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Employees Attitude Shift towards Reforms in Insurance sector

Dr. Murthy P.S.R

School of Management studies
Adikavi Nannaya university, AndhraPradesh, India,

The insurance sector in India has come to a full circle from being an open competitive market to
nationalization and back to a liberalized market again. India's insurance industry has moved into
a competitive environment with the arrival of private players in the market. At the moment, India is
one of the best markets to life insurance industry which is growing at 15.20% and that there is
enough space for all players to thrive and play an active role. India is making-up to the challenges
thrown by the market economy. To play a lead role in this highly competitive scenario, India
depends on its potential work force whose attitude favours the organizational growth and
development. The contribution of the insurance sector to economic development is positive and
exhibits long run equilibrium relationship. The real growth of reforms has a positive influence on
economic development. The mutual dependence of insurance and capital markets can play a
powerful role in channeling funds and investment expertise to support the development of Indian
economy personality is defined only on the attitudes which are exhibited by the individual.
Attitudes tend to persist unless something is done to change them. They can fall anywhere along
a continum from very favourable to unfavourable. Attitudes are directed towards some object
about which a person has feelings (affect) and beliefs. Personality and attitude are complex
cognitive process. The attitudes define the personality. It is frequently used in describing people
and explaining their behavior. Today's competitive market for job is searching for potential
manpower whose attitude level is always in favour to organization’s development. Employee
attitude is important in the study of organization behavior. It makes the people to adapt to their
work environment. Most of the attitudes in individuals are a result of observational bearing from
their environment. The attitude and values of the employees play a significant role in the process
of development. Employee’s job related attitudes create an effective impact on organization’s
behaviour. The competitive scenario is in need of employees who can positively react to the
healthy reforms in the industry. Attitude is a powerful tool which affects the behaviour of an
individual. The knowledge of employee attitudes can be helpful to managers in attempting to
predict the employee behavior. the attitude of employees in the insurance companies at Chennai
so as to identify the determinant factors that influence employee’s attitude level.The aim of this
research is to find out the necessary factors that play a positive role in bringing the necessary
reforms to the industry. The employee attitude gains significant role in the organization
development. The following objectives are selected for study: To study the attitude shift of
employees in the organization. To study the factors influencing attitude shift among employees.
To find out the effective strategies to induce positive attitude of employees. To find out suitable
measures to eliminate the negative factors affecting employee attitude. The mentioned below
hypothesis is designed to test the significance and relevance of empirical. 1. Significant
relationship between the male and female employees of employee attitude. 2. Significant
relationship between public and private employee’s attitude. 3. Significant relationship between
the married and unmarried employees' attitude. 4. Significant relation between the managerial
and clerical employees attitude. 5. Significant relationship between the age group of employee’s
attitude. 6. Significant relation between the educational qualifications of employee’s attitude. 7.
Significant relations between experiences of employee’s attitude. 8. Significant relation between
monthly incomes of employee’s attitude. 9. Significant relation between nature of reforms and
attitude towards job