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Costly crimes

12.18.2009 haslett high school 5450 marsh road haslett mi 48840 volume 15 issue 4

by calla VAN ATTA

The bell rings and

the lunchroom
quickly fills with a
stampede of hungry
students, eager to
squeeze the most
time out of the 30-
minute period. In
the midst of the
routine commotion,
a student snatches
a candy bar from
the shelf and slips
it into a sweatshirt

see Stealing page 2

photo illustration by
andrew BEAUMAN

Powerade = $1.75 X 30 Stolen a day X 5 Days a week= -$262.50

2 December 18, 2009 news

Time for giving

by cassandra STASZUK “Some lady just today donated
$50 to me.“ For those who want
Trying to be a good person to try ringing a bell
Walking up to Wal-Mart, it
may be surprising to hear peo- can be time-consuming but or maybe belting out
ple singing Christmas songs the American Red Cross is some tunes for a good
since there aren’t many people working to ease that burden. cause, call the Salvation
who would choose to sing in According to www.redcross. Army at (517) 482-9715
front of a store in the freezing org, the organization sees less to volunteer.
snow. blood donations due to people
Salvation Army volunteer having a more hectic sched-
Michael Harris sings in front ule than normal during the Hills and hand out to the el-
of Wal-Mart to bring happi- holiday season. It has tried to derly people who live there.
ness to the customers and to make the blood-donating pro- She joined because she
encourage them to donate cess easier by allowing people likes helping people. It’s not
money. The money then goes to set up appointments on its that hard to volunteer with the
toward helping people who website. club either.
are struggling financially. “In just about an hour, you “A lot of events don’t last
Simply ringing the bell just can help make the difference that long and we only have
doesn’t do it for Harris and between life and death,” the one to two a month,” Sohn
many people enjoy his spirit. website said. said. “More people should
“It’s a good job, and it’s for a Some volunteers don’t have join because we’re asked to do
good cause,” Harris said. “I to look that far to give back. a lot so it would help to have
do it every holiday season.” Senior Sam Sohn came early more people helping.”
Although he’s seen a small to school one day to attend
decline in donations, Harris a Key Club meeting and has
since become a regular mem- Volunteer stands outside of store
still has seen many people ringing a bell for donations to the
contribute to the cause. ber. Sohn recently helped
Salvation Army
“Many people are still be- make Christmas cards with
ing generous,” Harris said. the club to send to Burcham photo by taylor PARKER

State budget crisis Stealing from page 1

threatens programs
by jenny LITTLE
This is just one of the methods students use
to steal from the cafeteria. Lunchroom employ-
“It’s not correct. Why would you steal from
your own school?” junior Jonathon Caddy
The recent state budget cuts are something fewer supplies can be bought. Without supplies ee Brigid Gentile said she finds empty french said.
that have both teachers and students worrying. there is no class and, ultimately, no job. fry containers left behind on the shelves after Some students have witnessed other students
These cuts could affect everything from busing Choir teacher Erich Wangeman worries students have emptied the containers onto snatching items while waiting in line. Senior
to the quality of classes in the Haslett school about the detrimental impact the downsizing their trays – two for the price of one. Students Kathryn Bristor saw a student attempting to
district. could have on the choir program. have also been caught eating or drinking items steal and told them to put the item back. She
In September, Michigan legislators projected “I’m more concerned about the effect the before they pay, which is considered stealing said students are stealing because they don’t
a $125 per student cut in state aid. The Haslett budget cuts will have on the students if they even if the student intends on paying. want to wait in line.
Board of Education took this news and devel- don’t have a quality music experience,” Wange- As for the amount of food stolen, students “They are too lazy to buy stuff,” Bristor
oped a plan to make $300,000 in budget cuts. man said. would be surprised to hear what the dollar said.
A month later, legislators moved to increase the To have a worthwhile experience, there amount adds up to. Recently some measures have been taken in
reduction to $165, a cut that was approved on needs to be funding for uniforms and transpor- “It’s more than what you think,” associate order to help put a stop to this growing prob-
Dec. 10. An additional proposed $127 cut is tation to festivals as well as money for buying principal Darin Ferguson said. lem. Signs have been placed on the drink cool-
expected to be avoided due to the state col- the music itself. Wangeman fears that if fund- In mid November, Gentile and the rest of the ers warning students about the consequences of
lecting more money in commercial taxes than ing is cut from choir, students will not have cafeteria staff took inventory of the candy and stealing. In addition, principals Bart Wegenke
expected. these essentials. drinks before both lunches, and again after and Ferguson have been patrolling the lunch
While there are currently no official cuts, Junior Lyndsay Manson is nervous about both lunches and found a huge discrepancy. lines more closely by standing near the drink
many teachers, especially those involved with choir’s future as well. “Almost $100 in one day....which is some- coolers and candy stands – the most frequently
the elective programs, are concerned for the “We talk about it pretty much every day in one’s wages, and that was really just candy and stolen items.
funding of their programs. Art teacher Nick choir,” Manson said. “Some people want to go drinks that we inventoried,” Gentile said. “We are more visible in there,” Ferguson
Stanko admits that both he and art teacher into music as their career and without choir... Many students don’t realize the seriousness said.
Rhonda Sherwin have been fortunate with nothing.” of the issue. Ferguson and Wegenke aren’t the only ones
their classes and hope to keep them growing. An increased enrollment of students in the “It seems like a little problem, but it’s not.... on the lookout for shoplifting; Gentile has al-
Expanding the programs and continuing to school district may help relieve the situation. it’s very much a trickle-down situation,” Gen- ready caught several students attempting to
buy supplies may be difficult with a potential “We had an additional forty-some students tile said. steal. One student attempted three times.
funding shortage. that helped balance out any deficit we might The stealing is beginning to affect school “The first time I catch them I usually just
“We will definitely make a case for what we have,” superintendent Michael Duda said. budgeting since cafeteria food is included in warn them, but the second time I am forced to
need,” Stanko said. The boosted population helps because the the budget, and profit from the food is partially get the administration involved,” Gentile said.
Sherwin added that in the 10 years she has district gets funding on a per-student basis. utilized for paying employees. Students who are caught will face an au-
been working at Haslett, the supply budget for However, Duda said that if the cuts pass, things The stealing also directly affects the students tomatic in-school suspension. If the problem
all teachers has already decreased by at least such as extracurriculars and busing could be who buy school lunches. persists, guilty students will be forced to reim-
$900. The art classes require a supply fee from affected. The cuts are ultimately decided by the “It affects all the student body because the burse the school.
the students so that items such as paints and board of education, but the board is open to prices go up,” Gentile said. “We don’t want to be militant and mean
clay can be purchased. input from staff and community. While some students choose to make bad about it, but something has to be done,” Gen-
“We haven’t raised the supply fee because we “There are all kinds of decisions that will decisions in the cafeteria, most agree that shop- tile said.
want to keep kids coming,” Sherwin said. need to be made by the community in terms of lifting from the lunchroom is wrong.
Sherwin is concerned that with less money, priorities,” Duda said.
3 December 18, 2009 opinion
From better to worse: Christmas changes
Christmas lists started in mid-October, the It was magical. Some of the best memories I’ve ever had as a The first Christmas after the divorce was spent “with Dad.”
tree went up early November and Christmas kid occurred at Christmas. I wish that every child in the world After opening presents with my mom, we traveled to my grand-
music played throughout the house a week could experience the happiness that Christmas gave my brother, ma’s house, alone, and opened presents there. It wasn’t nearly

before Thanksgiving. sister and me. the same without our mother there. Everyone was awkward
Christmas was our family’s But apparently all good things come around us, as if we were broken children. It was as if there was a
favorite holiday. Our lives were No present in the to an end. large elephant in the room the whole time. I hated it.
by ali FOOTE
changed during the time spent I was 16 years old when my parents No present in the world could ever replace the feeling that
preparing to celebrate. Every- world could ever divorced. It’s not one of those things Christmas gave me when I was younger. And it’s hard to grasp
thing we did was happier and replace the feeling that was a shock to all. Everyone saw it the fact that things will never be the same.
cheerier because the holidays brought so many coming. My siblings and I had been try- It sickens me when I hear people complain about how they
that Christmas

great things. ing to prepare for it for a long time. But hate Christmas. Take your Scrooge-like opinion elsewhere.
For every holiday, our family would gather gave me when I when it came, it still hit like a full-speed Christmas means something different to everyone, whether it
together at my grandma’s house where she’d was younger. semi-truck. is finally having a good meal, getting an extra holiday bonus in
cook an extravagant meal of homemade buttery Our last Christmas spent together your paycheck or being able to give presents to loved ones. It’s
mashed potatoes, savory honey-baked ham and was in Florida, where we visited Walt simply wrong to rant about it negatively. You don’t hate Christ-
endless desserts, every single time. There was no Disney World and had Christmas with mas. You hate what you have made of Christmas.
minimum for that woman. It was always the best my family in the South. It was the worst I feel selfish complaining about how my holidays have
it could ever be. Christmas of my life. My parents had trouble making the best changed from better to worse, when some kids have never had a
Christmas presents came in the dozens. We all got exactly for us when they couldn’t enjoy it for themselves. Not even a better holiday to reminisce about. I can only imagine struggling
what we wanted, and every time we would wonder how it was glorious trip to Florida could cover the fact that our family was through the holidays to a point where I wonder what the meal
possible. I still don’t know how my grandma found that pink deteriorating. Christmas as we knew it had ended. will be at the soup kitchen. Christmas isn’t what people give
and white dollhouse with a matching convertible for my Bar- I consider my siblings and myself lucky not only for the luxu- you. It’s what you make of what people give you.
bie dolls. Come hell or high water, my grandma would go to ries we have had over the years, but for the heads that were put Don’t complain about having to see your family over the holi-
the ends of the earth to get us everything we wanted on our on our shoulders. We are a smart bunch and have been through days. I would give anything to bring my family back together. So
Christmas lists. My parents would have to drive two cars to a lot. We can handle anything together. But what was hardest on please, don’t let me hear about your holiday complaints again.
my grandma’s house just so we could fit all the presents on the us these past few years was watching our family fall apart right I’m sure there’s someone in this world besides me who would be
way home. in front of our eyes and not being able to do anything about it. willing to hit you over the head with an oversized candy cane.

Charity: The true gift of Christmas that always gives back
When the first snow arrives and the tempera- ing others. We need to take the time to stop As cliché and cheesy as it may sound, charity
ture begins to drop, our minds shift from school editing our wish lists and go donate some of our is truly the gift that keeps on giving back. This
and sports to the holidays. The holidays are a time to a more charitable cause. winter break, make it your goal to make a differ-
truly special time when families come closer to- The act of charity doesn’t require a lot of ence in someone else’s life.
gether, gifts are distributed and an aura of hope money or even a lot of time. Sometimes it’s the photo illustration by
looms about the community. little things that make someone’s day, like shov- andrew BEAUMAN

But with the holiday festivities comes the inevi- eling an elderly neighbor’s
table stress. The stress of finding the perfect gift driveway or baking cookies
for that special someone. The horrors of holiday for someone who is going
shopping. And the endless hours of cooking and through a rough time.
cleaning in preparation for the imminent arrival Oftentimes, the needier
of relatives. people in our community are
During this hectic time, it is easy for us to lose overlooked. Spend an hour
sight of the true meaning of the holidays: helping or two and help out in a soup
others. kitchen. Or take time to clean
In December, we seem to get such a bad case out your closet and donate
of the “gimmes” and we get so caught up with unused clothing. Both actions
holiday stresses that we forget to focus on help- will make an impact.

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Bailey McMillan
4 December 18, 2009 opinion

Epic Fail

by elora UNDERHILL
photo illustration by
taylor PARKER
6 December 18, 2009 blue compass December 18, 2009 7
Hockey player with more A skateboarding disaster
than just a story to tell by meghan ANDERSON
A vivid, deep trench stretches from senior Bryan Rohroff’s
by lauren HOOPER
elbow to his shoulder, forever marking the most painful day of
his life. Holes line each side where countless stitches had laced
As the Eastside Stars high school hockey practice drags on, his arm. This pitted crevasse is a souvenir from a painful skate-
sophomore Jordan Scott races into the corner for the puck.He boarding accident and multiple surgeries attempting to fix it.
suddenly falls, slicing his knee on a fellow teammate’s skate. The Rohroff had been spending a typical afternoon skateboarding with
practice continues, but Scott doesn’t realize he’s been injured until a friend near his house in seventh grade. His friend approached
it’s over. him from behind and was about to give him a playful shove when
“It hurt, but I didn’t think it was that serious at first,” Scott said. suddenly the board tripped over a rock.
After practice, his teammates got a closer look at the damage. A Rohroff went flying. He landed sideways with his full body weight
thick gash spanning the width of his knee bled profusely. crushing his elbow. “It was a whole new level of pain,” Rohroff said.
“Most of them just said ‘That’s nasty, that’s not good,’” Scott His elbow shattered instantly. When he stood up, his forearm bent
said. the opposite way, the bone jutting out beneath the skin.
When Scott returned home, he showed the injury to his parents. “It didn’t break the skin. But, if bent more (the bone) would
“They weren’t all that concerned,” Scott said. “My dad simply have come out,” Rohroff said. Initially, his friends thought he was
Heart defect leaves more said, ‘Yeah that’ll probably need a stitch or two.’ He wasn’t terribly
concerned. It was my mother who was more worried.”
just joking around, or trying to make them feel guilty.
“They laughed at first,” Rohroff said. “Then I got up and they
than just a scar Fourteen stitches later and a gaping wound sealed, Scott returns
to hockey after few weeks. He continues to practice with his team,
realized the extent of it and they were shocked.”
The pain was excruciating as Rohroff clutched his dangling
playing the sport that first got him in the predicament. arm and quickly hurried home. “I held it in until I was in the
by liz BAKER But not long after his return, the newly closed hole tears again. door,” Rohroff said. “Then I cried like a baby.”
The tip of a long, white scar pokes out from underneath sopho- After Scott allows it to heal once more, he heads back to the rink. After the pain sent him into shock, he was rushed to the ER.
more Laura Bone’s t-shirt. The scar begins at the top of her To him, hockey is worth the risk of injury. “The 20-minute ride to Sparrow Hospital seemed like forever,”
chest and continues all the way down to her stomach. Two other “It hasn’t really affected what I do now,” Scott said. “I keep Rohroff said. “It felt like I had no elbow. There was a constant,
scars, one on her shoulder and one on her stomach, accompany playing exactly the way I used to.” strong, sharp, shooting pain. Anything that would even slightly
the long gash. The scars have been part of Bone’s body since she Now the cut has become a regular scar, a permanent reminder move my arm would kill.” Because of the overwhelming pain, it
was six months old. that often attracts attention from his peers. took him over 30 minutes to move from his car to the ER wheel-
“I had a heart defect when I was born,” Bone said. “I only “Friends ask a lot of questions and think it’s kinda gross,” Scott chair.
had one big circle, instead of four chambers in my heart.” said. He had a total of two surgeries, the first taking place that day.
A normal heart has four chambers that circulate blood. Bone did While Scott doesn’t want people to feel sorry for him, he is willing Both operations left him with two plates and 11 screws in his arm.
One of the plates and four of the screws remain in his arm today.
Every scar has a story, not have a wall to separate the different chambers. to satisfy their curiosity.
The large scar down her chest is the result of a surgery she had “I don’t like sympathy, but people asking questions doesn’t make Rohroff spent three days in the hospital, three months in physical
to undergo to fix her heart when she was just a baby. me mad,” Scott said. therapy and six months in a sling. Hovever, none of these com-

and for these students, “I have a pacemaker now, to keep my heart beating,” Bone
pared to the initial pain. “The worst part of it was the pain from
the actual break,” Rohroff said.
While the pain from the incident has since faded away, the ef-
their scars tell stories
The scars on her shoulder and stomach are a result of the
pacemaker. A pacemaker is a small device placed in the chest to External scar is a reminder Sophomore Jordan
fects of permanent damage still linger today.
help control abnormal heart rhythms. Bone is required to have “When the seasons or weather change, I can feel it in my el-
for life-long disease Scott displays the bow,” Rohroff said. “And it doesn’t feel good. It’s a sharp, shoot-
of pain, weakness
surgery every three to four years to replace the pacemaker, along
Football scrimmage with annual check-ups.
Bone doesn’t feel self-conscious about the scar because she has by gabe NESTER
scar on his knee.
photo by taylor PARKER
ing pain.”
His right arm will also never fully extend again– it simply locks about

gets ugly and unforgettable lived with it her whole life. She doesn’t mind answering questions
about it either and is even willing to joke about it.
The one-inch horizontal scar on the left side of her chest doesn’t
exactly speak for itself. The various guesses, ranging from a burn
halfway down. Because of this, his arms reach to different lengths.
Despite these new restrictions, Rohroff loves his scar’s uniqueness.
“I tell funny stories like, ‘Oh I got stabbed’ when people ask me to a hickey, make senior Meagan Lesperance laugh. But “It’s really big and you don’t see many scars like it,” Rohroff said.
by chris LOUNSBERY
memories. about it,” Bone said. Lesperance hasn’t always been light-hearted about her scar. Her
feelings have changed greatly since she had the life-changing
The unusual scar often attracts attention from other people.
The responses often range from admiration to disgust.
The practice jerseys for the freshman football team
had not been delivered yet, so the team just decided surgery in September 2007.
“I started crying because the tape over the incision looked higher
Painful surgery makes for “Ridiculous, amazing, cool, gross – I get a lot of mixed reac-
tions to my scar,” Rohroff said. “I love telling people wild sto-
to play shirts against skins. Ryan Christman was a
part of the skins team, playing tight end. Simple slip leads to and more visible then they told me it would be,” Lesperance said.
The external scar isn’t the only thing reminding Lesperance of
a permanent memory ries about how I got the scar – like being attacked by a shark.”
Rohroff also hinted at liking the attention and reaction from girls.
As practice went on Chrisman’s vision of the field Although his gaping scar may make some cringe, he would not
began to deteriorate. Coach Rob Porritt threw a pass, unforgotten memory the surgery. She now has an interal port IV that lies in a vein above
her heart. The other end of the hollow tube connects with the by ali FOOTE trade it for the world.
he led Christman a little too far. Christman never disc-shaped port, which sits under the incision. After six PICC IV It’s the first week of school and due to the warmer weather, ju- “I love it,” Rohroff said. “I would never want to get rid of it.”
notcied the orange fence that was directly in front of by nick WAKULSKY lines, inwcreasing risk for vein clots in her arm halted this frequent nior Quinn Wilson chose to wear burgundy sweater, gladiator
him, until he looked down at the last second and slid Many people have a scar somewhere on their body. Accompa- procedure. In Lesperance’s case, the next step was to get a circular shoes with funky earrings and shiny necklaces. All paired with
to get underneath the fence. Christman didn’t com- nying each mark is a story behind the incident. For some, it was port IV to receive medication. khaki shorts. She ignores the glances and obvious stares because
pletly clear the bottom of the fence and it cut across a terrible traumatic event, such as a car accident or major injury. “A port can last from six to 10 years,” Lesperance said. the deep scars that lie on her right thigh are nothing but a memory
his left pectorial about three inches. For others, it was a simple childhood mishap, which is exactly how Without these ports, Lesperance would not be able to get the to her at this point.
“I never really noticed it until Coach (Porritt) said senior Blake Damerow got his scar. numerous IV medications she needs to treat her disease. “I used to be really self-conscious about them because they’re
Damerow has a scar on his forehead, right between his eye- “I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when I was five and a half, such large scars and people would stare at them all the time,” Wil-
somthing to me about it, then I figured I should go
brows. It is not very big or very noticeable to most people. The which is later than normal,” Lesperance said. son said. “Now I wear what I want and don’t try to hide them.”
and get it checked out,” Christman said. Christman’s This condition causes sticky mucus to cover the inside walls
mother was worried sick about this incident because scar looks like a little slash mark scratched permanently into his Wilson was born with her right leg shorter than her left by one
skin, but doesn’t seem to bother Damerow very much. of her lungs which makes it hard to breathe and also affects her and a half inches. For the first few years of her life, doctors as-
of the amount of blood. “She was reallly scared for digestive system.
“I don’t mind it because I think it makes me look tough,” Dam- sumed that the leg would eventually grow on its own. However,
me because it bled for like three hours,” Christman erow said. “I go to the hospital for at least two to three weeks twice a year when Wilson reached the seventh grade, her right leg remained
said. When he was four years old, he slipped as he was getting out of for treatments,” Lesperance said. Although useful for its longevity, shorter than her left. Doctors established that surgery was required
the shower and hit his head on the toilet. Damerow remembers that Lesperance has to get the port flushed with solution once a month to lengthen her leg.
it hurt a lot at the time. to keep it clean. “The doctor said it would be the worst pain I would ever experi-
“I remember getting right up to get a good look at it in the mir- Immediately after the surgery, Lesperance was angry and scared ence in my life,” Wilson said. “And it was.”
ror,” Damerow said. of what people would think. But she has since learned to ignore the The surgery required the doctors to go in and physically saw
His parents took him straight to the doctor, but he did not need remarks. Wilson’s bone in half and place pins that were screwed in daily in
stitches and was simply patched up. “When people make ignorant comments to me about my scar, order to lengthen her leg.
The story behind how Damerow acquired his scar isn’t serious, now I just blow it off and laugh,” Lesperance said. “It makes me nauseous just thinking about it,” Wilson said. Junior Quinn Wilson’s
but it certainly left him with a lasting impression that is more than The story behind her scar may be a mystery to the casual After 11 months recovery with a required brace for walking, the surgery left many
Junior Ryan Chris- observer, but for Lesperance, it is both a permanent part of her
man shows off his scar just a scar on his face. surgery left Wilson with even legs and a permanent scar. permanent scars on her
proudly. “I’m more careful now when I come out of the shower,” Dam- body and a defining aspect of her life. legs. She no longer lets
erow said. “I wasn’t OK with it at first, but now I feel like it makes me who them bother her.
photo by taylor PARKER I am,” Lesperance said. photo by taylor PARKER
8 December 18, 2009 photo story

days until
days until
kwanza Below: Freshman Macrae Ashwood hangs the ornaments on his
brightly lit Christmas tree.

christmas Below: Seniors Kelly Schaibly and

Kelly Hoinski get together to make
Christmas cookies at seniors Shelby and
Torey Deimling’s house. Below right: To stay
warm during the season, senior Karah Ley sips on a Double
Teddy Bear from Biggby’s.

The Verizon
Wireless Droid

most wanted g
Victoria’s Secret
clothes $25-$69.50

Apple iPod
Flip Video
Touch 8GB
$199.99 Customize your own
Nike Shox at

Call of Duty: Modern

Warfare 2 $59.99 Sony PlayStation 3 $299.99

Canon Powershot Various Twilight

12.1 $199.99 gear at Hot Topic
Nintendo Wii

photo story by TAYLOR PARKER

9 December 18, 2009 feature

photo and photo
illustration by
andrew BEAUMAN
by kerry MORRIS

The boys locker room is beginning but people over-

filled with the junior var- do it too much now,” Hirn
sity football team, all get- said.
ting ready for a brutal day Along with this new frus-
of practice. The rustling of tration-inducing expres-
pads and the clicking of sion, English teacher Steph-
cleats is interrupted by the anie Livingston pointed out
low murmurs of two sopho- other terms students use
more boys in an argument. that she cannot stand. Liv-
Teammates Johnny ingston particularly hates
LaRosa and Matt Lammers when students use the term
get in a playful yet semi-se- “LOL” in an actual sen-
rious word fight. tence.
“You’re so stupid,” LaRo- “Actually laugh out loud
sa said. like a human,” Livingston
Lammers looked at him said.
and yelled out, “Care!” However, Livingston has
LaRosa rolled his eyes picked up on past popular
and, in annoyance to the words and has found her-
overused word, mocked self using phrases such as
back, “Chair!” “rattle” and “jacked up.”
And so began the uproar “I’ve used ‘rattle’ to a
of the word ‘chair’ in the student before,” Livingston
sophomore grade. said. “It makes sense.”
“I hate that (word), it’s As shown by students
so dumb,” junior Anthony like LaRosa and Lammers,
Parker said about the new teenagers seem to have an
addition, chair. “What’s ever-expanding vocabu-
the point?” lary. Each year brings a dif-
Starting with the seniors ferent generation and op-
of 2009, the phrase start- portunities for new words
ed as, ‘I care.’ After they and phrases to arise.
graduated, the current se-
niors revised it into “care,”
and later, the sophomores
changed it to “chair.”
Senior Kelsey Hirn hates
it when people use “care”
as well as “legit,” a word
that made its teenage jar-
gon debut this summer.
“I used them in the
10 December 18, 2009 feature

January 20th

January 15th February 18th
Flight 1549 safely President Barack Obama Photos of Michael
by kat SMITH crashes in the is inaugurated into Phelps smoking mari-
Hudson River. presidential office. juana surface.

April 6th
Michigan State
vs. North Carolina
men’s basketball
game. MSU loses.
My Worst Gift Ever
sity basketball
beats DeWitt.
11th Haslett

boys var-

“I got a can of spinach

it’s my last year is pretty
school this year knowing
“Waking up every day for
“[I got] a pin case for

-Meagan Lesperance, senior

from my grandma. I and shelby WOOD collecting pins and I
was six [years old] and I don’t collect pins so it
Tiger Woods’ infi-
November 27th

delity is brought

asked her for Star Wars was random to me. It

Legos and all I got from “A beef jerky was from my grandpar-
her was spinach, which I maker from my ents.”
to light.

think is still in my pan- brother Max.” -Alex DeRose, junior

try.” -Joshua Regan,
-Neil Beukema, senior junior “Rollerblades,
November 7th
U.S. unemploy-
ment rate hits

the highest in

because I

killing 228 people.

the Atlantic Ocean begins!
447 crashes into
Air France flight
June 1st
10.2 percent,

never learned
26 years.

to skate. I
believe they
were from my
Shooting at Fort

Hood. 12 killed,
November 5th

31 wounded.

-Joe Smith,

Summer vacation
June 5th

“The worst gift I ever got “[I got] a magnet of my

was a gift card. What made name from my great
State Univer-
October 3rd

University of

it so bad was when I went

sity football
team beats

aunt that was spelled


to use it, I found out it ex-

global pandemic. Fawcett’s

labeled as a
Swine flu (H1N1) Michael Jack- and the Half-
June 11th
pired three months before. -Kelly Brown, junior
It was from my old neigh-
bors. I never told them.”
myself which is nice. Also, I went to runaway child is
found hiding at
Hot air balloon
“My brother and sister both moving October 15th

-Lauren Ezzo, senior “I got a Barbie doll

like three years ago.


son and Farrah Blood Prince

June 25th
“A book about organic It was from my par-
food from my grandma. I ents. They always
think I was 14 and it was joke around about
what they’re getting
nationals for gymnastics in June.”
out of our house. Now I have it to

because we usually eat

healthy so she wanted me me so they finally
went to Toys R Us
comes to

Harry Potter
July 15th
to like organic food. I lost
it in about an hour.” and got a Barbie
-Katie Harris, freshman

-Anthony Hodge, senior doll (without Ken). I

threw it away.”
-Zach Bepler, soph-
was a nice surprise.”
scholarships I wanted so it
of a practice for other
expect to win, it was more
People scholarship. I didn’t
nation for the People to
“Getting second in the

-Dave Sheets, junior

photo and photo illustration by andrew BEAUMAN

Nobel Peace Prize. Video Music Awards. May 15th.

Obama wins the death. with Taylor Swift over year begins. announcing their reunion tour
President Barack Patrick Swayze’s Kanye West’s fallout 2009-2010 Haslett school Blink-182 plays in Detroit after
October 9th September 14th September 13th September 8th August 22nd
11 December 18, 2009 sports
Club volleyball: making it happen

by shane HESTON team because I’m good at vol- “I wanted to make this club
Senior Robby Williamson leyball,” Stockwell said. because of all the interest in
never really played volley- The club will likely be di- my class.”
ball until his sophomore year vided into two teams. Stock- Terres has had success in We have
when he didn’t have a fifth well said at least one of the the past. A couple years ago, some good
hour class and vice principal teams will be very successful. she led her volleyball squad
Darin Ferguson put him in “The A team will be solid. to second place in a Michigan people, but
volleyball class. After playing But the B team, not so much,” tournament. if we play as
that year, Williamson fell in Stockwell said. “We won a quite large tro-
love with the game. Stockwell’s intense game phy,” Terres said. “We still a team, we
“I joined the volleyball club play has him excited for the should be

have this trophy to this day.”
because I have enjoyed vol- games and the tournaments. Two years ago, Terres tried
leyball since the tenth grade,” “I am very excited and hap- to set up a team but was un- good.”
said Williamson. “We have py...for the tournaments,” successful. “I sent emails to
some good people, but if we Stockwell said. schools in the area and they –Robby Williamson,
play as a team, we should be Gym teacher Patricia Terres never got back to me on it,” senior
good.” is the creator of the club. She Terres said.
Many factors could prevent set up a volleyball meeting in Terres has an ideal plan for
the club from forming but one early December to determine the volleyball club, but has a
concern dominates the rest. how many kids were interest- back-up in the event that the
“There could only be one ed. 23 boys showed interest in first one doesn’t pan out. Junior Tim Stockwell goes
problem,” Williamson said. joining. “Plan A is finding people up for a spike during fourth
“There might not be enough Terres will be holding an- who would want to play in the hour volleyball class.
opponents for us to play.” other meeting on Jan. 6 for tournaments. Then finding the
Another player interested in any newcomers. opponents to play against,”
joining the club is junior Tim “As of right now, we’re in Terres said. “If that doesn’t
Stockwell. the baby steps of making this work, we go to plan B, which
“I want to be part of this actually happen,” Terres said. is just intramurals.” photo by taylor PARKER

How the Lions can be a winning team

As time wound down for the Detroit Lions dur- 12 of those picks were picked on the offensive side of the football. nessee Titans, has helped Detroit get their first win in 21 months.
ing the Pittsburgh Steelers game, it looked as if Detroit As you can see, the results have proven to be awful. Schwartz is a hard-nosed coach who expects nothing more than 100
would score and possibly tie the game with a two-point After the draft woes for Detroit, another problem is its unwill- percent effort on the field. But it finally seems Detroit has shown
conversion. There’s 1:54 left on the clock and Detroit ingness to spend money in free agency-where hundreds of players some progression with the players and their coaches.
is on the Pittsburgh 21-yard line. In 31 seconds, Detroit are free to sign with the team of their choice-to improve their team. If the Lions want to get better, when the draft comes around in
is sacked three times and loses 24 yards and ends up Look at the team’s history from year to year and you’ll see the April of 2010, they must go one of two ways: either establish a pres-
losing the game. big names they bypassed. In 2006, the Lions didn’t make an effort ence on the offensive line or defensive line. Detroit will likely end
This is a normal situation for Lions football and to sign quarterback Drew Brees. During the 2007 season, Detroit up getting a top five draft pick and this is the year of top-notch de-
fans are sick and tired of watching this kind of game didn’t make offers to linebackers Adalius Thomas, London Fletcher fensive linemen. Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska
by jerry play every year. I know I’m sick of watching them. and Joey Porter and cornerback Nate Clements. In 2008, The Lions has been considered the best player in college football this season
EASTWOOD Every Sunday I turn on the TV and watch. Usually, didn’t attempt to go for offensive guard Alan Faneca, cornerback and has been a dominant force. Also, in this year’s draft is Oklaho-
they start off strong, having a touchdown or field goal in their first Asante Samuel or running back Michael Turner. During this off- ma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and the pass rushing defensive
possession. And then things fall apart. season, after the Lions finished last in total defense for the second end Derrick Morgan out of Georgia Tech. The other way Detroit
The sad thing is this hasn’t gone on for one or two years. This straight year, Detroit didn’t make it a priority to go after defensive can go is by establishing a more effective offensive line. Now, they
has gone on for almost eight years, nearly half my life. Since 2001, tackle Albert Haynesworth, linebackers Bart Scott and Michael Bol- drafted right tackle Gosder Cherilus two seasons ago and that is
the Lions are a league worst 33-108. This has led to Detroit having ey and safety Jim Leonhard. The Lions’ lack of motivation to spend a start. But they need to add more to the line. The best offensive
10 or more losses in seven of the past eight years and finishing last in money has caused a major setback in Detroit. lineman in this year’s class is senior left tackle Russell Okung out of
the NFC North for five of the past eight years, soon to be six of nine. If you watch the Lions play this season, you will see signs of Oklahoma State, who is the best pass blocker in the draft, a position
But as big as these problems are, the main reason for their progress. Detroit has got a good young core on both sides of the the Lions desperately need to fill. Other key linemen include Trent
failure is on the front office for not drafting the franchise changing ball. Rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford has shown the NFL arm Williams out of Oklahoma and Anthony Davis out of Rutgers.
player and not spending any money to improve the team. scouts loved when he was at the NFL combine but must improve So, my fellow Lion fans, I think there is hope. In four or five
The first problem is with the draft. In the NFL, it is critical to his accuracy. Stafford has missed open receivers down the field on a years we could be a team to reckon with. I’m not saying that they
build your team through the draft. Look at the best teams in the constant basis and has already thrown 20 interceptions in 10 career will be a Super Bowl caliber team, but they’ll be a team you can
league (Colts, Saints and Vikings) and you’ll notice most of the starts. Along with Stafford, the offense is led by running back Kevin watch and enjoy. The Lions have young players who will be domi-
players on their team are players the team drafted. From 2002 to Smith and wide receiver Calvin Johnson. On the defensive side, nant in years to come and a hard-nosed coach who will take no
2006, the Lions have drafted 39 players. Of those 39, only two play- rookie safety Louis Delmas is second in tackles for the team and excuses for losing. We’re all tired of losing and the losing may
ers remain on the roster. During that period, the Lions had five first veteran linebacker Larry Foote taken on the leadership role and has continue for another year or so. But if the Lions want to spend the
round picks and Sims is the only one that remains from that time. helped develop rookie linebacker DeAndre Levy, who is third on money, go for an offensive or defensive lineman in this draft and
Also, Detroit hasn’t realized that offense isn’t the way to win cham- the team with tackles. Along with the players, the Lions hired Jim bring in another leader for the defensive side of the football, you
pionships. Since 1999, Detroit has had 14 first round draft picks and Schwartz. Schwartz, the former defensive coordinator for the Ten- will see much improvement in Detroit’s gameplay.

Gymnastics Wrestling

Boys Basketball “We should be really good; we “[Our season] will be decent,
“Got a lot of talent. A lot back want to go to states and win.” once we get our starters
in the conference. Lots of good back. But our practices and
competition in the area.” - Taylor Mitchell, senior determination are good.” Hockey
Girls Basketball Boys Swimming
“[The season] is going great. We “It’s nice to have a full team
“Should come out as league
- David Kaye, senior - Brian Norris, senior again, now we just have to start
are improving every game and champs. Dual Meet-wise we
we are going up.” working better together.”
should be undefeated.”

- Jessica Tyrer, sophomore - Josh Headley, senior

- Peter Sherman, junior
12 December 18, 2009 back of the boat

yrotS yrevE ot sediS Sides to Every Story

by casey VANDENBERG by kerry MORRIS

What do you love so much about “Twilight?” Why do you love Call of Duty so much?
“The story in general and the characters. I wish I knew all of “I don’t love it, but I do like it a lot because it’s so realistic.”
Has it ever affected your social life?
How has your obsession “I don’t think so, because I don’t
affected your social life? play it on the weekends and
“Everyone thinks I’m a there isn’t really anything
freak, and everything I to do with my friends
talk about has to do with or anything when I get
Twilight or New Moon.” home from school and
Did you see New Moon
the night it came out? Did you skip school to
What time did you get play it the first day it
there? came out?
“We got there at 6. We “No, my mom
were close to being the wouldn’t let me miss
first ones there.” school even if I was
on my death bed. So
Did you dress if I even tried to
up? miss it for a video
“We wore New game, then she
Moon shirts. We were go- would kill me.”
ing to wear caps on our
teeth, but we couldn’t How much time do
find them.” you spend on it?
“It’s different each
How many times have day but I would say a
you seen the movies pretty good amount
and read the books? just because there’s
“I would say Twilight, I’ve seen over 20 nothing to do when I get
times for sure, and I’ve seen New Moon home.”
twice. I’ve read all of the books once,
and I’m reading Eclipse again right Did you wait in line for it?
now.” “Yeah, I went to the mall at midnight
and met up with a few other people and
Are you Team Jacob or Ed- the wait was only like a half hour.”
“I tell everybody I’m Team What’s your favorite one?
EdCob.” “The newest one for sure, be-
Samantha Solomon, senior photos by taylor PARKER Matt Brook, junior
cause it’s the best.”
photo illustration by andrew BEAUMAN

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