Goldilocks arrested, trial will determine fate

By: Zackery James

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April, 2008

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Hudson, FL – Pasco County Sheriff’s Department arrested Goldilocks (Katie Lunday) just after midnight on Tuesday, March 24, 2008 in the cottage of the Three Bears located in the woods near Tarpon Springs, Florida. Ms. Locks was charged with multiple criminal counts including breaking and entering and malicious mischief for stealing porridge, messing up beds and criminal damage to property, as well as criminal trespass, and curfew violation for being a minor out after 11:00 p.m. Pasco Deputies responded to a 911 call from Papa A. Bear (Christopher Jacobs) who resides in the home with his wife Mama B. Bear and child Babe E. Bear. Papa Bear told the 911 Operator that when he and his family returned home just after 11:30 p.m. he found his front door open, his house in disarray and an unknown female asleep or unconscious in Baba E. Bear’s bed. When deputies arrived, they found Goldilocks concerned by Mama Bear and Babe E. Bear in a rear bedroom. Mama Bear was waving a frying pan at Goldilocks and yelling and

Photo By: Andrew Fiorillo

Goldilocks (Lunday) being escorted into the squad car by the school’s SRO, Cpl. John Watson. treating her not to move while Babe E. Bear held a snerf gun and pointed it at her. Deputies said they had probable cause to arrest Ms. Locks who offered to resistance to officers when she was hand cuffed and taken into custody. At her arraignment, Locks was represented by a team of noted defense attorneys led by seniors Josh Smith and Zack James, juniors Elaine McCready, Virginia Prerman, and Kiki Smith, and freshman Andrew Fiorillo when she entered a “not guilty” plea. Defense attorney James told reporters that his client’s arrest was a “miscarriage of justice and a case of malicious prosecution by prosecutors who were exploiting his client for personal ambitions of seeking higher political office”. Prosecutors, led by sophomore Matt Pesek said the evidence is clear and that he was confident a jury would find Ms. Locks guilty of all charges. While speaking to this reporter, Pesek suggested that Locks was lucky that she had not been charged with home invasion, which carries a more serious punishment. Also joining the prosecution team is senior James Hurst and freshman Mitchell eggers who cut their legal teeth prosecuting the Big Bad wolf in the Red Riding Hood case. The Three Bears were also present at the Goldie Locks arraignment. Both Papa A. Bear and Babe E. Bear growled when they heard Locks enter her “not guilty plea,” Papa A. Bear said, “No guilty my paw! She tore through my house (contiues on page 12)
Goldilocks gets herself into ever more trouble from the enforcer, Mr. Carroll.

Biker teachers Page 8

Wal-Mart Page 10

Photo By: Andrew Fiorillo

By: Korey King, Dan Woodall, Jack Starr and Andrew Benjamin

Scientific happenings

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Childhood icon linked to cult members
By: Kelly Moore, Brittany Foster, Westley Kingsbury and Chris Morse


April 2008

Scientists are flabbergasted by two enviornmental phenomenas occuring in the science hallway at Hudson High School. The two recent discoveries are baffling scientists the wrld over. It seems that one of the teachers, Yvonne Whatley, has been destroying the atmosphere for over 30 years. Her excessive use of worksheets has been directly linked to the destruction of many rain forests worldwide. When asked about these accusations, Whatley commented, “I don’t know about these accusations, but what I do know is thatproceeded to write “Pooh” on my memo pad. Scientists are also investigating another Whatley-related anomaly. The believe Everyone sees him roaming the halls, swinging rackets, and building trebuchets, but is there more to Mr. Galati than meets the eye? Mr. Galati clearly hasn’t visited a laser hair removal clinic

that her massive use of hairspray, evident by her constantly poofy hair, is causing a depletion of the ozone layer. When asked about recent findings, Dr.Lyzinpropoganda stated, “I have been investigating Whatley since I was knee high to a grasshopper, and I will finally be able to use this opportunity to expose her secret aerosol producing facility in the Rocky Mountains.In other news, Nikole White, was also found to be in league with Whatley as the cofounder of the alleged organization, “Gang of Repulsive Inconsiderate and Nihilistic Child Haters (G.R.I.N.C.H.). Ironically White’s heart is three times too small.

Blast from the past

By: Sabrina Beltz, Olivia Mead, Virgina Pierman and James Hurst

A recent news story indicates that three Hudson High School teachers were found responsible for the recent ambush against the Gulf View Mall Santa Claus this past Christmas break. According to an unknown source the three teachers are planning a protest against the Gulf View Mall Easter Bunny in the upcoming months. The three attackers are believed to be the leaders of the cult False Information Broadcasters also Known as F.I.B. The three teachers involved are Mr. Casel, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Wilson. The three teachers decided to start the cult after discovering they all had similar traumatic events involving Santa Claus, the Easter te3ch savvy, but we suggest that it is proof that he could easily construct a time machine to advance in time. Our studies show that Galati can transcend past the average 21st century man, with

Bunny, the Tooth fairy, and Jurassic Park. Actually, Jurassic Park only had a traumatic effect to Mr. Wilson due to his age. It is unknown as to the reason for the cult being formed. However, it is known that the cult stage ambushes against childhood icons and preach false stories to their students. It is rumored that Coach White, the weight lifting coach, will be taking the place of Mr. Wilson as a leader when Mr. Wilson retires. Coach White’s elaborate stories about being attacked by various animals have become well known throughout the student body. There is a suspicion about two new members of the cult. What exactly should you his high IQ and educational studies. Galati has adapted by exchanging bison for a cal zone, a club for an ipod, and clay for ink pens. However, Mr. Galati cannot give up his nomadic ways, he’s an avid hiker, his last foray, January 21st, 2008. Besides

be looking for in a F.I.B. member? For example, Mr. Casels stories have become more elaborate as the years go on. Mr. Johnson’s epic story about his trip to Egypt seems some what unbelievable. Mr. Wilson’s stories about his former students seem far from the truth. It seems unbelievable that such fantastic teachers could be a part of such a horrible organization. Regardless of their amazing fibbing abilities their teaching abilities are still superb. Yet if you have a middle aged teacher with thinning hair, beware!

since 114 B.C, and one could argue that is slouching back is from playing tennis, but who’d really believe that? It’s evident. Mr. Galati is a Caveman. Mr. Galati is extremely

the fact that Mr. Galati is substantially hairy, a little bit slouchy, and his car is insured by Geico, the ageold question still stands “Is physics so easy, that even a caveman can do it?”

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April 2008

By: Jake Aguis

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Varsity Baseball shines in statistics
By: Jake Aguis

Back to the grid iron

The Cobra football With a mixture and Alex Banas rounds out the team’s ten games came team looks to come off of a of class and talent, Cobra the senior class. The quick against Wiregrass 11-1, and great season in which they baseball looks to strike off hands and extreme range of arguably the best game of went 7-4, and made a well of an abysmal last couple Cartenga and Luka helps the year over Wesley Chapel earned playoff appearance starting this May in spring of seasons. Weapons on the the two in turning double 6-5. It will be tough to out- ball. Losing 13 seniors, the Cobra offense and defense plays. The hitting attributes surround the field, and they of Cartenga have been a play big name teams like Cobras will be returning seem to be missing very few huge help for this team as Zephyrhills, Central, Pasco, 14 juniors to fill the senior keys to open the door to a he holds the highest batting and Springstead, but Hudson slots over the command of looks to capitalize on their a returning coaching staff average for the team. winning season. Though a junior, Anthony close losses. These couple- lead by head coach Mark The Cobra Varsity team consists of seven seniors Siciliano is one of the biggest of-run losses can show how Nash. This May will be the first and all of them in possession assets to this Cobra line-up. little things can matter so spring football experience of important contributions. Siciliano gets it done on the much. Pitcher Danny Miles and mound and at the plate as he outfielder and pitcher Mike has an astonishing strikeout Manda are front of the line to walk ration with 15 to starters to go along with 4, and leads the team in Junior Anthony Siciliano. extra-base hits. Outfielder, After 9 games, Miles has sat Pitcher Jarrod Branco brings down 12 batters in just 7 2/3 leadership and hustle to this innings. Manda has been Cobra team, as utility man one of the more consistent Joe Maddilone plugs the for the team as he posts a gaps that are left in their 1.75 ERA. Centerfielder depth chart. Lone sophomore and Alan Gladiuex is a huge dimension in the Cobra first basemen Martin Oekel defense with a cannon for has been a very big part to an arm. The ground that this team’s offense. With Gladiuex covers is another the stick, Oeckel has posted reason he has a step ahead, the team’s second highest along with the blinding batting average and is the speed on the base path. team leader in runs batted Beside Gladiuex, in the in. Though the Cobras do speed class is versatile Junior Photo By: Andrew Fiorillo Hunter Newton. Newton not have the record they leads the Cobras in stolen had hoped for, close games bases, and can be placed at against powerhouses like selection of over forty various positions in the field Land-O-Lakes show how sports. such as catcher, second, or short of a distance this AAU formed in short stop. Jeff Cartenga, team needs to go to top the 1888, has grown and Blake Luka, Brian Damm, division. The two wins of improved greatly since its early years. In 1978, AAU created an act which mainly By: Kari Fairbanks Just because the focused on its efforts into season ends doesn’t mean providing the programs you have to stop playing. for participants of all ages, Many athletes around and they did just that. Walt the country participate Disney World hopped on in different athletic clubs board in 1996, which helped outside of school. These AAU further its goals. Later clubs or teams are most that year they relocated likely sponsored by The the AAU headquarters to Amateur Athletic Union Orlando. They now have (AAU), an nonprofit a double-deck 7,500 seat stadium and organization. Being one of baseball the largest organizations of baseball uadraplex, a field its kind in the United States, house that accommodates Caption you’re sure to find the sport up to six hardwood courts, you love most, AAU offers a softball quartraplex, two youth baseball fields, a track and field complex, and four multipurpose performance fields sized for soccer tournaments. but you don’t have to travel to Orlando for every tournament you enter. Different sports facilities host tournaments all over the state and country. Traveling to new places gives you the

for all freshmen. This spring will test how well this team has stayed in shape throughout the six month off-season, and see how much they grew in the weight room and on the field. This will be no problem at all for freshmen offensive linemen Bobby Zvonchenko, who has become an all state weightlifter and sprinter. However, fellow freshmen receiver Dylan Buono will have to work much harder. The attitude of Buono has

Post-season leagues keep athletes going

opportunity to meet new people and face players of various skill levers, which will only enhance your abilities. The Amateur Athletic Union doesn’t just sponsor tournaments and teams, but they also hold the AAU Junior Olympic games in July. For information check www.aaujrogames. org. To join the yearround fun, just visit www. and click on “Join AAU” and follow the step by step process. Each player on a team must have their AAU membership card (printed from the internet)at every event. Your coach should carry all of the required information. Since 1888, the organization has grown substantially, and still kicking.

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School News

April 2008

The Road Ahead
ing lunch, but at least the school is trying to give us more space and a more enjoyable lunch. The outside of our school really needed to spruce up a bit, and we’re doing just that. It just got repainted, they are cutting down trees, and are making a lot of landscaping changes. We also just added a new portable outside to make room for another class, and more students. Mr. Connelly expressed is feelings about what needs to be done. “Further landscaping issues, repainting the interior, add new floors, and air conditioning changes.” Adding more bathrooms could also really help. But the students should also respect them. Another issue is our school is extremely crowded. It’s so hard to get to each class, and with all of the kids, the halls seem so narrow and small. Maybe we could open them up some how to make them easier to access through or make another hallway to get to the classes. What about new furniture, new desks would be a plus. Many of is suppose to be under a five year plan for remodeling the inside and outside. So hopefully, some of those changes will happen over that 5-year period, but new budget restrictions by the state may impact them. “I think these changes will have an affect on all the students because it will impact all of them.” Ms. Williams replied to who these changes will affect. Mr. Connelly also agrees with Ms. Williams, but for a different reason. He thought, “These changes will have the most affect on the students(not just the staff) because if people feel better about the school; they’ll hopefully take care of it.” Although these changes aren’t finalized yet, don’t think that some of them will not come through. The school is just trying to improve the best they can to make the school day more comfortable for the students and the faculty.

Who’s Cachucho?
By: Jessica Schwindt

By: Paige Winters

Our school has been around for 35 years and is one of the older schools in the county. After many years, it is living up to its expectations by improving physical features, along with student services. One major possible focus is changing the cafeteria and making it more comfortable for students. The outside patio will be fully covered, and a serving line might be added. Another thought was to go back to two lunches, which would mean we would be going back to five minute passing periods. The school does not just plan on redoing the patio, during the summer they plan on reconstructing the entire kitchen area and also the serving lines inside. The commons may not be reopening dur-

By: Carolyn Youakim

Charmer Classifieds
and have good references, make sure you take them with you. have names, addresses, and telephone numbers of your past employers. Also know dates that you worked for them. That is something your employer will examine. If you do not have references, try to get someone who knows you well to tell your employer about your character. One last thing is to go to the interview prepared. You can easily look up basic interview questions online. Just quickly glance over some of the questions and see if you can honestly answer them. Over all just make sure to be prepared and relaxed. If you are looking to go into a specific job, try to get some experience in that field. Start with any job possible just to get in. Then, as new opportunities open up, you are able to instantly apply and move up. You must, however, do an excellent job at whatever task you are given. That way you’ll be noticed and advancement will be easy. If you are

them are broken and I bet the teachers and faculty would also like to have new ones. Lastly, noise control. Here’s an example, if you’re in the media and you need to take a test or concentrate on something. Most of the time you cannot because of all the kids in the hallway. Instead of having the bars, they could change them to walls. The school right now

Mrs. Cachucho did the exciting jobs of making banjos and pearl inlaying guitars for three years, and repairing pipe organs for thirteen years. She still had the motivation to further her horizons by choosing the path of teaching. She attended Green Field Community College and North Adams State College in Massachusetts. She received her Bachelor’s degree in math education and has taught math for her entire teaching career. Before Hudson she taught for four years at a school in Western Massachusetts. “The idea of becoming a teacher came into my head when a friend of mine started teaching welding at a teach school. I would go visit him and sometimes he would ask if I could help the

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to jobs. You can work in a restaurant waiting tables, bagging groceries in Publix, or work in a clothing store in the mall. No matter what you do there are always two ways to look at your job: just a way to get money or the start of your future. Some things you should know before you go job searching is networking, your dress, and your references. Networking is very important when looking for a job. Let your friends and family know that you are looking for an opportunity to earn some money and what you are looking for in that job. You never know when they may come across your perfect occupation. When you are getting ready to be interviewed, always ask yourself what is the normal dress for that job. Always look appropriate for whatever job you are placing an application. Just make sure you don’t over dress. If you have ever had a job

looking to go into a medical field try to get a job at a local hospital. Other than getting a job, one good thing to do is volunteer. Volunteering is a good way to help the community and get experience in a specific field. It will help you add references when you do apply for employment. It also keeps you busy over the summer and is great for those community service hours needed for most scholarships. Community service can also help you by letting you experience that field of work to see if you really like it. Also, it may lead to your future job. You may end up working at that facility or find another through your community service facility. You still have about two months before summer is here to find that perfect summer job. One place you may try looking is the CRC, Mr. Casey currently has a few employers looking for high school students to work for them.

Caption.. students with their math. I figured school had not been a big part of my life before, so college might be a good thing to experience while training for a new career. Becoming a teacher was one of my better choices in life,” said Mrs. Cachucho. She and her husband Eddie have been together for twenty-five years. In her free time she likes to garden for butterflies and food, paint, and do home repairs. “I’m a home body,” she said. After eleven years of teaching, Mrs. Cachucho is still very satisfied that she ended up becoming a teacher. Her decision to become an inspirational teacher is helping mold the young minds of teenagers. She is now into her seventh year of teaching at Hudson High School. “I really like the students and people who work here. The students are unpretentious,” said Mrs. Cachucho.

The Era of 2008 Graduates
By: Tori Creamer

April 2008

School News
Grad Bash ‘08
By: Jessica Love

Page 5

The graduating class of 2008 has spent roughly 14,040 hours being prepared for their adult life. We have spent the majority of our lilves wandering throughout the hallways of adolescent grade school. The first day of first grade was filled with tears, Disney lunchboxes (complete with matching thermose), Pokemon t-shirts, and Barbies. Middle school became our teenybopper period where most girls became “women” and wore smeared make-up to school everyday, while boys deciding showering was over-rated and the swimming pool looked more inviting. The first day of Freshmen year we clung onto our schedules with a school map half-hidden in our pockets while we shoved our way through circular hallways. And through all of that we have survived. The little moments from our memories are the ones we learn from the most. They are the foundation

for the rest of our lives.We might look back on high school and think of our experience as our “golden years” of maybe a nightmare. Most will probably say they would never want to do it again, and there will be those who have a harder time letting go. All of our lives we are taught to graduate from high school, get a job, raise a family, and retire without losing our entire mind. Just from looking at our graduating class, we can see that life will give us so much more. Some of us will leave high school and become professional surfers. Others might leave their mark in the world as heros and become doctors, soldiers or firefighters. Some of us might even return to Hudson High as teachers. Life may lead us all in different directions with different goals, but we will all carry on representing the Hudson High School graduating class of 2008.

By: Kristyn Jones

Exam Prep 101
gone ‘in one ear and out the other’. An easy way to fix this would be to space out the work. Study for history on Mondays and Wednesdays; math on Tuesdays and Thursdays; Science on Saturdays; and english on Fridays and Sundays. A common predicament many students find themselves in occurs when they try to do too much at one time. Spread it out! Give your brain a break! What you do not need is to stress yourself out! Another good way to prepare for exams would be to find a study group. Get some friends together and find a place where you can all help each other with as little distractions as possible. But start preparing now! Exams can be easy and stress free if they are properly prepared for. So take the time, a few hours a night, and sit down with your books. You will be surprised to see how much better you will score on them!

“Orlando’s most mind blowing grad party” Is what grad bash is said to be. This year grad bash 08’ will be held at universal studios. Tickets are $60 and will be sold in he commons during all lunches. Grad bash is for seniors, and has many attractions this year. They also have pre parties if you want to start your celebrating early. There’s a citywalk pre party, and a Mardi Gras pre party. The space is limited for both pre parties. Both of the parks, Universal studios, and Islands of adventure will be open. They also both have different attractions. Universal is going to have Revenge of the Mummy, Shrek 4-D, Fear Factor Live, Men in Black, Alien Attack, and more. On the other hand, Island of adventure is having The Incredible Hulk coaster, The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man, Doctor Dooms
(continues on page 12)

We are nearing the end of the school year. Many students are taking it easy as of right now. After all, there is only a few months left right? No worries! This is how many students are thinking going into a very stressful time of the year : exams are almost here! For the dualenrollment and advanced placement students these exams are not far away at all. So how do you prepare for a test like this in such a short amount of time? And how can you be certain that you have retained all that you need to know? Finals are made up of either the curriculum in the last semester or of the entire school year. The work can really add up! You will find yourself very overwhelmed in a short amount of time. How you stud is very important. If you wait too long, you will be cramming too much information into your mind, and it will be far more difficult to try to remember it all. It will have

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April 2008

By: Andrew Fiorillo

They stand off, in a white room, battling for the glory. One of the most important battles of our generation is occuring as you read these very words. I’m talking of course about the rivalry between Apple (Mac) and Microsoft (PC); there is another contender, but he is considered more of a bystander, and that would be Linux (open source). Windows was not originally founded to be the computer for “John Everyman.” It was designed to be

a very clean cut, minimalistic machine, used solely for documents and computation (clean cut machines from back in the day weren’t exactly supercomputers). It was first implemented into businesses as a cool address book, or some way of keeping files. That’s it. Nothing more. The first company to grab on to Microsofts’ OS (Operating System) was IBM, but since then they’ve downsized their computer manufacturing operations. Macintosh was the free

bird, if you will. The Apple company was originally created by two men: Steve Jobs (the current CEO) and Steve Woxniak (a computer enthusiast). Jobs took care of the business, while Wozniak (also referred to as “The Woz”) designed, built, and programmed the computers. The computer was aimed at the exact opposite demographic, the “John Everyman.” Linux. Oh, Linux. Linux was never actually designed, yet it was. The

idea of Linux was to create an “easy” baseline for most people to create their own OS to their own needs; making it the best OS you can get (if by “get” you mean “make”). So the last question persists: “what’s best?” The truth of the matter is that there is no universally better OS. Macs are good for some people, while PCs are good for others; it depends on what your uses are. For the average teen, it doesn’t really matter, you can do

word processing on either, you can play videos, you can listen to music. Computer programmers might prefer PCs because that’s where the market is, while video editors sway towards Macs because there’s a bigger multitude of quality multimedia programs. The only time that an OS ever really matters to most people is when the program isn’t cross platform. That, and fan-boyism.

Touching isn’t just for the iPod anymore
Axiotron releases touch-enabled MacBook
By: Liza Soroka

Photo Courtesy of

Ever dream of having a computer only thirteen inches in length? Well, on Monday, December 31, 2007, that dream came true for hundreds of people who have longed for a different kind of Mac laptop. Axiotron began shipping the ModBook, there version of the MacBook with touch screen capabilites. “I have the iMac, but to have the ModBook would be awesome!” says Jake Qualtiere. The ModBook is a complete, incredible computer that as a mere 13.3 inch flat, touch screen. The keyboard has been replaced with an onscreen keyboard and the tablet is Wacom pen enabled so that typing and touching of the screen can be achieved. The Wacom is the most perferred choice among many artists and photographers. The tablet is sealed in a chrome magene-

sium shell like the MacBook Pro. This product runs in the price range of just under $3,000. On Friday, January 11, 2008, the ModBook device was awarded with the Macworld “Best of Show” award. Just like the regular MacBook, the ModBook runs on Mac OS X Leopard and also includes a built-in Inkwell handwriting recognition program. Other than the touch screen capabilites and lack of keyboard, the ModBook is essentially just a MacBook. The latest models include an Intel 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 1 GB of RAM, 120 GB Hard Drive, a CDRW/DVD-Rom Combo Drive, and much more. The only alteration is of the camera that has been tilted down to frame the face better while using it during iChat sessions. The ModBook requires no ex-

tra batteries. It is also being recognized as being the only portable Mac system that has GPS (Global Positioning System) built in. This feature has been updated with improved tracking capabilites. A ModBook owner could invest in additional enhancements including a warranty extension, extra RAM, and a larger hard drive. The ModBook is currently available online in the U.S. via Other World Computing (www.macsales. com.)

April 2008

School’s out, summer’s in
By: Dallas Woerner


Page 7

Dining by the sea
By: Briana Brosnan

The hottest places to chill at this summer

Sun kissed hair, perfect tans, cut guys, hot girls, romance, bathing suits, and sand between your toes. Summer 2008 is just around the corner. Two months, no school, no alarm clocks, and you think we are going to sit home everyday.No! It's time for vacation. The usual vacation stop for the summer would be the beach. Living in Florida, we have beaches left and right. The thing is, what is the best beach? You don't want to go to a crummy beach on vacation, that would just suck. The top ten beaches in Florida would be: 1. South Beach Miami
By: Ashley Herne

2. Siesta Key Beach 3. Palm Beach 4. Lovers Key Beach 5. Clearwater Beach 6. Smathers Beach 7. Sanspur Beach 8. Panama City Beach 9. Sanibel Island 10. Daytona Beach. Not a beach fan? No problem. There is many summer activities to keep you busy. Florida has many cities worth seeing. Orlando for example. This city is home to Disney World and Universal Studios. Families could get away for a bit and enjoy themselves at a theme park. Rides for little kids to senior citizens.

In the Tampa Bay area they have many major shopping malls. Busch Gardens Africa is located in the heart of Tampa, which is the home to Shekra, one of the tallest roller coasters in the world. Other major cities include St. Petersburg and the Florida Keys. Living in Florida we are very lucky to have many vacation spots around. Florida is one of the top vacation states in America. If you're looking for roller coasters, water rides, sand and waves, then Florida is the place.

Sam’s Beach Bar, established in 1981 and owned by the Marisi Family, is located on Hudson Beach, the perfect place to go with family and friends. The tropical atmosphere is an outstanding place to watch the sunset. A variety of seafood and classic American food is offered. Sam’s is open from 11am to 12pm everyday except for Monday. They also serve breakfast on Sundays from 7am to 11am. The average wait time when Sam’s is a little packed is around fifteen minutes with seating when busy being around twenty to thirty minutes. The atmosphere is one of the best parts about the Beach Bar. The hand painted stools and porch along with a view of the water made it a remarkable experience. The restaurant also consists of open deck seating and wind resistance flaps which are lowered when cold. The built in heater also makes it

feel like you are eating inside in forty degree weather. All forty-two items on the menu are very afforadably priced. To start out, I recommend “the sampler,” which is basically a variety of appetizers offered at Sam’s. You also get a hefty helping with the meals like the “Regular Monster.” “The Super Hero’s” and “Samwhiches” can also be found on the menu. No matter what the weather is like outside, you can also enjoy your dining experience at Sam’s Beach Bar. Sam’s Hudson Beach Restaurant is located at 6325 Clark Street, Hudson, Florida 34667, just across from Inn on the Gulf restaurant and hotel. You can call them at (727) 868-1971.

Summer anticipating blockbusters
The movies is one of the first places teenagers go to hang out on a boring night, but they have many choices on what they can see. This summer is packed with all different genres of movies for everyone’s taste. From animated movies like Wall-E, hard-core action movies like Indiana Jones, and for comic junkies, Ironman, there is something out there for you. Hulk, due out for release on June 18. But the warmongers who dream of abusing his powers won’t leave him alone, nor will his need to Action be with the only woman he Arriving in theaters on has ever loved, Betty Ross. May 22 is a Steven Spiel- Upon returning to civilizaberg directed, George Lucas tion, our brilliant doctor is produced film called Indi- ruthlessly pursued by The ana Jones and the Kingdom Abomination, a nightmarish of the Crystal Skull. It’s beast of pure adrenaline and an older and wiser Indi- aggression whose powers ana Jones (Harrison Ford) match The Hulk’s own. It against agents of the Soviet is a comic book match that Union, led by Spalko (Cate should excite any comic Animation Being released on June Blanchett), for the crystal junkie. 17 is Wall-E, the latest film skull. Indy is assisted by his from Pixar about the last former lover Marion Ravenlittle robot on Earth. He was wood. programmed to clean up and Comic Junkies Scientists Bruce Banto clean up, everyone had to leave Earth. The clean- ner, living in the shadows, up program failed with the is scouring the planet for an exception of this one little antidote in The Incredible robot and he’s left on Earth doing his duty all alone. Not only does he clean up, but he falls in love.

Photo Courtesy of

Broadway in Hudson
By: Kaitlyn Davis

The Show Palace Dinner Theater is one of two professional dinner theaters in the Tampa Bay area. The theater hires members of the Actors Equity Association, American Guild of Variety Artists, and non-union performers from all over the country. Half way through 2005, the Show Palace hired Matthew McGee as its full-time artistic director. Matthew joined the “Palace” staff in 2001 as an actor and assistant stage manager. He became production coordinator in 2004. He has directed highly acclaimed productions such as Anything Goes, The Odd Couple, and Victor/Victoria. Other artistic staff members include Katie Kevwin (resident choreographer), Tom Hansen (scenic and lighting designer), Gary Hansen (resident and music director), Angela

Hoerner (resident costume designer), and Susan Haldeman (company manager). For over ten years, their professional staff has handled every aspect of their shows, all blending together to give you the Show Palace in Florida. The St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune, among other publications, have rated the theater as on of the finest theatrical and dining experiences in the state of Florida. One patron said: “Great performances, great food, great hospitality.” The Show Palace Dinner Theater is located at 16128 U.S. Highway 19, Hudson, Florida 34667.

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the heat from the sun and containing it and heating up our Earth. Water vapor holds on to two-thirds of the heat trapped by all the greenhouse gases. As the Earth heats up, relative humidity is able to increase, allowing the planet’s atmosphere to hold more water vapor, resources will decrease and quality may suffer. Many plant and animal species will have problems adapting. Human health will also greatly be affected. Diseases like malaria will spread quickly. Wondering what you can do to help? Here are some ways: carbon dioxide

April 2008

Growing problem, devestating consequences
By: Alyssa Corbin

“Global warming isn’t an opinion. It’s a scientific reality. And the science tells us that human activity has made enormous impacts to our planet that affect our well-being and even our survival as a species.” ( Global warming is the increase in

By Larissa Studacker

Photo By: Andrew Fiorillo

the average temperature of the Earth’s near-surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation. Global warming is caused by many things. The main causes are, carbon dioxide released from power plants, car emissions, airplanes, and buildings, methane releases, water vapor in the atmosphere increasing, nitrous Oxide releases, Deforestation, and permafrost. The increase of all these gasses in the atmosphere is trapping

We all know that riding motorcycles can be fun, exhilarating, and even a little bit dangerous. Whether it’s a crusier, a scooter, or an outragous streetbike. There are some people that are absolutely in love with the freedom of riding a bike on the open road. An assortment of those people thus causing even more emissions can be cut by can be found at our very warming. All of this change reducing the use of fossil own Hudson High School. in temperature sounds fuels(oil); cutting back on Mr. Verge who has nice, but it leads to serious car use; investing in energy been an art teacher here problems. For example, the efficiency; implementing for quite some time has sea level is expected to rise energy conservation 20 centimeters (which is measures; and beginning his very own 1999 Harley roughly 8 inches)by 2030. to use renewable resources Davidson Wideglide or This could decrease our such as wind, solar, and known as a HD FXWD6. costal communities and hydro power. Reducing fossil With 1450cc’s this baby’s increase saltwater intrusion fuel use will, coincidentally, got power. Our rider has into our fresh water supply. also reduce emissions of forty years of experience in Agriculture and forestry methane, and nitrous oxide. riding. His favorite feeling will be very affected. There CO2 is consumed by plants is the openess and he will be more crop failures and trees so, by planting loves riding with groups of and native trees could suffer more green plants and from heat and drought. Water making (continues on page 12) people and at his own pace. He advises students to start small and work your way up and wearing a helmet is a must Ms. Hood has been riding since she was a teenager. She now owns a 1994 Honda shadow with a 600 cc motor. Her favorite thing about riding is getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and one again the freedom of riding. Her opinion on riding with large groups differs from that of Mr. Verge. She feels it can get a little scary, because it’s hard to stay with everyone In the group. Her advice for students would

Feeling the freedom

be to drive extra careful. Always use more distance between you and the vehicle ahead or behind you. Ms. Mullins started riding was she was eighteen years of age. She just recently started riding again last year. As of right now she owns a Pegasus Q-Link with 150cc’s. Her favorite thing would be the wind in your face. She likes riding alone or with groups of people. She wants to remind students that riding a bike can be very fun and exhilarating, but at the same time very dangerous. Ms. Mullins also said students should remember to drive defensively. If you’re thinking about hopping on a motorcycle and feeling the freedom yourself, remember the advice given by our very own teachers and just go out and have fun. Also make sure you have a motorcycle endorsement on your diver’s license.

April 2008

Prom Checklist
By: Jackie Monahan and Katie Gregory


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With prom quickly approaching us there are many things to check off your list before the big night. The first thing you should start with is a place to stay that night. Most students spend the night at one of the many hotels on Clearwater Beach. If you are one of these students to want to book your rooms early since you have to think about the fact that

not only the students from hudson that will be looking for a room but the students from other schools that are having there prom night that night as well and planning on spending the night in Clearwater. Next on your list should be your ride. You can save

major bucks if you drive yourself but this is prom night were talking about here after all so if you do want to spring for the limo the smartest thing would be to split it with you and your friends. For different sizes of limos and prices call the companies for more infor-

mation. Now it is on the the fun part, well the fun part if your a girl, if your a guy you can just skip over this section. There are tons of places to get your hair and nails done however as mentioned before every girl in Hudson plus girls from other schools are going to be getting there hair and nails done also. Nails are the easier of the two since you get get them done up to a week before hand and if by some chance you do chip, break or mess up a nail most places will replace or fix it with no charge to you. Hair on the other hand is a bit more difficult. You have to get that done that same day as prom, so make sure you make your appointments now and make sure your hair will be done right. From prices call the numbers below and they will be happy to help you in anyway. Another item to check off your list is where to eat. Some restaurants will expect reservations and others only take call aheads. No matter where you go there will be waiting since it is prom night but also a Saturday night which is a

busy night for restaurants any ways. Just keep your cool while your waiting but is you call ahead you wont be waiting quit as long as you would if you were to just walk up without any notice at all. Now on to the most important part, your look, for guys its pretty basic, go to a tux shop have them measure you for your sizes and you can rent everything you need from that one spot. You might need to go somewhere else to get a tie to match your girls dress but your shopping can be completed in about 2 to 3 hours. For the girls it can take a few days to get every we need to look amazing. So boys don’t get to fed up with us if when you call us to hang out were out shopping for prom. Were only trying to make ourselves look amazing for you. After all these things are checked off your list you can finally relax, but remember your going to want to have some extra cash for the big night for dinner and just incase something unexpected happens. Yes after prom more then half of the senior and junior class will be broke so now is the time to be picking up those extra shift at work and help around to house to get some extra cash. Just remember when prom night rolls around no matter what happens or what goes wrong just breathe and enjoy the night. For us seniors its our last prom night well all have to together and its a night that your going to want to remember with good memories. Not the bad.

Wal-Mart: not-so-super center?
by line

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Events and Issues

April 2008

When people walk into “Wally World” they might think it’s a wonderful store. It’s a place they can get almost everything in one location. Does that mean Wal-Mart is taking over the merchandising world? The words, “How are you doing today? Can I help you with anything? Have a great day,” sound very appealing when you are shopping. Face it, Wal-Mart basically has everything you could possibly want 24/7. First, Wal-Mart has very low prices. “It’s pushed a low-cost, globalsourcing model to the nth degree. It’s created suppliers that produce goods cheaper than they ever could before,” said Gary Gerefi, A professor of sociology at Duke University. You can find so many different items cheaper than at the other stores. “I think Wal-Mart is good for America. WalMart is doing what America is all about, the American market economy, which is producing things consumers want to buy. Wal-Mart is offering consumers a wide
By: Rebecca Lineback

Beacon Woods and Leisure Beach? They fought and fought and some how of course Wall-Mart won. The new stop light cost the local areas money because of taxes and most of them didn’t want it to even happen. Also, the new Wal-Mart caused a lot more traffic in and out of the different developments close by. Another bad factor is that K-mart is going to have a lot less business. Everyone Photo By: Andrew Fiorillo pretty much knows that it range of goods at rock and even eye doctors inside it decreases employment in will most likely soon be bottom prices, and therefore, which makes your shopping both retail and manufacturing closing. it is meeting the market more convenient. while lowering the wages in Wal-Mart has its ups test,” said Brink Lindsey, Along with all of the both places, and increases and downs, the good, the vice president for research good points there are also our tendency to consume bad, and the ugly. It’s all up at the Cato Institute. some bad factors. Wal-mart natural resources that we do to your personal opinion. So Thousands of jobs is so large that when it moves not need. you make the choice. Is Walhave been filled from Wal- into an area, lots of the The nice greetings Mart really a good thing? Mart super stores. If you are “mom and pop” businesses that employees tell you eighteen or older you can (that aren’t franchised) aren’t always sincere. apply online. Even though are forced to close. Small Customers occasionally the pay isn’t the greatest, businesses are over looked say that they can be really it still gives people the and ignored, this causes a rude and not helpful when opportunity to work and decrease in their profits. This you ask for something. The make a living. forces the small business to check-out lines are very Wal-Mart sublets close. Ultimately because crowded constantly which (rents) some of its floor they cannot compete with half of them aren’t even space to a variety of vendors. Wal-Mart’s buying power. open. There are nail salons, Even though it gives Are you happy Wallrestaurants, photography people the jobs they need, Mart won the fight against

Summer temperatures, dangers rise
No matter who you are or where you come from, you can become subject to heatstroke. On hot humid days is when this sickness occurs. Heatstroke is very dangerous, and may become fatal if not treated properly. There are precautions you can take to prevent heatstroke, as there are ways to help worsen it. When the evaporation of your sweat lessens by the increase of moisture in the air, and sweating is not enough to cool your body, body temperatures rise, which is heatstroke. Heatstroke is caused by dehydration (lack of water), wearing heavy clothing on hot days, wearing dark clothing on hot days, and pushing yourself too hard in extreme temperatures. There are dangers with heatstroke, because sometimes it comes without warning and most don’t know the symptoms or what to do about it. The main danger of heatstroke is death, from not being treated properly in the time needed. The symptoms are skin that feels hot, dry and that’s not sweaty, confusion or loss of conciseness, frequent vomiting, and shortness of breath or trouble breathing are the major/deadly signs that distinguish heatstroke. In the prevention of heatstroke avoid drinking coffee or tea in the heat, because this might lead to heatstroke. Take frequent breaks from exercising; avoid vigorous activities in the heat of summer. Know your limits; it’s important not to pass them especially in summer weather. Heatstroke is a very serious sickness, and needs to be treated immediately. It is fatal and kills thousands. It’s important keeping yourself safe from any form of heat related illnesses. This summer keep hydrated and stay away from extreme temperatures.

Events and Issues Spring vacation get-aways
April 2008
By: Tyler Wolowicz

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Spring Break. When people hear this word most think of Florida beaches. But what about places far away that are out of state, county, and continent? Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and South America are some of the last places people think of when you talk about spring break, but they actually have a lot of interesting things to do and see. Australia; the land down under as most people call it, has some of the most spectacular and interesting things to do and see. Beautiful rivers and oceans, close up wildlife, stunning mountains, captivating scenery, crystal-like waterfalls, postcard perfect beaches, and some of the best surfing in the world all come together to attract people from all around the globe to the fascinating country. To most tourists the most exciting view is the Sydney opera house, which is known all around the world where some of the greatest plays are being watched right now. The United Kingdom, it’s a tourist’s paradise,

with billions of stores and attractions. Of the landmarks the most famous being Big Ben is defiantly a must see. But also another famous landmark is Nottingham castle were hundreds of thousands of people visit each year. The other big hype in the UK is shopping. This is the place were you’ll find world class designers and major department stores including Harvey Nicholas and Selfridges. South Africa not many people think about for spending a spring break, but it is one of the most cultural and adventurous places to have an exciting spring break. With worldclass surfing, soccer, and rugby you’ll never be bored. There are natural attractions featuring dazzling waterfalls, the “wild coast,” and the Kruger to canyon biosphere reserve which will be days of exploring to any adventurer. South Africa is also very religious and loves sharing their culture to any tourist. Want to escape the heat this spring? Russia, the world’s biggest country would defiantly be the place

Photo By: Andrew Fiorillo

to go. With temperatures being in the 20’s and 30’s you can kiss the Florida heat goodbye. The number one tourist attraction is the Kremlin in Moscow. With it’s colorful and awkward shape, this building can be seen from all around Moscow. The other big deal is St.Petersburg. It has luxiourious hotels, beautiful landmarks, and one of the most colorful springs of any country. Sure, we live in Florida, but what about going to one of the best beach towns in the world? Rio De Janeiro in Brazil is famous for its

beachs, its surfing, and its relaxing Oceanside town. The other two main tourist attractions is the statue, Christ the redeemer and the Corcovado train. Nightclubs and live music on every street corner make this city sparkle with excitement. The City of Rio De Janeiro is huge and will take days to explore. With over 7 million people living in it you’ll never be bored. Now if you are thinking about taking a trip you need to apply for a passport as soon as possible because

passports will take six to eight weeks to come and you will have to pay extra if you want it fast. So if you are thinking about really having an amazing spring break then book everything now. You won’t regret it.

By Eric Laycock

Kick “BUTTS” Day
cancer, not just in older people, but young people too. That is what the whole campaign is all about, raising awareness against tobacco. Their main goal is to encouraging kids that it is not worth the risk to start smoking. They are also trying to convince kids that are smoking to stop because of how harmful tobacco is to not just your own body, but to others too. How exactly can you help? Teachers, church leaders, concerned parents; almost anyone can plan a Kick Butts Day event in their community. There are various web sites that can help create ideas for your activity in your community. Step up and speak out about tobacco wherever it seems possible and be a hero not to just you, but to many others as well. All it takes is one person, one voice, one step, and even if it is just one life, it will all be worth the fight.

It’s a casual morning in Hudson High, but as you walk down the hallways you smell a completely rancid stench and immediately you feel disgusted. Cigarette smoke burns thru your nostrils on a day-to-day basis. It is a slow suicide for anyone who smokes, but to risk fellow students lives, you could think of it like murder. Our students are not the only ones who care about tobacco usage. On April 2 you can stand out, speak up, and seize control of your life and many others. “Kick BUTTS” day is a national day where the youth of America can speak out, spread the word about tobacco, and support the fight against it at more than 2,000 locations across the country. So why exactly do they campaign against tobacco? If you didn’t know, cigarettes alone are the leading cause of lung

April 2008

Goldilocks (cont’d from page 1) Global warming (cont’d from page 8)
and caused a lot of damage to our stuff!” He went on to say that he and his family would all testify at the trial and looked forward to justice being served. The trial of Goldilocks will be held in the Commons of Hudson High School during all lunch periods on two (2) consecutive days in early May. The exact dates of the trial will be announced on the HHS morning news broadcast and on posters to be placed throughout Hudson High the week before the trial starts in order to accommodate expected spectator interest. your yard greener, you can help get rid of some more of those harmful gasses. You can also purchase products from companies who use recycled materials and who give a percentage of their proceeds to Global warming. If possible, do the following: use compact fluorescent bulbs; use recycled paper; buy a hybrid car; carpool when/ if you can; walk instead of driving; take shorter showers; reduce garbage; plant a tree; bring cloth bags to the store; buy minimally packaged goods, and unplug unused electronics. Most importantly, reduce, reuse, and recycle. If we do nothing to try and stop Global Warming, here is a worst case scenario for Hudson: much of our coastline will be lost with rising waters. The river water levels will also rise. If we got a hurricane during high tide, much more damage would be done solely from water. For more information on what you can do, visit www.

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Grad Bash (cont’d from page 4)

Football (cont’d from page 3)
stayed positive, and he has into the game for a month before the big show starts (continued on page 12) expressed his feelings about in August. This summer it football in general. “The will be hard to stay in shape, only thing about football so the players will need to that I question is that it will work hard, persevere, and take away how incredibly want to be the best. Although the Cobras will good looking I seem to be. But since I am so entirely lose a handful of key players, good looking, it wont effect they look to capitalize with me enough to matter, so incoming underclassmen football is great”, Dylan well as returning freshmen and sophomores to fill some said jokingly. The team has worked hard important roles. Spring in the weight room these past football season will be a six months. Many players good way to help the kids look at spring football as a stay in shape during a long way to stay in shape and into off-season that can change a the football game. Some player’s game by so much. rust will need to be worked out as multi-sport players will need to get back in to the pigskin mentality. This month will get the players

Fear Fall, Jurassic Park River Adventure, Dueling Dragons, and more. Live music is also going to be provided at grad bash. Some of today’s hottest music stars like Rihanna, and Hellogoodbye will be performing all night. There are some rules having to do with dress code, for the event. Things that ARE excepted would include, girls- dresses, skirts, shorts, casual pants (including jeans), blouses and tops, comfortable shoes (including tennis shoes, dress sandals, boots and flip flops), and boys- casual pants (including khakis and jeans), shorts, shirts with collars (golf/polo and dress shirts), sport jackets, dress suits, comfortable shoes (including tennis shoes, dress shoes, boots, and flip-flops). What is NOT excepted includeclothing with holes or shredding, clothing with obscene or offensive language or graphics, backpacks of any size, type or style (students only), visible undergarments, tops that bare the midriff, tank tops (guys) or undershirts, clothing that exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate at a school function, e.g., bikini tops and bottoms, clothing or accessories with high school logos or area codes, high school jerseys, chains, spiked collars or belts, and accessories that may be used as weapons. Some schools may also apply their own dress codes. The space for this event is limited, so make sure you reserve your spot before its to late.