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Lancer amazingly bags a third win on the trot – Strong runner up for
Gixerben – Enduro struggle for Pete- Gixer takes FTCC – Pete takes control
in supermini race – Wise no show.

Lancer takes one of the famous carrousels on his way to victory


Gixerben – Mini Cooper, BMW M3 E36, Porsche 997 Turbo –

Meeting Rating 9

Gixer was pleased to see his Porsche back in 700 trim.

JC Meister – Fiat Abrath, VW Corrado, Dodge Viper – Meeting

Rating 5

JC was full of man flu, and a severe lack of testing leaving him on the back
Major Raver – Alfa Romeo MiTo, Seat Cupra Leon, Ford RS200 –
Meeting Rating 4

Raver had been doing some rare testing but was finding his cars a

Maverick – Renault Twingo, Mugen Integra, Ferrari 360 CS –

Meeting Rating 5

No change for Maverick, just a hatred for the Nurburgring.

ScoLancer – Toyota Yaris, Mugen Integra, Dodge Viper 08 –

Meeting Rating 8

No supermini show for Lancer due to sponsor issues, but he was all guns
blazing for three on the bounce in the Enduro.

Vanquish BHP – Scion XD, Mercedes C32, Lamborghini Muira 06 –

Meeting Rating 8

Vanquish had lost all his Sonic sponsorship to all three cars, financial
problems maybe?

Wiseoldduck – Mini Cooper, Honda Civic Alfa Romeo 8C – Meeting

Rating N/A

No entry from Wise as recession hit Mallard Racing.

Wookie Pete – Renault Twingo, Mugen Civic, Ferrari 360 CS -

Meeting Rating 8

Pete was worried about a strong showing at the ring on a circuit he finds


As the grid lined up, half were hanging back in no hurry to get involved in
any first lap carnage, the other half were keen to get out in front,
including Maverick who shot in to an early lead, but Mav was sliding
around on cold tyres and it wasn't long before first Pete dislodged him
then followed by Gixer and JC. Behind them and Raver was holding off
Vanquish, until a slight mistake let the Muira through, who now had
Lancer menacing behind him after a taking a careful first few corners.
Lancer though was now on a charge and by the way he dislodged the Ford
GT he then made short shift of Vanquish, and Maverick took care of
himself by falling off, although he was inches from wiping out Lancer as he
spun across the track, championships can be won in one of those inches
sometimes. By the time they had made it to the first carrousel, Lancer
was the leading Dodge in third, a mistake by JC dropping behind Vanquish
and Raver, the orange sponsored car struggling with its man flu ridden
driver. Out front and Pete made a rare mistake and this let Gixer through
and as they head on to the long straight across the start finish line, the
Blockbuster Ferrari knew it was in trouble as the Porsche left him for dead
and Lancer was on his way past to, to make life worse Vanquish looked
like he fancied a go before the Sunset winner decided to take himself out
the traffic and pit. Lancer took no time to latch on to Gixer's tail and
finally made it through a fifth of the lap in to lap two, only to make a rare
mistake and let the Porsche back through. It didn't take long though
before Gixer was forced into a mistake and Lancer was through and set
about opening up a big lead. Behind them Raver and JC stopped early, JC
starting to run strongly until it all went wrong half way around the lap and
hit the wall hard head on, for Raver he was trying hard to close down
Vanquish in front of him for 4th.

Vanquish drove strongly for a podium spot

Pete stopped on lap 3 but his pace was now deserting him and he
returned to the track in fourth and dropping away from Vanquish, a lack of
straightline speed now saw Raver start to chase him down. Raver was
steadily closing in on the Ferrari and half way around the last lap was on
his tail knowing he had a 30mph speed advantage in a straight-line to
steel fourth on the run to the flag if he was just close enough. Raver's
dismal day just went all wrong as he made a complete hash of the last two
corners and let Pete off the hook. Behind them JC bought his Dodge home
fifth after a couple of offs, a real effort after the way he was feeling, whilst
Maverick retired the Ferrari after a couple of massive offs left him on his

Out front and Gixerben continued to give chase to Lancer, but the Scot
was not being denied and brought his unbeaten Dodge home for win
number 3, Gixer chuffed to bits with his strong day. Vanquish finished the
podium, his careful approach paying a great reward and leaving him a
couple of points better off than Pete in the title battle.


1. ScoLancer Dodge Viper (A700) 38mins 30.129 seconds

2. Gixerben Porsche 997T (A700) + 11 seconds

3. Vanquish Lamborgini Muira (A700) +21 seconds

4. Wookie Pete Ferrari 360CS (A700) +31seconds

5 . Major Raver Ford GT (A700) +35 seconds

6. JC Meister Dodge Viper (A700) +1minute 13seconds

7. Maverick ZX Ferrari 360CS (S700) DNF

8. Wiseoldduck Alfa Romeo 8C (S700) DNS

Fastest Lap: ScoLancer 7:24:709 (NEW LAP RECORD)

Gixerben drove strongly to grab second.


JC took off from the outside of row 1 to out drag Raver who found himself under attack
straight away, as Pete used the tow from JC's Fiat to tow alongside the Alfa on his left
hand side, whilst Gixer was using the punch in his Mini to make a sandwich of the Coca
Cola Alfa. As the track turned to the left the mini made contact with the back right wheel
of the Alfa sending it into a spin and last place. JC led through the first few corners but
then went wide allowing Pete through and Vanquish. These two chased each other
around the fast corners of the German circuit but Vanquish just couldn't get close enough
to challenge allowing Pete victory. Behind them no one seemed to want third place, JC
going off again after a slight coming together with Gixer, and Maverick showing his
dislike for the Ring was having real problems, this allowed Gixer through to third and a
very disgruntled Raver to fourth.
Trouble ahead in the supermini race.

Result after 1 Lap

1. Wookie Pete

2. Vanquish

3. Gixerben

4. Major Raver

5. JC Meister

6. Maverick

Fastest Lap: Wookie Pete 9:43:811 (NEW LAP RECORD)


A rocket start from Gixerben put him in the lead chased by Pete and
Vanquish. JC Meister had latched on to the tail of the Mercedes and had a
couple of stabs in the first corners, once getting very close as Vanquish
braked a bit early. He nearly got even closer a few corners later and this
caused the castrol corrado to slide, brilliantly holding that, only for it to
snap sideways again and being hit by the hapless Raver behind him, who
had nowhere to go and had been trying to stay out of trouble. Lancer and
Maverick passed this pair only to have their own off corners later, this let
the recovering and heavily damaged Major through to 4th. Out front and
Gixer was doing a fantastic job of holding back the faster Pete and
Vanquish, it was a really hairy scenario for Pete as he didn't want to get to
close in case the BMW went off in front of him. Such was the way Gix was
holding them up; Raver was catching the front 3 in his heavily damaged
car and bring Lancer with him. This all went wrong for Major though
between the two carousals as the front end damage caused him to roll in
a massive way and out of the rest. On to the end of the first lap and
Gixerben punched the superb power of the BMW to pull away from Pete,
who now had Vanquish flying past him as well and Lancer closing up, Pete
was short of top end power.

Vanquish soon surrended second with a mistake dropping him to fourth,

well clear of Maverick who was having a woeful time, JC meanwhile had
parked up his damaged VW. Gixer was a man inspired on lap 2 and
extended his lead over Pete, Pete more interested in Lancer behind him
who was closing, until a mistake two thirds around the lap left the top 3
settled to the flag.

Pete was no tame driver in his Renault.

Result after 2 Laps

1. Gixerben

2. Wookie Pete
3. ScoLancer

4. Vanquish

5. Maverick

6. Major Raver

7. JC Meister

Fastest Lap: Gixerben 8:44:825 (New Lap Record)


Many will be pleased to see the back of the Ring and head to Silverstone.
Gixerben has put himself in the hunt in the Enduro now, which seems to
be a 4 horse race, but can anyone stop the machine that is Lancer?