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I Am Palestine

I can’t believe it’s been close to a century
With another ethnic “cleansing” to add to history

I‘m declaring this just to make my struggle clear
For my name is one many are quick to smear

What’s happening to me is not a conundrum:
“Israel” is terrorising me so that I succumb

This is all happening to me as you all watch
It means you’re to blame just as much

I‘m a threat for resisting with my stones
Whilst “Israel’s” tanks are used to crush my bones

I burned under the downpour of white phosphorus
But my actions are the ones deemed murderous

Because I choose to remain and not flee
The actions of “Israel” are then blamed on me
I lost so many of my children for many decades
With “Israel” segregating me with more blockades

It took one of my own to be tortured and set on fire
My God, only then, did I hear the world’s ire

Just for a second get rid of your apathy and bigotry
And open your eyes and ears to “Israel’s” trickery

I dare you to come and see how I live
How many of “Israel’s” actions will you then forgive?

Have you heard the racialist slurs of “Israel”?
The comparison to the Nazis is so unreal

Just replace Jew with Arab and you’ll see
How those racist “Israelis” mirror the Nazi

The once victim is now my victimiser
But “Israel’s” justified to be the catalyser

Since I’m an Arab, the world looks away
Using Hamas as an excuse to justify my slay
I‘m dehumanised because of my ethnicity
And “Israel” will not stop until it “cleanses” me

But hey, I’m a threat because I choose to exist
Not choosing to surrender but to resist
Therefore, I’m called a vicious terrorist
Hear me now, only when I’m gone, “Israel” will desist

But what hurts even more is I’m increasingly alone
The silence of Arabs and Muslims I can’t condone

You readily throw your money to the Zionist
To feed and clothe yourself as I bleed into the mist

Your craven silence and actions aren’t justifiable
Your day will come when you’re held accountable

But I’ll fight on regardless until my dying day

Because I Am Palestine

and I Am Here to Stay

Monday, 15th September 2014