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Are you a water watcher?

Water watchers watch,

feel and listen. They
watch for drips, they
feel the tap is turned off
tight and they listen for

Water watchers keep
their ears and eyes open,
they listen and watch for water wasting; like taps dripping,
toilets leaking or hoses left on.

The Water Watchers
Big Book
About Water
Turn off
the tap
Turn off
the hoses

Text: Ollie Heathwood and Barbara Jensen

Line Drawings: Johanna Kempff

Cover: Angela Bettess

Written for: The Water Aware Centre Program
Rous Water Early Childhood Education Program

Copyright: Rous Water, 2006
Level 4, 218-232 Molesworth Street

Date: February 2006
Is there enough water for us all?

We share the rain from the clouds with all the people, plants
and animals. We share the water stored in Rocky Creek Dam
with all the people in our town and many other towns. Because
we are sharing we need to be careful with our water use. Not
spilling, not wasting but watching carefully how we use our
water and making sure there is enough for us all and our

Where does water come from?

Water drops fall as rain from
clouds. Rain plops on roofs, swirling
into gutters, disappearing down the
pipes. Mountains and hills catch the
rain. It runs along gullies into dams
and lakes. Water flows downhill
into creeks and rivers, then out to sea. Finally the hot sun
sucks water into the sky. Invisible water vapour rises up and
forms into new clouds, soon it will rain again.

Where does water we use come from?

Our water is stored in Rocky Creek
Dam. This water is pumped to a
factory near the dam, where it is
tested and cleaned. Then clean
drinking water flows through
underground pipes bringing it into
everybodys homes and to our Centre. When we want to use
water we just turn on the tap and out it runs.

Who needs water?

Water is life, all living things need water. People need water.
We drink it, we grow food with it. We use water for cooking,
cleaning and washing. Plants and animals need water too.
Water helps plants grow. Animals drink and wash with water.
Many plants and animals live in the water.

What is water?
Water is liquid, pour a glass to
drink. Water is a solid, frozen ice,
cold in the fridge. Water is a gas,
hot and steaming from a boiling