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Company Backgrounder

Sciyo Overview

Sciyo is a fast-growing open access publisher covering the fields of Science and Technology. It is home to quality
academic literature, ranging form peer reviewed books and journals to online videos, as well as online community
of scientists from around the world.

It was founded in Vienna in 2004 under the name In-Tech with a mission to make scientific research outputs freely
available to the world. The company operates under the name Sciyo since November 2009.

As one of the first open access publishers, Sciyo was and remains one of the leaders of the open access movement,
bringing best quality academic work to wide and diverse audiences around the globe. It also offers a home to the
scientific community where researchers can connect and share ideas and insights within a collaborative space.

Sciyo’s vision of the future is a vision of the world of free knowledge available to everyone and to that end we are
driving the transformation of today’s science communication.

Sciyo Milestones

• 2004 Sciyo was founded in Vienna, Austria under the name In-Tech

• 2008 The company moves headquarters to Rijeka, Croatia

• 2009 In-Tech changes its name to Sciyo and launches a new web platform and online community
Sciyo Publications

All Sciyo publications are available online under the open access label and Creative Commons Attribution License,
enabling free access to all interested readers, anytime, anywhere. There are absolutely no restrictions, which means
all content can be read, downloaded, printed, copied, shared and linked to, under the condition of proper attribution
of source and authorship.

Sciyo business model is based on the belief that knowledge is a public good. As such, it belongs to the world and
should be freely available to all humankind. To enable unrestricted access to research outputs, publishing costs are
covered through publication fees, in most cases paid by the researcher’s funder or institution.

Sciyo makes quality, peer reviewed literature accessible to scientists across the developing world, tearing down the
walls standing in the way of scientific progress. Such approach facilitates scientific breakthroughs and minimizes
the chances of important ideas and discoveries going unnoticed by the scientific community. The end result is
maximum benefit for the scientific community and the society at large.

Sciyo’s publications are designed to improve scientific communication by accelerating the publishing process,
making it more open and interactive and giving published research highest possible visibility

Sciyo’s Unique Open Access Model

Sciyo is proud to be the first open access academic publisher paying royalties to the publishing authors based on
the number of downloads of their work.

For every 10 downloads, 0.2 euro is accredited to authors account. Royalties over 100 euro are accredited directly
to author’s account on an annual basis whereas smaller ones are deducted head on from the next publishing fee in
case the author decides to publish with Sciyo again.

This is the first model of academic publishing to acknowledge high quality academic work. At Sciyo, we recognize
the value our authors bring to the table. At the same time, we feel that our primary responsibility is to ensure the
stability of our publications. With that in mind, we intend to test and adjust our business model so that it gives most
value to our authors while warranting sustainability of our publishing platform.
Sciyo Highlights

• 10 000 published authors

• 3000 scientific articles

• 720 000 downloads

• 100 new titles per year

Sciyo Vision

People from all cultures and walks of life having all the knowledge at their fingertips
Connectors and community builders within the sphere of science, equipped with innovative tools for connecting
and sharing ideas
Values-based company fostering inclusion and accessibility, inspiring trust amongst it’s partners
Inspired community members, advocating open access to knowledge

Sciyo Core Values

• Commitment to authors

• Commitment to quality

• Commitment to community

• Commitment to science and free knowledge

• Commitment to transparency and openness

Sciyo Authors
Authors publishing with Sciyo, get a unique publishing experience and raise the visibility and impact of their
academic work to the highest possible level. They benefit from:

• Open access
free online access to the full text of academic work which dramatically increases the number of potential readers

• Maximum visibility and impact

higher citation rates compared to non-open access publications and positive impact on the researchers career advancement

• Usage-based author royalties

first ever in academic publishing

• Print copy of their book

hardcover and superior design quality, complementing the online edition

• Retention of copyright
authors hold copyright of their work before and after the publication and has the freedom to redistribute and use
it in whichever way he or she chooses

• Promotion of academic work

widest possible dissemination through article alert service and press releases to scientific and general media to
keep people informed about the published work

• High standard of peer review and editorial process

ensured through selection of editors, editorial boards and referees

• Usage statistics
real time tracking of ratings, comments and downloads which let the author know how many people are using it

• Distribution to the scientific databases, indices and search engines

making it easy for researchers around the world to find it and cite it.

• Free multimedia extensions

ability to add video and audio files, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations to the publication free of charge and
increase its visibility

• Timely and efficient publication process

online manuscript tracking system and web-based peer review minimize the time needed to publish academic work

• Personal assistance
Sciyo team member always at authors’ disposal throughout the entire publishing process via live author support system

• Distribution to libraries
major university libraries across the world receive a copy of each Sciyo’s book

Commitment to authors is the driving force behind everything we do. Our ability to help academics in pursuit of their
academic goals and career advancement has made us a trusted partner to members of the scientific community.
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