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Buck Balm Introduced as The First Beard Balm on The Market for Hunters

BeardBrothers LLC. introduces Buck Balm, the first beard care product of its kind, made to
maintain and protect the deer hunters beard without alerting the deers sense of smell.
Pasadena, MD, United States, October 1, !"1# $$ BeardBrothers LLC., a US Army Veteran
owned company based out of Pasadena, Maryland, recently launched, Buck Balm, a new type of
beard care product. Buck Balm s a beard balm de!eloped for use by deer hunters. Buck Balm s
deal for deer hunters that want to properly mantan ther beard and stll en"oy ther outdoor
lfestyle. Buck Balm has multple benefts when worn. #t pro!des UV protecton, attracts deer,
co!ers the hunter$s scent, can act as an nsect repellent and t$s lon% lastn% to keep the hunters
facal har from dryn% out.
Attract &eer' Buck Balm$s scent s stron% enou%h for the deer to smell but not so stron% that t
would be o!erbearn%. (he n%redents used are deal because they not only attracts deer but they
also co!er the hunter$s scent. Buck Balm has m)ed therapeutc %rade essental ol scents wth all*
natural and or%anc base ols, makn% ths scent safe to wear all day. Buck Balm uses therapeutc
%rade essental ol because they are the purest and wll create the most effect!e !e%etaton co!er
scent. As an added bonus, Buck Balm s a deterrent to nsects and can also be used for bear and
raccoon huntn%.
(he creator of Buck Balm, +athan Perry, has h%h hopes for Buck Balm and t$s place n the huntn%
market. +athan sad, ,Buck Balm flls a hole n the huntn% market that has always been there, #
mean, t$s sttn% r%ht n front of e!ery bearded man$s face.- A!alable at,
the products are made n the U.S.A. wth only or%anc and all*natural n%redents. .ne /o0. tn of
Buck Balm can last all huntn% season. 1or less than a tank of %as, Buck Balm wll %!e a hunter$s
beard what t needs to stay healthy all huntn% season.
2elp protect facal har from harmful UV rays' Buck Balm has many benefts and t was formulated
that way. Buck Balm makes the har softer, more mana%eable, %!es t a nce smell, mpro!es the
appearance and t$s also %ood for the skn underneath the beard. A cold or dry en!ronment wll
wck the mosture r%ht out of the beard hars. Buck Balm protects facal har from dryn% because
when the beard har dres out, the hars %et brttle and tend to break whch lmts facal har len%th
and can make the beard shape look une!en. Customers from all o!er the %lobe can order easly at
%bout BeardBrothers &&'(
BeardBrothers LLC. takes prde n creatn% the best beard products a!alable. All products are
proudly made n the USA and contan only all*natural n%redents. BeardBrothers LLC. has carred
o!er the !alues they ha!e learned from the mltary and has used those !alues to 3uckly become a
well*run one*stop*shop for facal har care. (he company has placed customer satsfacton at the
forefront of e!erythn% t does and contnues to offer the best optons for a better beard.
Vst for more nformaton.
+athan Perry
BeardBrothers &&'
6789 Mountan :d. ;786
Pasadena, M& /77//
<7 67= 6>7 ?/@A