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Profitable Growth Through
Continuous Customer
Value Innovation
Marketing and
Innovation Expert

Gaurav Bhalla

Winning customeis' heaits.anu theii cieating, ueliveiing, anu
innovating compelling customei value
is the single most effective stiategy foi
acquiiing anu ietaining customeis, anu
piofitably giowing eainings. Which is
why it's my Eveiest.

uauiav Bhalla, will biing his Su+ yeais of
global expeiience as consultant,
facilitatoi, euucatoi, authoi, anu speakei
to help youi auuiences uesign anu
implement customei value innovation
piogiams by Listening, Engaging, anu
Responuing, to the evei-changing foices
of the maiket.

uauiav has wiitten seveial business
aiticles anu book chapteis, chief among
them being his book "Collaboiation anu
Co-Cieation: New Platfoims foi Naiketing
anu Innovation," anu a leauing
Baivaiu Business Review aiticle,
"Rethinking Naiketing."
If you neeu a Naiketing
anu Innovation expeit
who is a uynamic anu
enteitaining speakei, anu
who can piovoke anu inspiie
auuiences to think anu act uiffeiently,
please contact uauiav Bhalla at:
Contact hone: S71 338 4234
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8ook http:]]www.spr|]978-1-4419-7081-7