Viral Synchronicity: Avatar and seal

“Ebola is no ordinary communicable disease. It is the ISIS of biological agents. The response should mirror
antiterrorism efforts.” –Alexander Garza, former chief medical officer of the Department of Homeland Security
“The ‘Red Death’ had long devastated the country. No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous. Blood was
its avatar and its seal—the redness and the horror of blood.”—from ‘The Masque of Red Death’, Edgar Allan Poe

The universe is quite capable of conducting its own terror
campaigns, thank you very much. These, man suffers through—or
crudely attempts to mirror. As above, so below. Ebola arrives as a
thief in the night (deep in the black heart of Texas?) striking
‘verboten’ locales and sacrosanct (protected) individuals. It’ll eat
the elite for breakfast. Where’s the bloody protocol? Uncertainty
maximizes terror. Yet, as our civilizational ills are profoundly
systemic, it follows (with acausal ‘logic’) that this nightmare virus
should mount a counterattack across the broadest swathe of
humanity’s undefended positions. All apostates are potential
hosts. The ‘transmission path/airborne' debate is little more than
a rationalizing exercise in Maginot Lines. As the late John C. Lilly
realized, “the explanatory principle saves [us] from the fear of the unknown”. However it does
nothing to dispel the object of our fear: the stubbornly withheld compartment of the universe’s
impenetrable mystery. There is no ultimate vaccine against divine mystery. Ebola is a Deus ex
Machina that marches stealthily under black flag. We are being stripped of rational response;
force-marched into the same eclipsing madness that greeted Nietzsche at his end.
As above, so below. In ISIS, we find a second, compounding eschatology of undisguised human
design. Though legend has it both afflictions are escapees from CIA incubators, one is overtly
viral; whereas the other manifests an existential virility in its god-forsaking negation of the
shahada and the Seal of Mohammed, an image portending (albeit for the Shia only) the arrival of
the Mahdi. Neither virus seems stoppable by conventional human means. All life-forms crossing
paths with either contend with the shadow of death. Think absolutist, malignant binaries
assaulting the objective and subjective spheres and overwhelming the organism as one preys
upon the body, the other the soul. All that remains now is to await the gods. For you nonbelievers,
try another stiff swig of religion. Provided you can hold it down, you might save your head.
Granted, this missive is hobbled by abject Jungianism. The Joint Chiefs will be chagrined to learn
no military-industrial remedies usher forth from this Sybilian cave. On the contrary, one senses
retaliatory measures serve only to obfuscate an already disturbed and murky pond with freshly
ill-cast pebbles. How then to win ‘salvation for the mirror blind’
? Cast no further stones perhaps?
Fence off the pond? Doubtful. The end-times beckon. The telos is magnetic.
In recent days, the dodgy mirrors have been stacking up:
“With the emergence of ISIS, many internal and external narratives have exploded onto the
scene, all following a pattern as though they are moving through a “house of mirrors,” full of
concave, convex, and asymmetric mirrors—a process that has made it easy for many believers
to evoke religious texts concerning a period of “bewilderment of the believer.””—from ‘ISIS:
The Explosion of Narratives - The Land of the Revolution between Political and Metaphysical
Eternities’ by Issam Eido, Jaddaliya, October 3, 2014
“If this was a remake of Orson Welles's noir classic The Lady from Shanghai, in the mirror
sequence the lawyer (American?) and the femme fatale (Shi'ite?) would also get killed; but The
Caliph of Islamic State would survive as a larger than life Welles, free to roam, plunder and "give
my love to the sunrise" - as in a Brave Caliphate World shining in "Syraq" over the ashes of the
Sykes-Picot agreement.”—from ‘A Caliph in a Wilderness of Mirrors’ by Pepe Escobar, Asia Times
Online, October 15, 2014
Beware extended reflection. As Nietzsche warned: “When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss
also gazes into you”. A virus is imparted to your soul. The universe dispatches sorcerer’s
apprentices in short order as the void will not be made an instrumentality. ISIS is a Rorschach.
The myriad hands who played a role in its creation, perceiving rude means to fulfilling their own
hopelessly parochial narratives, will come to see the folly of their mirror-blindness. No dancing
is allowed on the rim of the abyss. All labs can be escaped. The most stringent hospital protocols
are not stringent enough.
In the late Edward Edinger's 1999 Archetype of the Apocalypse, the imminent activation of said
archetype is posed as an inevitability. The underlying symbiosis is now undeniable. Comparing
the virus with the ISIS banner (above), the similarities between the former and the Kufic Arabic
script are simply too eerie. Ebola is the Avatar. Isis is the Seal.
The New Republic's Jerry Coyne suggested recently that, "ISIS is a strain of Islam that is barbaric
and dysfunctional". Strain indeed. Mankind finds itself in the crosshairs of biological and
metaphysical strains of a culminating nihilism. Both Ebola and ISIS induce orgies of blood.
Excessive bleeding is bad for humanity. Each are ascendant blood brothers in this critical tetrad
blood moon phase of 2014-15. The blood-besotted bowl imagery of Revelations 16:2-6 comes to
mind. Pick your poison. Is this Yeats’ idea of a bad joke? The second coming is a malignant
retread. We await new gods to rescue us from these bitter old gods—or else that Final God, the
void, can take the whole crapshoot. There are no half-measures in the twilight.
All suspicions gain further credence with recent news reports of ISIS’ plans to somehow
‘weaponize’ Ebola, thus further consecrating their blood alliance. In our quickening world of
synchronistic overdrive, infernal simultaneities are never mere accidents. I fear Jung is the
closest I’ll get to Isaiah. –Norman Ball

1. A lyric from David Bowie’s ‘Loving the Alien’