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Narrator: You may have heard a woman named Helen: a woman whose beauty launched a thousand ships and

started the most famous war in history. You may have heard of that valiant struggle that took palce beneath the
golden walls of Troy. Ten years, the best of our lives. Ten thousand men, the best the gods and dreams of glory
could have fashioned. All led by Agamemnon, the mightiest of the Greeks. And Achilles, who could strike down 10
warriors with one blow. You may even have heard of Paris, who they say betrayed his country and crown for love.
But that is not the way it happened. Let me tell you the real story. I know. I was there.

Cassandra: Kill him! Kill him! (Woman groaning) Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! (Baby crying)
Midwife: Its a boy. Your highness. A boy!
Priam: You said Kill him. Kill him! Before any of us knew that it was a boy. Cassandra, have you just had one of
your visions. Hmm? Tell me!
Queen: Priam. Come see your son! Cassandra. Come see your brother Alexandros.
Priam: Look. Cassandra, Cassandra. I know that you see things, and I know that people dont believe you. But I do.
You, you saw that it was a baby boy, right? Hmm? What else did you see?
Cassandra (panting)
Priam: What else?
Cassandra: If he lives, Troy will burn.
(Crying continues)
Priam: Take my son to the mountain.
Queen: No.
Priam: Throw him from the highest peak.
Queen: No!
Priam: Do it now!
Queen: No! No! No, no, no, no! No! No! Please! No! Please! My son! No!
Kings Servant: (took the boy) I will take you child to to Mt.Ida. (Walks) but youre such an innocent creature. I will
not throw you, Ill just leave you here (puts the baby) Gods! Do your will!
(Baby crying) (Sheperd saw, he approaches to the child)
Sherpherd: Why would they? What was it, child? Some foul prophet jealous of your beauty? Never mind. With me
you shall be loved and honored. I shall name you Paris.
(after 19 years)
Shepherd: Paris! Paris! Where are you? Paris, come! Time to eat!
(Laughing) (Grunting) (Laughs)
Paris: Ive got goats who fight better than you.
Other shepherd: Hey. Too bad you cant watch your goats as wll as your flank. Look!
Paris: What?
(Goat bleating)
Paris: Watch my herd! Stubos!
(Bleating) (Bell Clanking)
Paris: Stubos!
(Bell ringing)
Paris: Stubos?
(Water flowing)
Paris: Stubos!
(Another scene)(Gods and goddesses are partying in a wedding) (Eris comes in)
Eris: I am Eris, the goddess of discord, the gods and goddesses were all invited into a wedding of a king and a sea
nymph, all except me. Me! Yes me! Eris! I was hurt and jealous. Now the world will pay! Ha ha ha ha (took an apple
from pocket and write) (throws an apple into the crowd)
(Athena, Hera, Aphrodite took the apple: fighting)
Athena: (reads the inscription in the apple) To the fairest
Aphrodite: I am the fairest give it to me; I am the goddess of Love. Love is the most beautiful thing in the world.
Hera: I am the queen of gods and goddesses; I am the fairest of all. Give it to me.
Athena: Father Zeus you must judge us, who is the fairest amongst us three. Who will be the goddess of beauty?
Zeus:(Zeus takes the apple) I cannot judge for it would be unfair. One of you is my wife, one is my sister and the
other is my daughter. I know a man who can do the judgment. Come here Hermes.
Hermes: Yes Lord Zeus?
Zeus: Hermes, I have an important task for you. Take this apple to Phrygia. On the Gargaran peak of Ida, you will
find a young herdsmanParis, the son of Priam. Tell him that hes been chosen by Zeus to judge the beauty of the
Goddesses and to decide once and for all which one is the most beautiful.
Hermes: Certainly my Lord.
Zeus: And remember, the losers in this contest mustnt be angry with the judge. I wont have the poor boy punished for
his decision. Only one can wear the crown of beauty.
Hermes: All right, thenwere off to Phrygia. Just follow me, ladies, and dont be nervous. I know Parishes a good boy,
quite the charmer, and a clever judge of beauty. Hell make the right choice, you can count on it. (Aphrodite, Hera and
Athena follow him.)
APHRODITE: Im glad you approve of Paris; I ask for nothing but a fair judge. Do you know if he has a wife, Hermes? Or
is he a bachelor?
HERMES: Hes not a bachelor in the strictest sense.
APHRODITE: What does that mean?
HERMES: Well, theres a wife and shes nice enough but she really doesnt deserve him.
HERMES: Well shes a country beauty. In other words, shes downright ugly and he only took her because there was
nothing else available, and a young man must have somewhere to sow his seed. Why do you ask?
APHRODITE: Just curious.
ATHENA: Whats all this whispering about? That isnt fair, Hermes. Whatever youre telling Aphrodite, you can tell the rest
of us.
HERMES: Its nothing important. She only asked if Paris was a bachelor. There he is, thats Paris. (Three goddesses
comes forth)
Paris: Whos there?
Aphrodite: Beauty is All, All is Beauty.
Athena: Victory goes to the strong.
Hera; Gold rules men, Wealth is Power.
Paris: Who are you?
HERMES: These women, good Paris, are the Goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. And I am Hermes, messenger
extraordinaire for mighty Zeus. He has chosen you to judge the beauty of these three, and the prize is this apple.
PARIS: An apple?
HERMES: I know, I know, but its a very nice apple. And theres an inscription. Here, have a look. (gives the apple)
PARIS: To the fairest. So, I
HERMES: Just give the apple to the fairest of the three. Thats it. Couldnt be simpler. Ill go. (exits)
Paris: How would I choose if all of them are too beautiful? My eyes are bursting with such beauty.
Hera: See the beauty of Hera. Choose me Paris, I will give you wealth beyond your dreams, and Ill give you the
continent of Asia, you will be its ruler.
Athena: Behold the beauty of Athena. If you will crown me the fairest, Paris, I will make you a great warriora conquering
hero! I will cast a divine spell so that you will never lose a battle! Victory and Glory forever.
Aphrodite: Here I am. Take your time, and examine every inch as carefully as you like; let nothing escape your vigilance.
Dont be shy. Touch me and see what Aphrodite gives you. The most beautiful woman in the world; Helen.