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Module 19

1. August 19, 1997 Satellite launching of Agila 2 in China

2. Word Interleaving used in T1
3. In-zero bet insertion changes the bit once in every 7 bits
4. 5.9us TV back porch length
5. 2 Mbps uplink & downlink data rate of broadband
6. 12.5 SRRS
7. Molniya of Russia most inclined orbit
8. DXing the art of searching
9. Photodetector in facsimile, it is the change
10. AMPS fastest analog scheme
11. Impedance Tube Method measuring absorption coefficient in sabine
12. Reciprocity Principle can be used in transmission or reception
13. 802.15 Bluetooth
14. 32.28 Mbps digital TV transmission rate
15. Manchester Code used in 10 Mbps Ethernet
16. For improving tracking use of padder capacitor
17. 80% - intelligibility of something
18. T index used in Australia
19. TD/CDMA not 3G
20. 3GPP 3 GSM
21. Incompatible with existing radios disadvantage of AM
22. Contention happens when two simultaneously retrieve data
23. Collision happens when two simultaneously sends data
24. Increases frequency deviation and decreases modulating frequency When Modulation Index
25. Greater at low frequencies The power density of flicker noise is:
26. CDMA 2000 1X
27. 28 kbps E1 has 2.048 Mbps, what is the transmission signal rate
28. Core has higher index of refraction than the clad relationship between cladding and core in
terms of index of refraction
29. 1 wavelength nearest distance where the antenna can be place
30. Blanking level Blanked TV in sync pulse
31. 802.11b wifi
32. Manchester Encoding used in Ethernet with 10Mbps
33. Supplementary add an additional layer of functionality, reverse charge
34. Satellite Anomaly spacecraft that affects the environment
35. Class B 500 above terrain
36. Class C class of mobile phone that is not use in GPRS
37. Space Diversity type of propagation that uses two or more antennas as receiver
38. Polarization type of propagation that uses two antennas
39. Huffman Encoding most commonly used characters are represented with the fewest number
of bits
40. Alfven
41. UTC prime meridian
42. 42.5% - GPS coverage
43. PCS uses glass core and plastic cladding
44. EDGE most latest technology in wireless similar to.
45. EHF millimetric
46. J single sideband suppress carrier
47. A first letter designation of emission that has a carrier
48. Articulation Efficiency- in measuring intelligibility of sound, the number of recorded syllables as
a percentage of number transmitted is termed as the ______.
49. Non-linear Device what is the device used to modulate a signal
50. Odd square wave pulse
51. Integrate the signal before entering how to convert FM to PM
52. Enter the mixer, one is below and other is higher Image Frequency
53. Sample and Hold Circuit Natural Sampling circuit that do not use ______.
54. 80-8000 Naturalness that can be heard for entertainment
55. Injection Laser Diode most widely used light generator
56. 55 to 1 ratio
57. QPSK used by SPADE
58. 45 degrees- separation of vector in 8-PSK
59. Vertical Domain
60. Photonics Visible light
61. 723 Kbps speed of Bluetooth
62. Heaviside Kennely signal will reflect to the earth
63. Fade Margin it is added in the
64. Noise Margin Noise Difference
65. 20mA 80mA current in the telephone
66. Microsat when the satellites mass is from 10-100kg
67. Forward link cellsite to mobile
68. Link layer responsible in checking frames
69. 12 frames in the superframe
70. Modulating Amplifier in high level AM, what is the amplifier used
71. Satellite Payload
72. Mode
73. Hot-standby each equipment has a back-up
74. Trans-equatorial spring and fall
75. 90V , 20 Hz the typical voltage needed to ring the telephone
76. Input Impedance
77. 4 Times as great as RF Amplifier
78. Small Keep the included angle of satellite as ____ as possible
79. 650 DVD wavelength
80. Via Net Loss -