TERMS FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMPOSITION 5/6 AP Language/Diction: ambiguous, alliteration, diction, colloquialism, aphorism, emphasis, connotation, denotation

, euphemism, jargon, cliché, figurative, literal, ironical, metaphorical, understated, overstated (hyperbole), redundant, Biblical, formal, informal, non-standard, pedantic, verbose, allegorical, paradoxical, oxymoron, onomatopoeia, didactic, restrained, idiom, semantics, analytical, euphony, cacophony, vivid, vernacular, distorted, emphatic, nostalgic, contentious, prose, invective Syntax: parallel construction, transitions, clause, phrase, periodic, loose, antecedent, subordinate, independent, rhetorical question, staccato, fragment Syntactical Terms: antithesis, anastrophe, asyndeton, apposition, anaphora, ellipsis, parenthesis, polysyndeton Sentence Structure: simple, compound, complex, primer prose, purple prose, periodic, basic, loose, cumulative sentence, nominative absolute, interrupted sentence, balanced sentence, passive voice, active voice, parataxis Narrative Devices/Techniques: plot, sub-plot, exposition, initial incident, conflict, rising action, crisis, climax, falling action, happy/unhappy ending, denouement, chronological, flashback, stream of consciousness, deus ex machina, interior monologue, manipulation of time, parallel incidents, juxtaposition, allegorical, homily, parody,) first person, third person, omniscient, limited omniscient) point of view, foreshadow, epigram Organization/Rhetorical Structure/Features: cause/effect, description, classification, comparison/contrast, cause and effect, process analysis, exemplification, definition, narration, chronological, order of importance, argumentative, persuasive, expository, illustrative, anecdote, extended metaphor, analogy, definition, satiric, allusion, spatial, reflective, least to most important, concrete, commentary, objective/subjective, parallel paragraph Argument: formal, assertion, thesis, claim, summary, definition of terms, analogy, syllogism, enthymene, deductive, inductive, premise, faulty assumption, false dilemma, equivocation, begging the question, argument ad hominem, red herring, non sequitur, least to most important in organization, conclusion, inference, rebuttal, fallacy, false analogy, ipse dixit, bandwagon Persuasion/Devices: invective, ironical, informal, emotional, “charged words”, ethos, pathos, nonstandard, assent, non sequitur, subjective, promote action, ethical appeal Selection of Detail/Imagery/Figures of Speech: concrete/abstract, distorted, natural, atmosphere, mood, tone, visual, auditory, tactile, romantic, conceit, vivid, metonomy/synecdoche, metaphorical, simile, sensual, personification, Attitude/Tone: (playful, serious, businesslike, ironic, formal, ornate, somber, objective, condescending, sardonic, resigned, ribald, emphatic, didactic, brash, accepting) tone words on tone list! Figurative Devices: conceit, simile, metaphor, apostrophe, allusion, personification, metonomy, synecdoche, figurative language, figure of speech Irony: verbal, situational, dramatic, (varies according to genre) Point of View: omniscient, limited omniscient, first person, second person?, objective, major/minor character

Poetic Form, Structure: prosody, sonnet, blank verse, free verse, fixed form, elegy, epic, iambic pentameter, couplet, rhyme scheme, stanza, line, end-stopped, enjambed, heroic couplet, caesura, runon line, use of dash, ellipsis, line placement, departure from pattern, volta, meditation description, romantic, narrative, ballad, haiku Word Play: (meaning) oxymoron, understatement, hyperbole, pun (sound) alliteration, euphony, cacophony, onomatopoeia, assonance Presentation of Character: flat, round, character foil, contrasting character, dynamic, static, (direct/indirect presentation) protagonist/antagonist Dramatic Terms: acts, scenes, line, dialogue, aside, soliloquy, hubris (tragedy) tragic flaw, deus ex machina, catharsis, dramatic irony, comedy, tragedy, parody, satire, pathos, complication, fable, existential, theatre of the absurd, classicism, neo-classicism, dramatic monologue, realism (verisimilitude), metaphysical, existential, melodrama, naturalism, scansion, Freytag’s Pyramid

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