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DANSHEN PLUS CAPSULE - Its Effects on Other Discomforts

Here, the effects of Danshen Plus Capsules on other forms of discomforts are discussed.

1. Danshen Plus Capsule Can Affect Diseases in Other Systems

Danshen Plus Capsule is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that affects many systems in various ways. The research
done on Danshen Plus Capsule has been indepth and varied. Although the mechanism is not completely defined, the
application proves that Danshen Plus Capsule can be used on many diseases besides coronary heart disease, such as:
hyperlipemia, myocarditis, cerebral vascular diseases and sequelas, pulmonary heart disease, nephrotic syndrome,
hepatic cirrhosis, diabetes, and cervical spondylopathy, etc. Danshen Plus Capsule protects the circulatory system and
cleans blood, as such it can affect the abovementioned diseases since they are caused by abnormal circulatory system.

2. Patients with Glaucoma and Angina Pectoris can Take Danshen Plus Capsule as Well

In theory, Danshen Plus Capsule can be taken by patients with glaucoma and angina pectoris, and there is not side

3. Danshen Plus Capsule Can Clear Senile Plaque

Senile plaque is a kind of pigment deposit in the skin. It is caused by slow blood circulation and endocrine change.
Danshen Plus Capsule can regress the senile plaque by improving the blood circulation.

4. Effect of Danshen Plus Capsule on the Aged

The aged can easily develop arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and cerebral ischemia. Circulatory system
diseases are the most general cause of death and disability, so it is very important for society to pay more attention to
them. It is vital to prevent, treat and heal angiocardiopathy. In fact, the major reason for angiocardiopathy is hypertension
and atheroclerosis. Many researches proved that Danshen Plus Capsule can be used to prevent and treat
atherosclerosis, so it is suggested that the aged to take Danshen Plus Capsule for long term health. It will be helpful to
improve the quality of life.

It is also proven that anti-oxidation is helpful in the fight against senium, so Danshen Plus Capsule will be as effective
against it. Danshen Plus Capsule can also decrease lipids and cholesterol levels in the blood, clear atherosclerotic
plaque and prevent platelet aggregation. These all can reduce the sudden death rate in coronary heart disease patients
and improve their quality of life.

Danshen Plus Capsule is good for microcirculation and blood viscosity, naturally it will improve heart, brain as well as
limb circulations. This is also the reason why it can help with cold limbs of the older generation.

5. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Cervical Spondylopathy

Danshen Plus Capsule can help stimulate circulation by removing stasis, as such it can treat spondylopathy too. It is not
strange that the same product can treat different diseases, as this is the special attribute and benefit of traditional
Chinese medicine.

6. Danshen Plus Capsule can Assist Treatment of Primary Nephritic Syndrome

Danshen Plus Capsule can be used to decrease cholesterol and triglyceride level in the blood, and thus prevents
thrombus from forming, clears oxygen free radicals, improves kidney function and prevents blood clot forming in renal

Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Other Discomforts

7. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is caused by pathologic change of capillary vessels and abnormal blood rheology of diabetic
patients. Danshen Plus Capsule can improve blood rheology, inhibit platelet aggregation, block calcium ion, reduce
triglyceride and cholesterol, and protect endothelial cells of blood vessels. This being the case, Danshen Plus Capsule
can be used to help treatment of diabetic disorder or microcirculation.

8. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic Nephropathy (DN) is a common diabetic complication of the capillary blood vessels. Presently, the pathological Powered by Joomla! Generated: 18 December, 2009, 14:45

mechanism is still unknown, and no effective treatment found. 60% of diabetic patients have DN within 10 years and 80%
in 15 years. DN has even been discovered in 20% of patients of type II diabetes and 40%-50% of patients of type I
diabetes. It has been demonstrated that Danshen Plus Capsule has a significant effect on DN, as it can delay the
occurrence of proteinuria. The mechanism may be related to anti-oxidation as well as improvement of blood rheology.

9. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Type II Diabetic High Blood Lipid Level

It has been proven by many research of the successful treatment of high blood lipid by Danshen Plus Capsule. It has
shown that it is an important remedy for coronary heart disease with high blood lipid. For type II diabetes with high blood
lipid, Danshen Plus Capsule offers more benefits, as the reason for this type of diabetes is mainly the damage in the
blood vessel. Danshen Plus Capsule can protect vessel endothelium, thus it can decrease blood cholesterol and low-
density lipoprotein.

10. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Myocarditis and its Sequela

Danshen Plus Capsule can protect myocardium, improve blood viscosity, improve microcirculation, clear free radicals,
and improve blood circulation in the heart. Myocarditis sequela is mainly poor heart function, enlarged heart, and
abnormal ECG with abnormal hearth rhythm. Danshen Plus Capsule can help other drugs treat the sequela.

11. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Acute Stage of Pulmonary Heart Disease

Abnormal blood rheology plays a key role in the acute stage of pulmonary heart disease. The increase of red blood cells
and blood viscosity lead to blood stasis in pulmonary microcirculation. Danshen Plus Capsule can distend blood vessels,
improve microcirculation, increase the tolerance to oxygen deficit, and it has anti-inflammation capability. This means
Danshen Plus Capsule can be used in the acute stage of pulmonary heart disease to assist the treatment with other

12. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Ischemic Vertigo

Danshen Plus Capsule can improve microcirculation by regulating the contraction function of blood vessels. It also has
the capability to dissolve blood clots and increase blood flow to the heart and brain. As such, Danshen Plus Capsule can
effectively treat ischemic vertigo. In recent years, the cause of ischemic vertigo has been accepted to be tiny blood clots
in the brain. The symptom is short dizziness which generally lasts for several seconds or minutes and no more than 24
hours. Most researchers think it is a signal for stroke, and can develop into stroke in 1-3 years. This means it is very
important to treat ischemic vertigo well, in order to prevent stroke from occurring. Danshen Plus Capsule can inhibit
platelet aggregation, improve blood viscosity and microcirculation, so it is helpful against ischemic vertigo.

13. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Stroke

Brain infarction is commonly known as 'brain stroke'. It involves the formation of blood clot and embolism. Incidence of
brain stroke has increased in recent years. It also occurs more and more frequently in the young. Some patients are as
young as 27 years old. However, most patients are middle age and old (more than 45 years of age). The general
pathological change is that blood clots are formed in the blood vessels (based on atherosclerosis). Blood clots block
blood flow which results in brain ischemia, oxygen deficit and necrosis, with symptoms such as paralysis, incapability of
speaking, numbness on one side of the body, walking unstably, inability to control defecation and urination, even mental
disorder and loss of cognitive ability. In some cases, acute brain stroke may cause death. Prevention and medical
treatment during the early stages can dissolve the blood clots and smoothen the flow again. 70% to 80% of patients can
totally recover without any following lesion or affection.

Danshen Plus Capsule has the ability to improve blood circulation by removing stasis. Clinical application shows that
treatment with Danshen Plus, along with some assistant treatment such as dehydrate, antibiotics, electrolyte balancer,
acupunture and massage, has an excellent effect on patients with brain stroke. The effective rate is 96.08%. More
importantly, there is no obvious side effect.

14. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Cirrhosis of Liver

Cirrhosis of liver refers to a general fibrosis in the liver. Here, the most important thing is to control the course of fibrosis.
Danshen Plus Capsule can inhibit fibrosis, hence the reason it is widely used to treat cirrhosis of the liver. This means for
patients with cirrhosis of the liver, Danshen Plus Capsule can effectively be used together with other drugs. As such, it
should be the first choice for patients with both coronary heart disease and cirrhosis of the liver.

15. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Myocarditis

Danshen Plus Capsule can protect myocardium, distend blood vessels, improve blood circulation, and improve ECG. Powered by Joomla! Generated: 18 December, 2009, 14:45

16. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Hyperosteogeny

Hyperosteogeny is caused by over profileration of bone substance in some damaged area / location. The bone
substance profileration is due to platelet aggregation and bone cell proliferation. Danshen Plus Capsule can effectively
improve blood circulation and inhibit platelet aggregation, and thus it can assist bones to shape themselves and avoid
over proliferation.

17. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Chronic Gastritis

The principle behind improvement of blood circulation should always be followed with a treatment of chronic gastritis. A
major function of Danshen Plus Capsule is to improve blood circulation, as such it can assist the treatment of chronic

18. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Diabetes

Danshen Plus Capsule can assist other drugs to reduce blood sugar and improve the general condition of patients. It
improves microcirculation, blood rheology, reduces blood lipid level, and prevent diabetic complications.

19. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Acute Stage of Pulmonary Heart Disease

Danshen Plus Capsule can improve the condition of pulmonary heart disease. Danshen Plus Capsule is presently being
used to assist other drugs to treat pulmonary heart disease. This is because of its ability to improve blood rheology,
reduce blood viscosity and blood lipid level, and distend blood vessels.

20. Effects of Danshen Plus Capsule on Senility

Biological research shows that free radicals and oxidases induced by free radicals are the major factors contributing to
senility. Danshen Plus Capsule can eliminate free radicals, as such it functions as an anti-senility medicine. Powered by Joomla! Generated: 18 December, 2009, 14:45