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Advanced Spiritual Business Building Program
Chapter 3 - Activating the Perceptual Shift
Log (PSL)
In this Chapter, we are presenting a simple tool called the Perceptual Shift Log
(PSL). he PSL is designed speci!call" to assist "ou in noticing and managing "our
energies on a dail" #asis. $oticing and focusing "our attention on these vi#rational
shifts creates a greater awareness of how "ou are partnering with Spirit so that "ou
can attract "our ideal solutions.
What Is the Value of using a Perceptual Shift Log?
o change "our vi#ration and "our perceptions a#out "our vi#ration.
o attract more of what "ou are wanting.
o assist "ou in #eing an energ" detective throughout "our da", so "ou have
a greater level of awareness of where "ou want to focus "our energ".
o provide "ou with a wa" to connect to "our Inner eam and "our Inner
Coach in a practical, tangi#le wa".
o access the doorwa" into another dimensional realit" so that "ou can
partner with "our Inner eam (or whatever "ou call "our form of higher
guidance). %" partnering with Spirit "ou can as& for assistance and &now
that "ou can receive help so that "ou can shift "our perceptions, change "our
vi#rational output, create solutions, and attract to "ou the resources and
people "ou need to accomplish what "ou want.
o assist "ou in amping up "our positive energ" when "ou ma" have tangled
energ"' when "ou are focusing on positive evidences, the good feelings come
o provide "ou with a trac&ing mechanism so "ou can determine what(s
o partner with Spirit in creating and e)panding ever" aspect of "our
o actuall" shift "our neural pathwa"s and "our perceptions of "our
*hen "ou practice this tool in writing, several things happen+
,. It gives "ou a place to release not-so-positive energ", manage that energ"
and then #e #ac& on trac& towards more of what "ou do want.
-. It gives "ou something to do when "ou are triggered and provides a place
to go.
.. It gives "ou a tangi#le wa" to notice and trac& "our progress.
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Advanced Spiritual Business Building Program
/. It isn(t 0ust a#out writing some things on a piece of paper. It is trul" an
opportunit" for "ou to move into a new dimensional realit" of perception -
an open space to receive consolation and activate new feelings.
1. It is a process the helps "ou 2ow so "ou move #e"ond a reactive mode.
o illustrate this understanding, let(s loo& at the e)ample of how "ou assist a child in
managing their energies when the" are so upset that the" are incoherent and "ou
can(t understand them. *hat do "ou sa" to them to sort that out and to console
them3 4ou might sa" something li&e - Slow down. Tell me what happened and then
well fgure out what were going to do about it. Lets fgure out what you need
frst. And then well know what to do next. %" doing this "ou are wal&ing them
through a process to determine how "ou can #est help them. %ut if the"(re
incoherent then "ou can(t do that. hat(s what happens with us. *hen "ou have an
issue, "ou feel tangled up and then "ou have scattered energ". *hen "ou send out
scattered energies, "ou get results that are not in alignment with what "ou trul"
desire. Instead, it is important to get ver" clear and determine+
*hat is "our issue3
*hat has happened3
And how "ou feel a#out it3
he Perceptual Shift Log is a process we can follow so that we do not continue to
push against our tangled feelings. Instead, we ac&nowledge where we are resisting
and we ma&e shifts. his wor&s--#ecause as soon as we ac&nowledge something, it
#egins to dissipate.
Steps to Completing the Perceptual Shift Log:
At the end of this Chapter, "ou will !nd a #lan& Perceptual Shift Log (PSL). 4ou can
cop" and paste this #lan& PSL into "our own new document and then e)pand the
space for writing to meet "our needs. 4ou can also Select All and then change the
Page Layout to a Landscape format for greater space to write. 4ou can then ma&e
multiple copies so the" are availa#le to "ou whenever "ou need them.
he instructions for completing a PSL are #elow.
irst column: Write do!n all of "our positi#e e#idences$
his column is simpl" a wa" for "ou to &eep all "our positive evidences in one place.
4ou don(t actuall" start with this column to #egin noting "our perceptual shifts. 4ou
#egin with the second column when "ou want to #e more aware of shifts and
manage "our energies.
4our positive evidences can #e good feelings. 5or e)ample, li&e, Wow !m "ust
#eeling so happy today. 6r ! "ust had a great lunch and ! #eel so satisfed and
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#ulflled. *hen we reall" start to notice those small things that we normall" ta&e for
granted, we #egin to amp up the energ" of those higher vi#rational e)periences.
$oticing positive evidences and writing them down, focuses our attention on what is
wor&ing. *hen we focus on what(s wor&ing - more of what is wor&ing happens. 4ou
are more in that vi#rational output of what is wor&ing. 4ou are allowing "ourself to
simpl" ta&e notice of the things that are wor&ing--the surprises, the good feelings,
those things that "ou reall" appreciate. It amps up "our energ" to focus on positive
evidences that feel totall" ama7ing, e)citing and great8 As "ou write these in the
positive evidence column, "ou can also list ne)t to them a term that reall" amps up
"our energ", li&e woo$hoo% 6r use whatever term !ts for "ou. hese are the
ama7ing results that "ou love, and that "ou want to increase #" placing more
energ" and focus there.
Second Column + Write do!n the issue and ho! it ma%es "ou feel$
his is a place to list an" challenges or issues "ou are e)periencing. 5or e)ample, if
"ou have something in "our da" that is a challenge or an issue 9 reall" get into
what the stor" is that "ou are telling "ourself. :on(t simpl" put down a laundr" list
of feelings, #ut as& "ourself - what is the story ! am really telling mysel#& 4ou want
to get it out and onto the paper, instead of revolving and swimming around in "our
head. 4ou want to ac&nowledge what it is and how "ou(re feeling a#out it.
Column three: List the possi&le solutions '' outer solutions '' or
e(plore )!hat if this could happen?*
Sometimes "ou don(t feel li&e "ou have an" solutions #ecause "ou can(t see how it
could possi#l" wor& out. If that is the case, then "ou would e)plore things here that
"ou ma" consider as solutions 9 the ;what if(s< in the positive direction. hin&
outside the #o). *hat are some of the wa"s "our issue could #e solved3 Let(s sa"
"ou were lac&ing mone" and were feeling triggered. In this column, "ou could write
someone could hand me money, or ! could win the lottery. 5ocusing on possi#ilities
helps "ou raise "our vi#rational rate and magneti7e the perfect solutions for "ou #"
getting good possi#ilities activated.
Column four: What do I !ant to acti#ate on an inner le#el?
his is the place to e)plore $=* feelings and #eliefs that "ou want to have
activated in "ou when "ou thin& a#out this situation. 5ocusing in this wa" will also
assist "ou in raising "our vi#ration which ma&es "ou more magnetic to easil" and
e>ortlessl" attract solutions. his is the doorwa" to other realms and realities
where "ou can easil" connect to "our inner guidance. In these dimensions, there
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are things #e"ond logic that can #e #rought to "ou. And #ecause "ou have as&ed
and lined up "our energies, the wheels have #een put in motion for "ou to attract
solutions. 4ou can(t see it, #ut the ne)t actions are occurring for as "ou do the
Perceptual Shift Log simpl" #ecause "ou have the e)pectations that the" will occur.
4ou are holding the intention that this is e)pectant energ" in whatever form or
fashion it comes, and "ou never &now until it arrives. It could #e that other people
are #eing guided telepathicall" to ta&e action to assist "ou or "ou ma" #e given
direct actions to ta&e. ?ust &now that the @niverse is ta&ing action on it !rst.
Again, these are the #ene!ts of partnering with Spirit. 4ou &now and trust that
there is a lot more going on to support and guide "ou' "ou are not alone having to
do something and having to push it through.
Column +#e: ,e(t actions$
4ou can leave this column #lan& at !rst. Sharon *ilson e)plained it this wa"+ !
belie'e that once ! detangle and align my energies once ! really put it out there
!'e asked #or what ! want and now actions are happening on my behal# e'en
without me doing anything. !ts like !m acknowledging that ! dont ha'e to do
anything and were already mo'ing towards solutions on the issue or challenge. If
something pops up for "ou within the conte)t of shifting "our energ" to ta&e action,
then 0ot that down and ta&e some action on it. his column is the placeholder
where "ou are holding the e)pectational energ" that actions are happening alread".
It(s alread" in motion. All "ou have to do is to hand it over to the @niverse.
%" completing all of the Perceptual Shift Log columns, "ou(ve done "our 0o# to
manage "our energies so "ou can have a clear vi#rational signal a#out what "ou
want. *hen "ou(re ranting and raving or continuousl" revolving tangled energ" in
"our mind, "ou have no clear signal. 4ou(re li&e a little child.
@se the PSL for ever"thing 9 the" don(t need to #e 0ust #ig issues. Part of managing
"our energies is to help "ou to shift "our vi#rational output and catch "ourself when
"ou(re noticing things that trigger "ou even a little #it.
-n .(ample from Sharon Wilson/s Perceptual Shift Log:
he following items were listed in her PSL columns.
Positi#e .#idences:
he" found where the ;missing< %46 recording' the" went on the %46 audio
site and got it to us in ,- hours.
A" daughter gave me ,. hugs toda".
he sun is shining and I can hear the #irds chirping, so spring is on its wa"8
I love all m" clients I coached and connected with this morning.
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Advanced Spiritual Business Building Program
Issues and 0" eelings:
I can(t connect to 4ahoo' I am 4ahoo-less. *ell, it(s not the worst thing in the
world, #ut I do need to get on it to prepare for this class.
I hate computers. *h" isn(t this wor&ing3 *h" aren(t m" notes printed out
right now3 I hate when technolog" doesn(t wor& and this is so irritating to
I can(t get on this and I need it. echnolog" is alwa"s letting me down. It
ma&es me cra7" when technolog" doesn(t wor& in the wa" it is supposed to
wor&. It ma&es me feel so stuc& #ecause I have to depend on this.
1uter Solutions ,eeded:
*hat are the possi#le solutions3
As& $anc" to send me what I need.
*ell, I need some solutions to an" of m" technolog" concerns.
I need these notes to get to me some other wa" if I can(t get onto 4ahoo. I
need for it not to ma&e a di>erence if I don(t have m" notes. I need to have
some wa" that I can teach the class even if I don(t have m" notes.
6r I get it activated that I remem#er enough in m" #rain to remem#er it.
Aa"#e someone will have the notes. People would understand if I don(t have
m" notes. rust that I &now this #ecause it is in m" notes. I could loo& at the
old notes. I could as& m" co-instructor to send me the notes.
Inner Solutions:
*hat do I want to activate in me3
I want to activate a greater feeling that it(s going to #e 6B. It(ll #e all right. I
want to activate a greater sense of peace that even when there are #umps in
the road it(ll #e all right. hat this is the nature of technolog", it is not
perfect, it is all a wor& in progress. I don(t give m"self enough credit that I
have actuall" improved with using technolog". I wor& in a #usiness that is all
technolog" driven, and I am a lot more technolog" savv" than I was. he
world won(t spin o> the a)is if I don(t have the notes. I created this material'
people will tell me what the" need. he material came through me so I
certainl" have it all in m" cells. Ceall", I can get a sense of what people need
and provide what the" need even without notes.
,e(t -ction: =mail $anc" and as& her for the notes.
Positi#e .#idence: $anc" sent the notes #ac& within one minute of me sending
this email. She happened to get this feeling that she needed to #e online to chec&
and see if someone needed her help. herefore, I had all the notes I needed three
minutes #efore class started8
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Advanced Spiritual Business Building Program
Can "ou see how #" shifting m" perception I was a#le to impact realit"3 *hat if I
had not done the PSL3 Aa"#e $anc" would not have gone online. In m" opinion,
activating the PSL lines up the pro#a#ilit" that some &ind of solution is on its wa" to
me #ecause I am not putting scattered energ" out there.
*hat happens for most of us is that we don(t manage our e)periences and energies.
hen as we go through our da", the negative energ" continues to #uild up. In m"
e)ample, !rst I had the issue with the 4ahoo groups and then something else could
have happened. If we don(t manage things as we go along, we #uild and #uild #"
focusing on our frustrations and then we #ecome a vi#rational match for lower level
energies. As lower-level energies #uild up, what do we do3 *e(re &ic&ing the cat or
"elling at our &ids' #ut it(s reall" 0ust the #uild-up of unmanaged energies
throughout the da". And then we feel li&e we are in a pressure coo&er. If we could
0ust vi#rationall" release the pressure as we go and consistentl" #ringing ourselves
#ac& into that place of feeling 0ust a little #it #etter, then the signals that we(re
sending out are going to #e more consistent. It does seem &ind of strange to sa"
() !m going to write all this down on a piece o# paper and know that it only takes
a moment to do it and then things will change. It does change things' it wor&s8
I suggest that m" clients 9 and "ou - carr" around a little note#oo& or have paper
that "ou can write on at an" time. hen "ou can alwa"s manage "our energies.
=ven if "ou aren(t carr"ing a note#oo& around with "ou, 0ust !nd a piece of paper
and write down something that(s #othering "ou.
I(ve actuall" #een in traDc #efore and I have #een reall" irritated that I(m in that
traDc. So I 0ust dig around in the car and !nd a piece of paper and write down what
m" issues are and what the solutions could #e and what I(m feeling. After awhile
doing this process starts to #ecome automatic. 4ou &now that "ou can go to the PSL
to manage "our energies and attract solutions. And "ou(ll &now when "ou engage
in that process the solution is on its wa".
It ma" seem li&e a small thing #ut in energ" management, there reall" is no small
thing. It all adds up energeticall" so we want to #ecome masters of managing our
energ". hat is the solution. he secret to creating and attracting what we want is
our a#ilit" to e>ectivel" manage our energies. he more we can manage our
energies, the more we can #e a match to what we want to e)perience. =ven in the
midst of things that aren(t going well, we can manage our energies and we can
have peace in the midst of things that don(t feel so great. hen we are reall" free8
0ore from Sharon on .nerg" 0anagement:
he more "ou practice scripting and capturing the essences of the Perceptual Shift
Log, the more automaticall" "our mind will operate in these new directions. 4ou will
!nd that something will come up that #others "ou and instead of "ou sta"ing
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focused on the ;#othered< energ", "ou will !nd "ourself going automaticall" into
what some of the possi#le solutions are and e)ploring what "ou do want to activate.
It(s li&e a muscle. It ta&es practice to #uild it, #ut once "ou have it, "ou can easil"
and eDcientl" use it. If "ou were doing weight training, "our muscles will #e
trained. Fere "ou are training "our mind to thin& in a $=* &ind of a framewor&
instead of sta"ing focused on what is not wor&ing and what else might go wrong.
So this is reall" a#out retraining "our mind and "our neural pathwa"s.
*hen "ou loo& at an" of these strategies or "ou hear something for the !rst time,
"ou thin& oh shes going to make me do that. I &now that #ecause I(ve gone
through it man" times m"self. *hen I was !rst receiving these tools, I thought !m
creating more work. %ut honestl" "ou are shortening the wor&. 4ou(re shortening
the time to manifestation. I want to shift "our perception a#out putting an" time
into the energ" management tools and I want for "ou to activate in "ou that it reall"
saves "ou time. hat(s what we all want to #e activating while we practice our
scripting - that doing this energ" management wor& saves "ou time.
A" intention is that "ou integrate this practice so that it does not feel separate from
"our e)perience. *hen it #ecomes automatic in "our e)perience, "ou will see the
value of #eing more aware of "our energ", where "ou are focusing "our energ" and
then shifting it to where "ou want it. 4ou will #ecome more powerful in managing
"our energ". An added advantage is that when there are situations occurring
around "ou, "ou will #e modeling for others without even reali7ing it. *ith practice,
an issue will arise and "ou will thin& () here is the issue the problem and the
challenge. What are some possible solutions or how can this be e'en more ideal
and how do we want to experience this&
PSL 2ime a good in#estment:
Fow long does it ta&e to stop what "ou are doing, get a piece of paper and write
down how "ou felt a#out something3 Aa"#e two minutes3 6nl" two minutes to
shift a perception3 *ell, that doesn(t seem li&e much time for shifting an energ"
that will match and attract the solutions "ou desire. If "ou don(t ta&e the two
minutes, the opportunit" to attract these solutions is less. 4es, "ou can muddle
through and continue to carr" that negativit", lower-level energies or whatever the
challenge is with "ou and let it color "our da". he choice is "ours. Fowever, as
"ou integrate this practice, it doesn(t waste "our time' it 0ust #ecomes a natural da"
of "ou managing "our energies.
Invest a few minutes throughout the da" chec&ing in, writing down "our perceptions
a#out what(s happening, what "ou would reall" prefer, what are possi#le solutions,
and what "ou want to activate within "ourself. a&e that two minutes when "ou are
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Advanced Spiritual Business Building Program
e)periencing contrast and reall" focus on it -- focus on what "ou :6 want and then
move #ac& out into "our da" with shifted energ".
Value of 2eaching PSL to 3ids:
Imagine a world where instead of putting &ids in perpetual timeouts, we taught
them how to do a perceptual shift process 9 a perceptual shift log3 *e 0ust might
have a societ" of people who are ta&ing responsi#ilit" for their own energies - and
that would transform our world8
,e(t Inspired -ction:
r" scripting and invest in "our perceptual shift log dail". 6#serve what "ou feel li&e
on da"s when "ou don(t do it. It is 0ust li&e the Hrape $uts commercial sa"s -- try it
#or it a week. he da"s "ou actuall" do it, "ou will feel more centered. 4ou will feel
more in control energeticall" #ecause "ou have a plan for dealing with #eing a little
out of sorts or uneven energeticall". 4our mind wants a plan and now "ou have a
plan. 4ou alwa"s want to feel li&e "ou have possi#ilities and now "ou a#solutel"
&now that there are solutions waiting to #e magneti7ed to "ou when "ou need them.
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Advanced Spiritual Business Building Program
Perceptual Shift Log
(,12.: 4ou can cop" and paste this page into "our own document and then
e)pand the space for writing to meet "our needs. 4ou can also Select All and then
change the Page La"out to a Landscape format for greater space to write.)
0" Issue and
,e(t -ctions

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