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Technical Officer Level 4 - Antarctica

Job Details
Reference: TO4 Antarctica Several Positions
Classification: APS Level 6 (Technical Officer Level 4 - Engineer)
Salary range: $76,025 $86,438 pa, additional Antarctica allowances up to $54,595
pa, plus 15.4% superannuation
Location: Antarctica
Division: Hazards Warnings and Forecasts
Region: Tasmania and Antarctica
Section: Regional Engineering Services
Status: Non-Ongoing - specified term (2014/15 Antarctic - for approximately 16
months, subject to transport availability)
Applicants: Australian Citizenship see Eligibility Requirements
Applications close: extended to Thursday 23
January 2014
As an Antarctic Technical Officer Engineer you will be responsible for carrying out the
Engineering program to support the Bureaus climate and forecasting operations under the
Regional Engineering Services Manager. As part of this climate and forecasting program you will
be involved in data collection of surface and upper air observations under the Senior Observer.
You will also be responsible for the Engineering program to support the Australian Antarctic
programs (AAp) Automatic Weather Stations (AWS).
Successful applicants need to be available from around July for the Bureaus engineering and
observer training as well as AAD specific training, before departing to Antarctica. Usually the
length of training period is 4 months.
Departure for Antarctica is expected any time between November to April, depending to which
station you have been selected. Return to Australia is expected to be from around December,
again depending on the location of the station and AAD transport schedule.
Several vacancies are available.
Applicants selected for Antarctica will be required to undertake a criminal history check.

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Duty Statement
Within broad guidelines, perform the following duties as the officer responsible for the maintenance
of Bureau equipment at Casey, (Davis, Mawson, or Macquarie Island.)
1. Implement the engineering maintenance program for the Unit and accept responsibility for
the optimum performance of equipment.
2. Diagnose moderately to very complex faults and perform a range of work associated with
the maintenance, testing, alignment, repair, modification overhaul, installation and
operation of electronic and other equipment.
3. Inspect equipment, analyse performance, investigate defects, fault reports and complaints;
devise and carry out minor modifications and prepare associated reports.
4. Submit reports, returns, etc. and ensure that all records are accurately prepared and
5. Ensure that engineering maintenance materials are available and that buildings, equipment
and materials are safeguarded and kept in good condition.
6. Maintain familiarity with new equipment installed and keep abreast of new techniques.
7. Assist with major installation tasks and perform minor acceptance testing as required.
8. Undertake duties associated with the Observations Program and participate in duties
essential to the running of the station meteorological office as specified by the Officer-in-
9. Be aware of, and apply as necessary, the principles and practices of the various elements
of the Bureau's Social Justice Strategy.

Duties representing highest function: 1

Immediate Supervisor: EXECUTIVE LEVEL 1 (SOTC - RADIO) (NO. 5069)
Job Profile and Additional Information
Job ProfiIe and AdditionaI Information
Participate in the surface and upper air observations data collection on a rostered team
basis, 7 days a week. This will be 70 80 % of your duties.
Manage the Engineering program by carrying out routine engineering maintenance to
sustain the operability of equipment used to collect surface and upper air data.
Manage minor engineering installations, and or contribute to major engineering installation
works, as programmed.
Manage the engineering program routine reporting and equipment spares stock availability.
Manage the engineering communication infrastructure within the Bureaus Facilities and of

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the AAp AWS equipment.
Manage the AAp AWS equipment and other designated external clients equipment. The
engineering management component and external clients, including AAp AWS
Engineering. works will make up 20 30 % of your duties.

As well as these specific job roles, you will also be required to, in common with all other
expeditioners, perform duties rostered by the Station Leader to support the community life of the
expedition, such as general kitchen duties, garbage clearance and water duties. There will also be
opportunities to assist other expedition members with official programs that may include supporting
scientific research, aviation operations, field camps or undertaking over-land traverses to outlying
regions. The AAD also request volunteers for medical, search and rescue, fire fighting, boat
handling teams and other station tasks. AAD provide the necessary training in these areas.

Required SkiIIs, KnowIedge and Attributes
Associate Diploma of Engineering (Electronics) from an Australian educational institution,
or a comparable overseas qualification, which is appropriate to the duties; or relevant
experience and training which enables the employee to competently perform the duties at
this level.
Demonstrated skills in maintenance management, fault analysis, and high priority setting
Demonstrated ability to work largely unsupervised in a demanding role, with proven
interpersonal skill to work in a diverse team role.
Demonstrated level of oral and written communication skills sufficient to carry out the
engineering program.

PersonaI QuaIities Requirements
As a member of a small community there are also personal attribute requirements which the
Bureau of Meteorology (Bureau) and the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) assess very closely.
You will need to meet the personal qualities criteria listed below.

Demonstrate a strong work ethic.
Demonstrate that you can make a positive contribution to community and team.
Demonstrate that you respond to authority and are compliant with the law, legislative
requirements, Bureau and AAD policies and procedures,
Demonstrate a commitment to Australian Antarctic program specific requirements.

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MedicaI, PsychoIogicaI and Security Screening
If you are assessed as meeting the above job related and personal quality requirements, you will
be required to undergo medical, psychological and security screening. Meeting the requirements of
these is mandatory.
The AADs Polar Medicine Unit will decide on your medical fitness for duty in Antarctica
following tests conducted on our behalf by a nominated medical practitioner (currently
Medibank Health Solutions).
A psychological assessment will be conducted by a psychologist nominated by the AAD.
Security checks vary depending on the role required. This may be limited to a police record
Selection Criteria
Applicants are required to address the selection criteria. Responses to the selection criteria should
be limited to a maximum of 500 words per criterion. For information on how to address the
selection criteria refer to A Guide On Addressing Selection Criteria For Applicants.

All criteria are important and are rated equally.

1. Demonstrated ability to perform routine observational tasks accurately and efficiently under
time constraints and the pressures of other work commitments.

2. Possess the personal qualities to allow you to fit in socially and professionally with a small
group of people from different personal and professional backgrounds, requiring special
consideration to isolation, extreme climatic conditions and an awareness of, and concern
for, the environment.

3. Show understanding of the Bureaus Antarctic Program with particular reference to the
Surface and Upper Air Observational program.

4. Demonstrated ability to implement an extensive maintenance and installation program,
including the ability to interpret data and assess its accuracy in order to monitor
maintenance standards and equipment reliability.

5. Demonstrate extensive knowledge and experience with electronic, electro-mechanical,
computer and communications equipment. Possess the ability to perform very complex
fault analysis on associated hardware and software systems.

6. Knowledge of engineering maintenance record keeping and material management systems
such as SitesDb and SAP with a demonstrated ability to produce accurate and precise
reports and metadata records.

7. A commitment to implementing and adhering safe work practices. A sound understanding
of workplace responsibilities under the Work Health and Safety Act (2011).

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8. Knowledge and understanding of the principles of the Bureaus Social Justice Strategy, and
a commitment to apply them in the workplace.
Mandatory Requirements
All officers serving in Antarctica must:
1. Be certified as fit for Antarctic service by the Antarctic Division's Polar Medicine Branch and
2. Be rated as suitable from an AAD conducted Selection Centre assessment. This process
assesses interpersonal, and social skills, as well as the APS code of conduct values;
3. Possess an Associate Diploma of Engineering (Electronics) from an Australian educational
institution, or a comparable overseas qualification, which is appropriate to the duties; OR
relevant experience and training which enables the employee to competently perform the
duties at this level.
If you would like to know more about the Bureau of Meteorology visit
Employment conditions for most Bureau employees are contained in The Bureau of Meteorology
Enterprise Agreement 20112014.
Please read the selection documentation and if you have any queries specific to this position
please contact Adrian Porter on (03) 6221 2091 or email
Antarctic Information
General Information Bureau of Meteorology 2014/15 Antarctic Program
Antarctica Entitlements

Should you have any questions after reading the above documents, please contact Jenny Coombe
on (03) 6221 2075 or email
How to Apply
Applications are to be lodged online through the Bureau of Meteorology eRecruit system by the
closing date.
The eRecruit system is easy to use and will prompt you on how to register and apply for vacancies.

Prior to lodging your application online we recommend you:
Read the position information contained in the Job Details document.
Read the General Information and Antarctica Entitlements documents included in the Antarctic
Information above.
Have a current resume which details relevant employment experience, skills and qualifications.

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Prepare a statement specifically addressing the Selection Criteria for the position.

When applying online:
Please respond to all the online questions, complete your responses to the selection criteria
and upload a copy of your resume.
Regularly click save during the online process to ensure your application is saved. If there is no
activity for a set period of time the online application process will time out and automatically
disconnect you.
We recommend you prepare your answers to the criteria in a word document then copy and
paste your responses into the eRecruit system.
Your resume should be in a Word or PDF format.

Submitting the Antarctic Medical History Form:
In addition to your online application, you must also complete the Medical History Checklist
Form and post to Regional Director, c/- Jenny Coombe, Bureau of Meteorology, GPO Box
Hobart, Tasmania, 7001.
Please mark as confidential.

For further information on our recruitment process and how to apply refer to our careers website
Should you experience any difficulties with accessing the eRecruit system and applying online,
please contact the Recruitment Unit by email or phone (03) 9669 4401.