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Ten (10) Important Things You Should Remember About RA 9262 *

Y !A"#A$SI% %&'()(R 19* 2012 ATT(R(+ $&)A% +(,(%S(

+&)(STI- 'I&#(%-( +S$+ 'A$- 'I&#(%-( A.AI%ST $&)(% 'I&#(%-(
A%+ A"S(
RA 9262 is /A%TI0'I&#(%-( A.AI%ST $&)(% A%+ T1(IR -1I#+R(% A-T
&, 2002 3hi4h 3as adopted 5 signed on )ar4h 6* 2002 and too7 e88e4t last )ar4h 29*
RA 9262 is a la3 that prote4ts the rights o8 3omen : their 4hildren : also eliminates
;iolen4e as it<s usuall= 4hildren and 3omen are li7el= the ;i4tims due to une>ual po3er
1 $hat is 'A$-@
'iolen4e Against $omen and their -hildren ('A$-) is de8ined asA
0 An= a4t or a series o8 a4ts 4ommitted b= an= person against a 3oman 3ho is his
3i8e* 8ormer 3i8e?
0 Against a 3oman 3ith 3hom the person has or had a seBual or dating relationship*
or 3ith 3hom he has 4ommon 4hild*
0 Against her 4hild 3hether legitimate or illegitimate*
0 3ithin or 3ithout the 8amil= abode*
0 3hi4h result in or is li7el= to result in ph=si4al* seBual* ps=4hologi4al harm or
su88ering* or e4onomi4 abusein4luding threats o8 su4h a4ts battering* assault* 4oer4ion*
harassment or arbitrar= depri;ation o8 libert=
2? $ho are 4onsidered -1I#+R(%@
An=one belo3 16 =ears o8 age* or older but in4apable o8 ta7ing 4are themsel;es*
in4luding the biologi4al 4hildren o8 the ;i4tim and other 4hildren under her 4are?
C? $hat are the ,&"R (2) A-TS that 4onstitute 'A$- @
A?) !h=si4al ;iolen4e D bodil= harm or ph=si4al harm?
?) SeBual ;iolen4e is an a4t* 3hi4h is seBual in nature su4h as rape* seBual harassment?
-?) !s=4hologi4al ;iolen4e is an a4t that 4auses mental or emotional su88ering to the
;i4tim su4h as intimidation stal7ing* marital in8idelit=?
+?) (4onomi4 ;iolen4e is a4ts that ma7e the 3oman 8inan4iall= dependent* su4h as
3ithdra3al on 8inan4ial support* destro=ing household propert=?
2? $hat are the rights o8 'i4tim D Sur;i;or@
To be treated 3ith respe4t and dignit=
To 4on8identialit=
To a;ail o8 legal assistan4e 8rom the !A& or an= publi4 legal assistan4e
To be entitled to support ser;i4es 8rom the +S$+ and #."s
To be entitled to all legal remedies and support pro;ided b= the ,amil= -odeE T
To a;ail up to 10 da=s o8 lea;e o8 absen4e in addition to other paid lea;es
To be in8ormed o8 their rights and the ser;i4es a;ailable to them* in4luding their
right to appl= 8or a prote4tion order?
'iolation o8 4on8identialit= shall ha;e a penalt= o8 one0=ear imprisonment and a 8ine o8
not more than F00*000 pesos
F? $hat are the C t=pes o8 !rote4tion &rders@
aranga= !rote4tion &rder (!&) is issued b= !unong aranga= 5 Gaga3adE e88e4ti;e
8or 1F da=s
Temporar= !rote4tion &rder (T!&) re8ers to the prote4tion order issued b= the -ourt on
the date o8 8iling a8ter eBpartedetermination that su4h order should be issuedE e88e4ti;e 8or
C0 da=s and rene3able 5 eBtendable?
!ermanent !rote4tion &rder (!!&) re8ers to prote4tion order issued b= 4ourt a8ter noti4e
and proper hearing?
F? $hat is the purpose o8 !rote4tion &rders @
to pre;ent 8urther a4ts o8 ;iolen4e against a 3oman or her 4hild
sa8eguards the ;i4tim 8rom 8urther harm
minimiHes an= disruption in the ;i4tims dail= li8e
8a4ilitates the opportunit= and abilit= o8 4ontrol o;er her li8e
6? $hat are the )andator= Ser;i4es 8or ;i4tims0sur;i;ors@
temporar= shelter
ps=4ho0so4ial ser;i4es and or re4o;er= and rehabilitation programs
li;elihood assistan4eE
I medi4al assistan4e
Rehabilitati;e 4ounseling and treatment to perpetrators 8or them to learn 4onstru4ti;e
3a=s o8 4oping 3ith anger and emotional outburst and re8orm their 3a=s (Se4s? 20 :
9? $hat are the !(%A#TI(S 8or 'A$-@
Imprisonment based on the pro;isions o8 the Re;ised !enal -ode
,ine ranging 8rom 100*000?00 to C00*000?00
)andator= ps=4hologi4al 4ounseling or ps=4hiatri4 treatment 8or perpetrators
9? Immunit= 8rom Suit
An= person* 3hether a pri;ate indi;idual* a publi4 o88i4er* or a go;ernment o88i4ial
53or7er* 3ho* in a44ordan4e 3ith la3* inter;enes 3ithout using ;iolen4e or restraint
greater than ne4essar= to ensure the sa8et= o8 the ;i4tim* is not liable 8or an= 4riminal*
4i;il or administrati;e a44ountabilit= (Se4s? 2C : 2C)
10? $hat is ATT(R(+ $&)A% SY%+R&)(@
It is de8ined as pattern o8 ps=4hologi4al and beha;ioral s=mptoms 8ound in 3omen
li;ing in battering relationships as a result o8 4umulati;e abuse (Se4? C : F)
0 "sed as a Justi8=ing 4ir4umstan4es
0 %o 4riminal or 4i;il liabilit=
0 Should be determined through the assistan4e o8 ps=4hiatrists 5 ps=4hologists (Se4s?
26 : C2)
10? &T1(R ,(AT"R(S
!ro;ides 8or a pres4ripti;e period 8rom 10020 =ears (Se4s? 22 : 9)
+e8ines 'A$- as publi4 4rime (Se4? 2F)
-ustod= o8 minor 4hildren should be gi;en to the 3oman e;en i8 she is su88ering
8rom attered $oman S=ndrome (Se4s? 26 : 6)