ;r -%war%
Cowell+ who prove% this in a series of stu%ies over years. B1R65 SE
#he enFyme in papaya leaves+ papain+ is a proteolytic enFyme that also seems to show
a similar e:ect on tumors+ as in this animal stu%y !elow. Papain is a more potent
proteolytic enFyme than our !o%yIs trypsin.
#nhibition of tumor growth6 invasion and metastasis in papain8immunied
Aellelli A+ )attioni )+ Rusconi K+ (eFFi )L+ Aellelli L.
>nvasion )etastasis. 1RR4J14B1E:163-DR.
O#he "rowth rate+ invasion an% metastasis of !oth the A1D melanoma an% the Lewis
lun" carcinoma were inhi!ite% in mice immuniFe% with papain. #hese animals presente%
an increase% mean survival time as compare% to the tumor-!earin" nonimmuniFe%
controls. ,uantitative microscopy su""este% that vaso%ilation an% e%ema+ associate%
with tumor invasion+ are+ at least partially+ sustaine% !y proteolytic enFymes+ !ein"
stron"ly re%uce% when tumor cells were inoculate% in papain-immuniFe% mice.P!i.nlm.nih."ov/m/pu!me%/311R253/
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(tudy ,eveals 3ost E9ective Anti8+ancer 1apaya 'eaf
Tea Temperature
Poste% on (eptem!er 11+ 3416
#he >nternational 8ournal of 9oo% (cience an% #echnolo"y pu!lishe% a stu%y in 8uly that
claims the !est anti-cancer temperature of Papaya Leaf #ea is 25C B125 %e"rees 9E an%
coo&e% for 35 minutes with a water to leaf ratio of 34:1. #he specic cancer un%er stu%y
was pancreatic cancer.
Antioxidant and anticancer capacity of saponin8enriched +arica papaya leaf
,uan K. Kuon"1+3+ (athira Cirun1+3+ #i:any L.T. Chuen1+3+ Chloe ;. Hol%smith1+3+
(hane )urchie3+ )ichael C. Aowyer1+3+ Phoe!e A. Phillips1 an%Christopher 8.
How to Dr Pa'aa "ea+ +or )ea
Papaya+ or carica papaya+ "rows leaves in a spiral up its trun&. #he leaves
live four to si* months+ accor%in" to the California Rare 9ruit Hrowers. #he
trees "row in tropical an% su!tropical re"ions worl%wi%e. #ra%itional use an%
preliminary stu%ies su""est papaya may have anti-tumor activity. Papaya
an% its leaves contain papain+ commonly use% as a %i"estive enFyme. Papain
also helps treat worms an% intestinal parasites+ accor%in" to the University of
)arylan% )e%ical Center. ;ryin" papaya leaves at home "ives you a supply
of this tra%itional tea. As with all supplements+ consult your %octor !efore
usin" papaya leaf tea.
(tep 1
Carvest or o!tain papaya leaves in late sprin" or early summer for faster
%ryin". Cut the leaves late in the %ay after the heat has passe%+ if possi!le.
#his is the time of %ay when plant leaves are most %ehy%rate%. Alternatively+
"ather fallen leaves.
(tep 3
=ash the papaya leaves in runnin" water. Pat them thorou"hly %ry with
(tep 1
#rim the stems D to 2 inches lon" to save room in the %ryin" area+ if %esire%.
)a&e !un%les of four to si* leaves. =rap heavy twine aroun% the !un%le an%
tie it+ leavin" at least 1 foot of twine to han" the leaves for %ryin". Repeat for
each !atch of papaya leaves.
(tep 6
Can" the !un%les of papaya leaves in a %ry+ %ar& place. 9or e*ample+ from a
hoo& or nail in a she% or at one en% of a clothes ro% in a closet.
(tep 5
Allow the leaves to %ry naturally. #he process may ta&e four wee&s or lon"er+
%epen%in" on temperatures an% humi%ity. (.ueeFe a leaf to test it -- a fully
%rie% leaf loses its Qe*i!ility an% crac&s rather than !en%s.
(tep D
Area& up the leaves !y tearin" or cuttin" them into fra"ments that will t
into a tea strainer or tea !all. (tore the papaya leaf tea in airti"ht "lass ?ars
or croc&s.
Frequently Asked Questions
Browse the list of Frequently Asked Questions for answers to your questions. If you still have
questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions. For specific questions about our
products including usage, dosage and formulation, click here to email our herbalist.
7 Top Reasons to try Herbal Papaya Products
eason !"# $apaya is a super fruit loaded with antio%idants, vitamins, minerals and the papain en&yme that help
your body stay healthy.
eason !'# All natural, organic, non()*+ superior quality ingredients are always used.
eason !,# +ur products are manufactured for safety in a fully temperature(controlled F-A(inspected and c)*$
facilities that ensures purity and accuracy of materials through inspection and evaluation at every step of
production and packaging.
eason !.# +ur e%tracts use the strongest e%tracts available in the market.
eason !/# "01 of profits go to provide education for girls in communities where our $apayas are grown.
eason !2# 3%cellent / star customer service, striving always to bring you the best, we will never compromise our
eason !4# 20 -ay "001 *oney back guarantee. 5o games not gimmicks.
Is Papaya Leaf Tea or Papaya Leaf Extract safe?
6es. 7ith a wide range of natural remedies on the market today, we understand that it can sometimes be difficult
to make sense of it all. In the herbal industry, you must ensure you use a qualified source to ensure
the consistency, safety or potency of the herbal remedies you buy. 8hat is why all papaya leaf products from
9erbal $apaya are manufactured using an F-A(inspected and non()*+ compliant facility which ensures strict
safety standards to bring customers therapeutic effectiveness, consistency, safety, and potency. If you are
pregnant or taking a blood thinning medication, please consult your doctor before you take any of our products.
$apaya leaf in high dose may have abortive effects.

Why is my Papaya Leaf Bitter?
$apaya leaf is bitter like dandelion but not A: BI883 as that. Bitter herbs are very healthy for you; 8hat bitterness
is known as <bitters= and can help with physiological reactions within your body. 8hese herbs usually have an
astringent nature within the body and work as a tonic, internal cleanser, rela%er, and stomachic. Bitter herbs are
commonly used for digestion and inflammation disorders. +ur papaya tea is good with a little stevia, monk fruit,
agave or sweetner of your choice to make it easier.

What is the connection between Papaya Leaf and Your Bodys Health?
$apaya leaf is the only natural source of the en&yme $apain which helps digest proteins and fats and speeds up the
bodys metabolism. 8he $apain in papaya helps the digestive system function effectively, and because 401 of your
immune system is contained in the digestive track, this helps maintain the effective functioning of the immune
system. $apaya leaf is also very high in anti(o%idants which combat free radicals in your body and helps your blood
platelets and your immune system fight disease. >oaded with vitamins A, ?, 3 and @, papaya provides the essential
vitamins required to maintain healthy skin and overall wellbeing.
Does the Papaya Leaf Extract in Liquid or apsule contain any alcohol?
5o. 8he e%traction process used for obtain the 9erbal $apaya leaf e%tract ensures that there is 01 alcohol in our
products. 8he liquid and capsules are alcohol free. 8his is important when comparing a water based e%tract to an
alcohol based e%tract. 8hey will not taste the same. Because an e%tract contains alcohol does not mean it is
stronger or more potent. If you are giving an e%tract to a child or do not want alcohol in your papaya leaf e%tract,
9erbal $apaya is your only source;

How does the new Preservative free lycrein based Papaya Leaf Li!uid e"tract compare to the old water
based Li!uid e"tract?
+ur new e%tract formula is a glycerin base while the old formula was water based... BA8 you
are still getting the same amount of $apaya >eaf e%tract B",000mg of e%tractC per dosage;;; 7e Dust removed all
7ith our previous e%tract, papaya leaf was added to alcohol and water. 8he alcohol was evaporated and water
added back. Anfortunately preservatives were required because of the bacteria and fungus growth typical in
water based e%tracts.
7ith our new and improved papaya leaf e%tract, papaya leaf is added to Eegetable glycerin ( a sugar based, low
glycemic powerful e%traction agent. )lycerin e%tracts the papaya leaf and traps it inside its molecules. 9eat,
alcohol or preservative is never added. 3ach molecule is like a mini capsule which contains a lot of papaya leaf
molecules, and is activated by saliva and the digestive system. 8he cool thing about vegetable glycerin is that it is
e%tremely shelf stable and does not need preservatives; It is longer lasting, $9 balanced and prevents microbial
:o whether you add heat, free&e it or add it to your Duice or tea, it does not affect the properties of the papaya
leaf en&ymes. 8he molecules of the vegetable glycerin are larger, so when it goes into your body the sugar does
not increase insulin so it is healthier for your pancreas. It is low glycemic, better tasting and easier to take for
kids. 5ot only is it healthier for you, its more alkaline for your body and its more bio(available.
!ur Papaya Leaf Extract capsule is a "#$" herbal extract ration% &hat does that 'ean to you?
*ost other companies use a "#" or .#" ratio of e%tractionF we use "0#".
+ur liquid is "0 times more potent than a "#" and './ times more effective than a .#".
"0#" means that for " kg of the e%tract, "0 kg of raw material is used. For " kg of a .#" e%tract, . kg of raw
material is used.
8his e%planation is sometimes confusing, but simply put, as the higher the ratio, the more potent the product is.
:o a capsule that contains 200mg of papaya leaf e%tract powder with a herbal e%tract ratio of "0#" is equivalent to
2000mg of $apaya >eaf and an e%tract liquid that contains "000mg per dosage at a herbal e%tract ratio of "0#" is
equivalent to "0,000mg of $apaya >eaf. +ur e%traction process ensures that our papaya leaf e%tract reconstitutes
to achieve the same synergestic ratios as in the papaya leaf.
For more information on herbal e%tract ratio please google this and do the research yourself. 6ou can also find
information herehttp#GGforum.bodybuilding.comGshowthread.phpHtI""'.JJ24"KpageI"
-isclaimer# 9erbal $apaya is not in any way affiliated with the link and associated site above. 8he contents of this
site may change, and we are not responsible for their content, intension or message.
Does Papaya Leaf contain caffeine?
5o. $apaya leaf is a caffeine free herb. 8his means there is no chance of dependency with long term use and it is
good for your body;
Ho( do I )no( Papaya Leaf (or)s?
8he effects of $apaya >eaf are supported by scientific research. In addition, there are several testimonials from
real life people to support the efficacy of $apaya >eaf in promoting overall wellbeing and health. 8hese
testimonials are not limited to our website or our company. $apaya leaf e%tract is good for you, period; If you use
our products or if you use the fresh $apaya leaves, you will get results to will provide health benefits to your
digestive, blood and immune systems. 7e also encourage you to send in your stories and tell your friends about the
benefits of $apaya leaf. 8hat way you are helping others and sharing health;
Another great beneft of papaya leaf is that the rich vitamins and nutrients
found in it help maintain a healthy immune system, and provides support for
the blood system. Papaya leaf also supports healthy skin tone and is a great
addition to your anti-aging plan. Papaya leaf extract is a strong formulation
that extracts the active ingredients from the leaves of the papaya using an
extractant. The extract is much stronger than the Papaya leaf tea and comes
either in the liquid form with the extractant or in a powdered form when the
extraction medium is removed. Papaya leaf is also a safe and efective aid to
help indigestion, skin disorders, bloating, menstrual cramps, intestinal cramps,
fungal infection, constipation, and infammation. Papaya leaf extract and tea
may be used topically on your skin. This amazing tropical plant is one of
Mother Natures best kept secrets!

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