Kaveri: continued injustice to Karnataka

The Origin of Kaveri is in Karnataka


...not in Tamilnadu!

But we have to plead Tamils for Kaveri water right from the time of British!
Karnataka gets water only if TN (under British rule) agrees! •TN can utilize •No preconditions for water for irrigation unlimited acres of land projects

Water can be utilized for 10,00,000 acres of land by TN!

“Karnataka (ruled by Mysore Wodeyars) must get permission from Madras to start any irrigation project”

Water can be utilized for only 1,50,000 acres of land by KA!

•Karnataka can utilize water for only 11,20,000 acres •Stay on all irrigation projects

•205 TMC should be given to TN (measured at Mettur) •136 TMC should be given even in summer. “Final Verdict”



India gets Freedom



05.02.2007: “Final Verdict”

Water collection and Demand
425 TMC Collection 465 TMC Demand
566 425 252 465

252 TMC Collection 566 TMC Demand!

Required 252, But...

Demanded 566!

Famine affected area and Demand
21,870 sq. km. Famine affected 465 TMC Demand!
21,870 465 12,790 566

12,790 sq. km. Famine affected 566 TMC

Even though famine areas are less than us…

Need more water than us!





Tamilnadu Karnataka







Water going out of Karnataka
Total Out-flowing water TN claims as 192 only which is baseless 238=192+ 46 Biligundlu (Karnataka): “There should be 192 TMC when measured here”

Karnataka Kerala Tamilnadu
Mettur dam(Earlier measurement was done here) 25 TMC water which flows from Biligundlu to Mettur is also Karnataka’s contribution.

But in Kerala there are no dams to store this water! Hence TN has neither released any water water to Kerala, nor are there any signs of it releasing this time! Even this 21 TMC is gulped by TN!

21 TMC for Kerala’s sake should be given by Karnataka to Mettur dam

Total Kaveri water going to TN
Self collection 252 At Biligundlu 192 From Biligundlu to Mettur 25 Gain by not giving to Kerala 21

419 TMC on paper, but 490 in reality!

Other Water resources in TN

Ground water (approximated) 150 Coleroon dam seepage 102 Tile and regulator loss 88 Rainwater (approximated) 50

Unused water itself is 390 TMC! This, together with unused water is 880 TMC

TN allowed to irrigate more land than KA – is this fair?
• 1924
– When British ruled TN, Karnataka was allowed to utilize kaveri water for only 1.5 lakh acres of land whereas TN was allowed to utilize 10 lakh acres of land – This can be attributed to British imperialism

• 1991
– Even 44 years after Independence, Karnataka can use kaveri water for only 11.2 lakh acres of land whereas there were no such regulations for TN – what sort of justice is this? – It is well known now that the imperialistic British unfairly prevented Karnataka from expanding its irrigation base more than TN. But how fair is it to follow the same biased policy even after independence?

• 2007
– Even after 60 years of Indepence, a biased verdict has now been passed that Karnataka still can use only 18.85 lakh acres, whereas TN can use 24.71 lakh acres – Isn’t this a continuation of the biased treatment meted out by the British?

Why has TN always got preferential treatment?
Before India’s independence
Mysore Ruled by the Wodeyars of Mysore Wodeyars, Tipu Sultan, Hyder Ali strong opponents of British TN was under British rule British stronghold in India; Indian rulers suppressed. Result: Britishers cheat Mysore in broad daylight. Tamils gain upper hand over Kaveri. Nobody to stop the British

After India’s independence
TN “We won’t join the Indian union”, “We oppose Hindi imposition” Upper hand of regional parties not just in TN but also at the center. Even today 4 important central govt. ministries are under Tamils. DMK is one of the parties in the coalition at the centre. Karnataka Forgets its linguistic identity Hindi given undue importance No regional parties whatsoever; Karnataka marginalized in central govt. policies Result: Nobody to really represent Karnataka at the centre or advocate for it. TN’s word has become Gospel truth! 1991 2007



India’s Independence