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10/6/2014 10:03:00 PM

Govt lifts restrictions on coconut oil exports click the below link to know

major buyers of coconut oil. Country wise

coconut oil export by year.

detailed export data of virgin coconut oil 436 export shipment found
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2013 january export detailsmostly all the exports were only from

tried finding out how many brands of coconut oil are there through online
super markets.

top 10 leading super markets.

top 10 countries who export coconut oil

Destinations of Coconut Oil Export
Export of coconut oil in June consisted of 57,922 MT of crude coconut oil,
21,558 MT of cochin (refined, bleached) oil, and 2,307 MT of RBD
(refined, bleached, and deodorized) oil, with combined revenue of
USD99.801 million. Europe was the biggest importer with purchases of
38,042 MT representing 46.5% of total, followed by the US with 31,260
MT to account for 38.2%, China with 9,038 MT (11.1% share), and Japan
with 2,650 MT (3.2%). Other markets took in less than 1%.
Europe was the biggest buyer of crude coconut oil at 38,022 MT
(Netherlands), trailed by the US at 10,000 MT, China 8,000 MT and Japan
1,900 MT. On the other hand, the US was principal buyer of cochin oil at
21,100 MT, the only other market was China at 458 MT. However, Japan
was top importer of RBD oil at 750 MT, followed by Iran 623 MT, China
581 MT, US 160 MT, Argentina 69 MT, Europe (Germany), Pakistan,
Russia and Canada at 20 MT apiece, Taiwan 17 MT, Bangladesh 15 MT,
Australia 10 MT, and New Zealand 2 MT.

Destinations of Coconut Oil Export
Export of coconut oil in August consisted of 20,617 MT crude coconut oil,
20,271 MT cochin (refined, bleached) coconut oil, and 66 MT RBD
(refined, bleached, and deodorized) oil, the combined value of which was
USD35.511 million. For the first time the top three importers during the
month were not the traditional buyers US and Europe. Leading the pack
was Hong Kong which cornered 12,902 MT representing 31.5% of total.
All imports were cochin oil which also made the country the primary buyer
of cochin oil.
Malaysia followed with market share of 23.3% at 9,536 MT, all of which
was crude coconut oil that also made the country the market leader in the
section. Third was Indonesia with 7,000 MT (17.1%), solely crude coconut
oil and the second biggest importer of the commodity. Europe was the
fourth biggest outlet at 6,777 MT (16.5%), trailed by Singapore 2,156 MT
(5.3%), the US 943 MT (2.3%) and Japan 597 MT (1.5%). The rest had
less than 1% market share.
Europe was third biggest market for crude coconut oil this month, after
Malaysia and Indonesia, at 4,000 MT (Netherlands), while Singapore and
China took in 40 MT apiece. Europe also was second biggest outlet for
cochin oil, next to Hong Kong, with 2,777 MT (thereof Belgium 2,019 MT,
France 758 MT), tracked by Singapore 2,050 MT, Japan 597 MT, Canada
355 MT, Taiwan 355 MT, Thailand 268 MT, and Jordan 24 MT. Singapore
was the only buyer of 66 MT RBD oil.


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10/6/2014 10:03:00 PM

10/6/2014 10:03:00 PM