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Using the land

Ground the soil
When we walk, our feet are on the ground (the general word for the surface of the
earth). The top part of the ground, where grass and fowers grow, is called soil.
Above the ground
Some land is used for parks and gardens, where we grow trees and plants (living
things with roots and leaves, smaller than trees, which grow in the soil). First, you
plant the tree or plant (put the tree or plant in the ground), then you water it (give it
Land in the country is often used for agriculture/farming. Some farms concentrate n
dairy production, e.g. milk, butter, and cheese. Other farms raise animals, which are
slaughtered (killed) for their meat, e.g. cattle, pigs, and lambs. Some farms use the
land to grow fruit, e.g. apples and grapes; vegetables, e.g. potatoes and carrots; and
grains (seeds from plants), e.g. wheat, rice, and barley. When they are ready, farmers
pick the fruit and harvest (collect and bring in) the other crops (a general word to
describe plants that are grown to be eaten). This period of time is also called the
A.Which nouns on the right often go with the verbs on the left? (There
may be more than one noun for some of the verbs.)
1.Plant coal
2.Water animals
3.Pick wheat
4.Extract apples
5.Grow crops
6.Raise trees
B.Are these statements TRUE or FALSE? If false, correct them.
1.Roots grow above the ground.
2.Plants are slaughtered for food.
3.The harvest is the period when we plant the crops.
4.Soil is the top part of the ground.
5.You can seat on the ground.
6.When there isnt rain the ground becomes very hard.
7.Plants dont grow very well because the soil is too wet.
C.Complete these sentences with the correct general word.
1.Apples, oranges, and bananas are all types of .
2.Potatoes, beans, and carrots are types of .
3.Milk, butter, and cheese are all products.
4. are the seeds from wheat, rice, barley, etc.
5.We use the word as a general word for plants
that are grown to be eaten.
D.Answer these questions about your own country.
1.Which are most important to your economy; agriculture,
mining, or fshing?
2.What are some of the main crops grown in your country?
Which are imported?

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