Democracy, rights, development ... ever heard?

Panini Anand BBC correspondent, Gsia colony, from Robrtsganj

Settlements with a population of 400 people Gsia broom making, and his passing wage - are living Line's child is malnourished. Line in the body and blood deficiency is difficult since she could sit in front of us. Legs and difficulty with dry eyes opened mother - son's eyes, democracy has a different meaning appears. Robertsganj seat of the district line Sonbdra resident of the village's settlement Gsia. District headquarters in the village Mhazh located three kilometers space 18 children have died from hunger and weakness's. Three months ago, the survey found 43 children are malnourished. Wander around the corridors of power in Delhi while the democracy we see, is different from another picture of the world's largest democracy. This is the reality of democracy and the huge line. Millions of people are forced to live in this democracy. Alien monument Development and standards of public service to make memorial governments, large - are very foundation this country is seen entering the 18 children died of hunger memorial, Indian democracy was an ugly naked truth does unmasked. Names of children have died of A village woman, Fulmti explains, "We had one hunger program Allahabad. There was nothing to eat at home because the children had to go. Meanwhile, my girl gave birth to a child before they reach

our and child were dead. the girl not to eat anything due to lack of blood and had weakness. Allahabad members did not pay for the program. money and children too. " In this village in 2001 began a series of starvation deaths. When one - 18 children died one by the village people on the administration woke up that still did not get relief. Even today, 43 malnourished children, women lack of blood, drop to drink - to drop Trsata, without schools, health services and employment When the vote comes a The village development, democracy, civil rights have chance to vote for politicians been shocked to hear such words. Bhla Fuslakr take. Officials come after vote on Artists colony employment, facilities are seeking nothing but get the Problem is increased when shows then and that this not insult. Educated - educated an ordinary village, Gsia tribal village where they join people are only Fuslate. Give the national celebrations of the Karma Tribal Dance false assurances artist stays. Sukn Rajiv Gandhi and later with leaders lunch, have dinner, parts of the country, radio and television stations, theatrical performances on stage have given academies of the election I asked renowned Gajadhar Gsia What ..? Gajadhar Gsia says, "We understand from the election. People come to ask for votes. ... But the great leader to work without a hearing. We are artists, but the grain - the grain is obedient. Children were starving . िजएँगे how long we like. The Government does not understand what poverty is. what we eat, how to live. how to die. " The village's 65 houses Gajadhar distress is the truth of the story. With a population of 400 people in the village as broom, and his passing wage - are living. These tribals live in forests close to 11 years from now this place made my camp. They were reeling of hunger and poverty. Search for work and bread, they come here for health gain. But in return the situation, it is more painful. The option is snatched back into forests. There still continues to fight for the minimum level of facilities. Sukn four children. One child has died of hunger. He says, "when the vote comes a chance to vote for politicians take Bhla Fuslakr. Officials comes after vote on employment, facility, then ask not get anything except humiliation. Educated - educated people only Fuslate are. false warrant. " 'Work will be asked'

Many village remains on youth employment guarantee card until today they could not find work. Too many times to complain. District on the Upper Jiladikari (Adim) asked us to say they will not work, why did not work.

Only one in the name of public facilities in the village where no water hand pumps. The people of the village one Anganwadi center has made in collaboration with social service organizations. This program is going to anganwadi. School was not yet. From a social service organization has been able to build the village school but could not get the administration has yet started studying. Vote for the first time the village was asked how we Gsia Vijay Kumar will vote on the basis of trust. Who has to choose in this election. They fall in thinking. Says, "Now what to say ... No do not understand. Give the house, giving employment, it will be found on the Right." Vijay does not know that for this election to Delhi or Lucknow. What is the meaning of which party and who says, does. He just hope that any politician will take that also speaks. Vijay married the same month. Now she has settled on a new shade of democracy would not be on her village. Jhulsati household seems. Preparations for the election of district and top officials are involved. Is not ready to talk to us. Especially on this issue. Short story at election time Gsia locality is the story of a neighborhood is one hallmark of democracy. The story of the entire specimen container. The truth is waiting for democracy Gsia slum perhaps ...

There is not a government school in village