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Mailing Address:

350/c Romna R/A,

Ce! "##0$%#$0&#&'&,

Zihad Ahmed

Career objective:
In the beginning of career Im highly desired to work in a reputed organization where I shall be able to
explore my capabilities and gradually develop knowledge, skill and abilities to perform duties and
responsibilities efficiently and effectively to add values to my organizations where I will find ample
scope and opportunity to work and to promote to a significant position.
Educational Bacground:
Secondar! School Certi"icate #S$S$C$%
Institution : Govt. uslim !igh "chool
#oard : $hittagong
%ear of &assing : '(()
Group : $ommerce
G&* : +.,-
&igher Secondar! Certi"icate #&$S$C$%
Institution : $hittagong etropolitan $ommerce $ollege
#oard : $hittagong
%ear of &assing : '((.
Group : $ommerce
G&* : ,.)/
Bachelor o" Business Administration#B$B$A%
Institution : International Islamic 0niversity $hittagong
1epartment : #.#.*
"emester : 2utgoing "tudent
e3or : arketing

'ersonal (etails:
4athers 5ame : !azi r. 6afar *hmed
others 5ame : !azi rs. 7aily #egum
$itizenship: : #angladeshi by #irth
"ex : ale
arital "tatus : "ingle
8eligion : Islam
1ate of #irth : -(
2ctober -..'
'ermanent Address: :
!ouse : ,/(9c 8omna 89*, 5. *grabad
&ost 2ffice : 8ampur
&.". : !alisahar
1istrict : $hittagong
Have worked as an Senior Executive (Sales and Marketing) at QUBEE. from
September 2011 to 28
February 2012.
Duties performed during my service at QUBEE.:
Direct sales of Prepaid and Postpaid connection.
Online & Offline ustomer service.
!et"or# c$ec#ing.
Have worked as an Freelance us!ness researcher at AK Khan Telecom
From 1
"pr!l 201# to $0
%une 201#.

Com)uter 'ro"icienc!
E%pert at omputer fundamentals and Operating system &'()*P)+,,-).///01 2ood at 34
Office application &'ord1 E%cel1 Po"erPoint1 5ccess0 and 6nternet application.
*anguage 'ro"icienc!
Good $ommand over speaking, writing, reading, listening and communication skill in :nglish.
+nterest , Activities:
&articipate willingly in special activities 6ourney home and abroad, reading 3ournal, movies, browsing
internet and specially ountain $ycling.
I am ;uite confident that with my educational ;ualification, ac;uired knowledge and enthusiasm, I would
be able to perform all the duties and responsibilities assigned on me in connection with my 3ob.
I do hereby declare that the particulars provided here are true and no misinformation is given.
Signature: ----------$$
(ate: --------------$