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Q-Browser (Browsers in Queue) is an innovative browsing tool of internet browsing for
powerful users. Based on Microsoft internet Explorer process, it can open multiple web browsers
same time in a single window. Being the most comfortable browsing experience using its
powerful scripting capabilities, users can automate tasks and they can even modify web browsers
while visiting to them. The choice of the user i.e. web browsers maximum in no. 4 could set as
default websites as it connect to the internet and the user can surf the same 4 web sites and can
view the status at a same time without any maximize or minimize worries and the modified
results can be saved to disk.
Q-Browser is an interesting multi-document browser based on the Microsoft web
Browser control. It allows you to open many web browsers simultaneously. Through the
windows list you can easily switch between different views.
The scripting interface provides access to the content of loaded HTML documents for
analysis or modification of these documents. The interface can be used with Java Script,
VBScript, Perl or any other programming language supported by windows scripting host.

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Software Requirements
Front end: .Net(c#)
Operating System: Windows family

Hardware Requirements-
Hard disk: 10 GB
Memory : 10GB
Processor: Intel Pentium 4

What is .NET?
.NET is an integral part of many applications running on Windows and provides common
functionality for those applications to run. This download is for people who need .NET to run an
application on their computer. For developers, the .NET Framework provides a comprehensive
and consistent programming model for building applications that have visually stunning user
experiences and seamless and secure communication.
The .NET Framework is a technology that supports building and running the next generation of
applications and XML Web services. The .NET Framework is designed to fulfill the following
To provide a consistent object-oriented programming environment whether object code is
stored and executed locally, executed locally but Internet-distributed, or executed
To provide a code-execution environment that minimizes software deployment and
versioning conflicts.
To provide a code-execution environment that promotes safe execution of code, including
code created by an unknown or semi-trusted third party.
To provide a code-execution environment that eliminates the performance problems of
scripted or interpreted environments.
To make the developer experience consistent across widely varying types of applications,
such as Windows-based applications and Web-based applications.
To build all communication on industry standards to ensure that code based on the .NET
Framework can integrate with any other code.
The .NET Framework consists of the common language runtime and the .NET
Framework class library. The common language runtime is the foundation of the .NET
Framework. You can think of the runtime as an agent that manages code at execution
time, providing core services such as memory management, thread management, and
remoting, while also enforcing strict type safety and other forms of code accuracy that
promote security and robustness. In fact, the concept of code management is a
fundamental principle of the runtime. Code that targets the runtime is known as managed
code, while code that does not target the runtime is known as unmanaged code. The class
library is a comprehensive, object-oriented collection of reusable types that you can use
to develop applications ranging from traditional command-line or graphical user interface
(GUI) applications to applications based on the latest innovations provided by ASP.NET,
such as Web Forms and XML Web services.
The .NET Framework can be hosted by unmanaged components that load the common
language runtime into their processes and initiate the execution of managed code, thereby
creating a software environment that can exploit both managed and unmanaged features.
The .NET Framework not only provides several runtime hosts, but also supports the
development of third-party runtime hosts.
For example, ASP.NET hosts the runtime to provide a scalable, server-side environment
for managed code. ASP.NET works directly with the runtime to enable ASP.NET
applications and XML Web services, both of which are discussed later in this topic.
Internet Explorer is an example of an unmanaged application that hosts the runtime (in
the form of a MIME type extension). Using Internet Explorer to host the runtime enables
you to embed managed components or Windows Forms controls in HTML documents.
Hosting the runtime in this way makes managed mobile code possible, but with
significant improvements that only managed code can offer, such as semi-trusted
execution and isolated file storage.
The following illustration shows the relationship of the common language runtime and
the class library to your applications and to the overall system. The illustration also
shows how managed code operates within a larger architecture.


The feasibility of the project is analyzed in this phase and business proposal is put forth
with a very general plan for the project and some cost estimates. During system analysis the
feasibility study of the proposed system is to be carried out. This is to ensure that the
proposed system is not a burden to the company. For feasibility analysis, some
understanding of the major requirements for the system is essential.

Three key considerations involved in the feasibility analysis are



This study is carried out to check the economic impact that the system will have on the
organization. The amount of fund that the company can pour into the research and development
of the system is limited. The expenditures must be justified. Thus the developed system as well
within the budget and this was achieved because most of the technologies used are freely
available. Only the customized products had to be purchased.

This study is carried out to check the technical feasibility, that is, the technical
requirements of the system. Any system developed must not have a high demand on the available
technical resources. This will lead to high demands on the available technical resources. This
will lead to high demands being placed on the client. The developed system must have a modest
requirement, as only minimal or null changes are required for implementing this system.


The aspect of study is to check the level of acceptance of the system by the user. This
includes the process of training the user to use the system efficiently. The user must not feel
threatened by the system, instead must accept it as a necessity. The level of acceptance by the
users solely depends on the methods that are employed to educate the user about the system and
to make him familiar with it. His level of confidence must be raised so that he is also able to
make some constructive criticism, which is welcomed, as he is the final user of the system.

Existing system:

There are already some applications which do the same tasks i.e. help in offline browsing. For
example, this formed a part of our study for developing the present application.
We have used the application and were able to observe the drawbacks of this system. The study
of this product has helped us in designing our application to overcome some of the drawbacks.

the existing system we can view only one web browser at a time.

Proposed system:
The proposed system overcomes some of the drawbacks
The application is being developed in JAVA language, which helps in generation if platform
independent Byte Code. Thus the application would be portable to any environment where a
Java Virtual Machine (JVM ) exists.
The system provides more attractive features when compared to the present existing system.
We can download according to the required level(or)depth specified by the user.
Advanced Browser Project Users:
Offline Browsing: A Fuzzy-Based Approach in Clustering Data Sources And Ontology Metadata
can be useful to lot many people. Some of them include
Students: A specific website containing the information related to the students work can be
downloaded instead of saving the contents of each and every page. It is especially useful
while gathering information for projects, preparing for seminars, examinations.
Software developers: It helps in bulk download of Tutorials for the Newest Technologies.
Network Administrators: It reduces the Bandwidth Cost by letting the frequently visited
Websites to be shared over the Intra-net.
Institutions: It helps the institutions by getting the required site to be downloaded ones and
can use them without net connection.

It can open multiple web browsers same time in a single window.

User can surf the 4 web sites and can view the status at a same time without
any maximize or minimize worries.
The modified results can be saved to disk.
Users can automate tasks and they can even modify web
browsers while visiting to them.
Select a browser from the back history and return ther instantly
Improved overall performance.

The input design is the link between the information system and the user. It comprises the
developing specification and procedures for data preparation and those steps are necessary to put
transaction data in to a usable form for processing can be achieved by inspecting the computer to
read data from a written or printed document or it can occur by having people keying the data
directly into the system. The design of input focuses on controlling the amount of input required,
controlling the errors, avoiding delay, avoiding extra steps and keeping the process simple. The
input is designed in such a way so that it provides security and ease of use with retaining the
privacy. Input Design considered the following things:
What data should be given as input
How the data should be arranged or coded
The dialog to guide the operating personnel in providing input.
Methods for preparing input validations and steps to follow when error occur.

Input Design is the process of converting a user-oriented description of the input into a
computer-based system. This design is important to avoid errors in the data input process
and show the correct direction to the management for getting correct information from
the computerized system.
It is achieved by creating user-friendly screens for the data entry to handle large volume
of data. The goal of designing input is to make data entry easier and to be free from
errors. The data entry screen is designed in such a way that all the data manipulates can
be performed. It also provides record viewing facilities.
When the data is entered it will check for its validity. Data can be entered with the help of
screens. Appropriate messages are provided as when needed so that the user will not be in
maize of instant. Thus the objective of input design is to create an input layout that is
easy to follow


A quality output is one, which meets the requirements of the end user and presents the
information clearly. In any system results of processing are communicated to the users and to
other system through outputs. In output design it is determined how the information is to be
displaced for immediate need and also the hard copy output. It is the most important and direct
source information to the user. Efficient and intelligent output design improves the systems
relationship to help user decision-making.
Designing computer output should proceed in an organized, well thought out manner; the
right output must be developed while ensuring that each output element is designed so
that people will find the system can use easily and effectively. When analysis design
computer output, they should Identify the specific output that is needed to meet the
Select methods for presenting information.
Create document, report, or other formats that contain information produced by the
The output form of an information system should accomplish one or more of the following
Convey information about past activities, current status or projections of the Future.
Signal important events, opportunities, problems, or warnings.
Trigger an action.
Confirm an action.


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