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CN225 Module Specifcation

Title Hydraulics
Code CN225
Level 5
Credit rating 10 CATS points
Pre-requisites CN125
Type of module Delivered over 1 semester
Aims To apply the conservation laws to free surface
To apply the conservation laws to steady and
unsteady flows
To introduce the types and operatin! principles of
hydraulic machines"
At the end of this module the student should #e a#le
1" Compute surface profiles and dischar!es for flows
in channels
2" Compute dischar!e and pressure distri#ution for
steady and unsteady flows in pipe networ%s
select a hydraulic machine for a !iven duty"
&" Carry out analysis #ased on o#served hydraulics
la# e'periment"
Content Real Fluids
(urther wor% on #oundary layers"
Pipeline ystems
)ipelines and pipe networ%s" Desi!n of distri#ution
systems and pumped mains" Hydraulics of networ%s
* solution of numerical methods of analysis"
+nsteady flows" Sur!e in pipelines" ,-uations for
incompressi#le and compressi#le fluids and their
!ydraulic "ac#ines
Classification" )umps and tur#ines * types. selection.
performance parameters" Cavitation"
$pen C#annel Flo%
(ree surface flows and their classification" Natural
and artificial channels and their properties" /elocity
distri#ution. ener!y and momentum coefficients"
0aminar and tur#ulent flow in channels"
teady &niform C#annel Flo%
Development of friction formulae" Che1y and
Cole#roo%*2hite formulae" +niform flow
Rapidly varied c#annel flo%
+se of ener!y principles. applications and methods of
solution" The ener!y e-uation in open channels"
Application of the ener!y e-uation" Specific ener!y"
Su#*critical flow" (roude num#er" The use of
momentum principles. the hydraulic 3ump"
Critical dept# meters
4road crested weir and /enturi (lume"
Teac#ing and learning
Learning support Recommended Reading List
Hydraulics in Civil & Environmental Engineering 67
edition8" Chadwic% A 9 :orfett 9 C and 4orthwic% :
Spon 620078
Practical Hydraulics (2nd ed), Melvyn Kay, Taylor &
Francis (200)
Transient !lo"s in #i#es, o#en c$annels and
se"ers, 9 A (o'" ,llis Horwood 61;<;8
%#en C$annel Hydraulics& = H (rench" :c>raw
Hill 61;;78
%#en C$annel Flo"& ( : Henderson" :acmillan
Assessment tas's <0@ e'amination 60A1*28
20@ coursewor% and la#oratory wor% 60A&8
(rief description of
module content and/or
aims )ma*imum +,
Bntroduces concepts of free surface flows" Applies
theory of pipe flow to desi!n pipeline systems"
Bntroduces pumps and tur#ines"
Area e*amination board
to %#ic# module relates
4uilt ,nvironment C Civil ,n!ineerin! Area
,'amination 4oard
"odule team/aut#ors/
:0$ .r /aiming #e 5 Dr Heidi 4ur!ess
emester offered0 %#ere
ite %#ere delivered :oulsecoom#
.ate of first approval 1;;<
.ate of last revision Au! 200<
.ate of approval of t#is
Au! 2011
1ersion number 7
Replacement for
previous modules
Field for %#ic# module is
acceptable and status in
t#at field
Civil ,n!ineerin!*compulsory
Course)s- for %#ic#
module is acceptable and
status in course
4,n!5:,n! Civil ,n!ineerin!$ Compulsory
4,n! Civil with ,nvironmental ,n!ineerin!$
c#ool #ome School of ,nvironment C Technolo!y
2*ternal e*aminer ,'ternal e'aminer of Civil ,n!ineerin! under!raduate