Written by DTYarbrough


Copyright 2010 All rights reserved

The snowflakes are falling, carolers calling, singing by dawns early light. Santa hasn't been here, there's no toys in here. Dad says Santa's budget is tight. He can't afford toys for all girls and boys, he'll make it up later this year. When things are much better, you'll get that sweater, so let's not have even one tear. You weren't forgotten, you haven't been rotten, why .. you were as good as can be. So don't you be crying, he's already trying, he'll come through eventually. So put on a smile now, and after a while now, you'll feel better, just wait and see. But I think of the others, my sister and brothers, and wonder how sad they will be. So I wrapped all my old toys, that were mostly for boys, in beautiful ribbons and bows. They'll think Santa's been here, just like he was last year, and nobody has to know. I got a blister, from making my sister, a doll house from cardboard and wood. I know she'll be happy, although it looks crappy, I did the very best that I could. Santa shouldn't feel sorrow, cause he couldn't borrow, enough to make Christmas real nice. I'll write him a letter, to make him feel better, and give him financial advice. Buy it on Ebay, they'll ship it next day, you hardly bid nothing at all. You'll find that it's finer, than thing made in China, and avoid all those product recalls. Banks no longer loan it, the governments own it, and they give it all to the rich. So look for employment, forget about enjoyment, but there's just one little hitch. The faster you make it, the faster they take it, unless you work for a bank. You'll get a bonus, even though you don't loan us, and the company goes in the tank.

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