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13 OCTOBER 2014



Greetings of solidarity and peace!

Youth for Accountability and Truth Now (Youth Act Now) is an alliance of student councils, publications,
national youth and student organizations, community-based youth, young professionals, artists and prominent
youth leaders and personalities. The formation of Youth Act Now marks the further strengthening of youth and
student participation nationwide in the fight for truth, accountability, and genuine change in Philippine

As young people moved with our conscience and aspirations for good governance and accountability for
wrong deeds done, we are united with the Filipino people in demanding for the abolition of the pork barrel
system. More so, we continue to push forward for the investigation and prosecution of all those who have taken
part in the misuse of public funds.

Since the exposition of the anomalies in the Pork Barrel System, especially that of which included the 10B
Napoles Scam, Youth Act Now has been indefatigable in spearheading and coordinating various discussions
and activities across the archipelago. And as part of our continuing campaign, the Alliance, together with the
Peoples Initiative to Abolish the Pork Barrel (PIAP) National Coordinating Council, organized the Peoples
Congress on August 23 in Cebu, and the Stand Up! Sign Up! Abolish DAPork activity last August 25 in Luneta.
These activities were led by various groups including the Catholic Educators Association of the Philippines
(CEAP), the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), and the Integrated Bar of the Philippines

This fight is far from over. And it is in this light that we are inviting your Student Council to take part and join
Youth Act Now. We will be holding a general orientation and update this coming Friday, 17 October 2014, 5PM,
at the Office of the Student Regent Conference Room, Vinzons Hall Basement, UP Diliman. If, in any case, you
are not available on the said time and date, we would be glad to discuss this campaign with you at any time
which you deem convenient. This activity is also open to organizations and individuals who are interested in
joining the campaign for truth and accountability.

Attached to this letter is a condensed explanation of the Peoples Initiative Against All Pork Bill and a brief
explanation of the Peoples Initiative. Should you have additional queries, you may reach us through any of the
undersigned. We are looking forward to your positive response. Thank you so much!

For a united student movement,

National Chairperson, KASAMA sa UP
Co-Convenor, Katipunan Kontra Korupsyon
09273841392 |

President, Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Miriam
Co-Convenor, Youth Act Now-Katipunan
09063609129 |