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Redact Drivers License Numbers in a Document Form

This document shows how Brava! Desktop can be used to redact typical drivers license
number representations in a document form. Use this document file and try it!

1) Display the Redaction toolbar by pressing
2) From the Redaction tools group, press the Icon - Redact Using Scripts

3) Check the Drivers License (in form) in list uncheck all else

4) Press Redact button

Note: To set a default Redaction Color and Reason

Select and highlight the Drivers License (in form) in list, press Modify. Use the
mouse to select and highlight [:drvlic:]. Set the color (box) and type in the
Reason string/code desired. Press OK.

What gets redacted (as examples):

Driver license: a3111311
Driver license id: a3111311
Driver license id #: a3111311
Driver license no: a3111311
Driver license num: a3111311
Driver license # a3111311
Driver license #: a3111311
Driver lic: a3111311
Driver lic.: a3111311
Driver lic. id: a3111311
Driver lic no: a3111311
Driver lic num: a3111311
Driver lic. # a3111311
Driver lic #: a3111311
Driver lic. Id #: a3111311
Dvr license num: a3111311
Dvr license # a3111311
Dvr license #: a3111311
Dvr license id #: a3111311
Dvr. license no.: a3111311
Drvr license: a3111311
Drvr license id: a3111311
Drvr license no: a3111311
Drvr license num: a3111311
Drvr. license no.: a3111311
Drvr. license num: a3111311
Drvr. license # a3111311
Drvr. license #: a3111311
Drvr license # a3111311
Drvr license #: a3111311
Dvr lic: a3111311
Dvr lic. id: a3111311
Dvr lic no: a3111311
Dvr lic num: a3111311
Dvr lic. # a3111311
Dvr lic #: a3111311
Dvr license: a3111311
Dvr license id: a3111311
Dvr license no: a3111311
Dvr. license num.: a3111311

DL: a3111311
DL #: a3111311
DL no: a3111311
DL num.: a3111311
DL id: a3111311
DL id.: a3111311
D.L.: a3111311
D.L. #: a898
D.L. no: a3111311
D/L: a3111311
D/L #: a3111311
D/L no: a3111311
D/L num.: a3111311
D/L id: a3111311
D/L id.: a3111311
D.L. num.: 311AD2114
D.L. id: a3111311
D.L. id.: a3111311

(doesnt redact text before or after)
State: AZ Drivers License: a3111311 County: Maricopa
Drivers License: 3111311 State: NA County: Any
Applicant: Bubba Driver license id: 33GAA21121 10/19 Expires

Arizona Driver license: G2121111 Suspended 2/11/56
Accident id #: 53221
Drivers Insurance #: 3223211

Involved in accident:
1) Driver license id #: a3111311
2) Driver license # a313211
3) Driver license # a3122232

The macro will not redact the following types of text:

Today my Driver License Number was cancelled. The driver didnt have his
license and was uninsured. The driver was in a black car with license plate
number GZI011. The county will revoked your drivers license id Jan 5, 1922.
You should not drive without a drivers license #. Ten (10) people are caught
doing this every hour

Driver License: SYLAGD (must have at least one digit)
License #: 22433a
Drvlic: 313111

Other types of redactions are possible:

Pattern searches for other types of unique needs can be easily developed.

Brava! Desktop has a powerful searching language that allows most unique
patterns to be found and redacted via minor script or new macro customization.

Consult the HELP guide to learn how to create these, or contact IGC Sales for
customization services.

Background and Macro Information:

The Brava! Desktop search macro [:drvlic:] can be used to redact driver license
numbers in a document form or report. The macro is searching for different
ways the a drivers license field name can be stated or abbreviated (e.g. Drivers
License, or Drivers Lic. or D/L or Drvr Lic, etc.) followed by number or id
labels, with or without a colon, followed by a alphanumeric value that is greater
than and has at least 1 digit.

Macros can be executed in any search operation within Brava! Desktop.

As an example: The [:drvlic:] macro can also be used in the Find & Redact