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I am pleased to find your confirmation email regarding this interview. While going through the business portfolio of your company I came to realize that how you are competing with top tier majors vendors in terms product features, diversity of applications and scalability. We ZTE, as a vendor also provide same type of solution for our customers (operators), our softswitch scalability and seamless migration to future standards and applications, robustness in terms of MVI(multivendor integration) standardized IOT (inter operatability testing) compliancy and well suited support platforms such as O&M, NMS, EMS , OSS, BD (billing domain) are directed in the same business line. I went through the job description many times and also compared the products that you are currently providing, I feel quite confident in offering my technical consultancy, skills , expertise and experience in this area to take your company’s brand name to another level in EU market. Speaking of deployment and installation, my experience is quite diverse in this field. Having an experience of several projects in this ICT/Wireless/Telecom field, from which ZTE has leveraged their revenue to the tier 1 vendors by applying industrial standard configuration, installation and project management standards and best practices. Taking an example, Such as if Broadsoft has landed on a contract deal to extend the current NGN/IMS capability of specific operator to meet new BHCA requirement, how they will justify the “cut over policy” (installing and extending systems capability without taking it off line), “migration plan” (extending and upgrading systems features and applications in live environment ) and change management ( how new configurations will be applied with proper back track documentation, plans and reports) and last but not the least MVI / IOT (multi vendor integration and inter operatability tests) which starts from QoS, specification compliancy, SoC (statement of Compliancy) follow up, proposed feature compliancy, NMS integration and operatability tests, EMS tests, Network congestion, jitter, packet loss tests, Reliablity of the system test such as Hot standby fail over , MTTF, MTBF and several other complex tasks. Most importantly all of this has to be performed under strict management, schedule and completely monitored environment i.e in front of customer’s engineers to sign the final acceptance tests. I came across your product/projects ranking and several top tier installations throughout the world, indeed I must say broadsoft has well recognized reputation in VoIP industry and a bright future in terms of IMS capabilities and total solution provisioning. Considering installations at UK environment which

would be mostly SMB midsized tight schedule projects and unsurprisingly a one man show, I can totally picture the amount of pressure, work ethics, type of tasks to perform in order to get the system up in earliest possible time. Technically speaking, floor planning, network designing (in order to configure VLAN over Cisco switches, defining subnets, configuring router for output ports , configure pix firewall for NAT , VPN, VLAN to meet the best applicable settings for the Voice service and its relevant protocols SIP/H323), then server installation (if hot back up , or hot stand by ,1+1 , 1+n , n+m redundant service configuration then installing High availibity HA software over linux/solaris system , defining floating IPs, plugging relevant NICs,) then finally testing dual plan LAN configuration with two or more switches / routers/ firewalls for hot back up in terms of network failure (that could be also configured for load balancing depending on the proposed architecture), then finally installing broadworks app over the linux cluster/single node through command line that would be compiling package(if binaries are not given) installing, configuring linux for optimum usage (that is disabling default services which are not required), installing any other O&M servers if you have a separate entity for this (in our case it is). Installing CDR server (for parsing, collecting re formatting CDRs prior to sending it to the BD/OSS(billing domain) over FTP). Final task would be testing the environment at commercial scale prior to provisioning. As I mentioned before, these factors, procedures, entities are all dependent on negotiated proposed system in the final proposal (on which the bidding closed). Scalability, reliability , serviceability of the proposed system is dependent on the CAPEX/budget scale of the operator(that varies from hardware configuration from blade servers to HP proliant 1U rack mounted units or DL580 servers). I have mentioned a little details to give you an over view of my understanding of telecom/wireless projects in terms of total project life cycle experience, moving from first hand RFI/RFQ/RFP response to final proposal/SoC compilation then to installation, deployment, engineering part, maintenance and training / demonstration. I am also well versed in terms of customer service, I can deliver training/demonstration in a lay man approach with jargon free language in order to help/support them to grasp what they are actually responsible of i.e O&M features, system provision, NMS operations, subscriber management and accounting. Going a little more in technical details here, I have notice that your solution does not include Media gateway , billing domain, Online charging system (OCS) and several other entities of required for carrier class deployment, since being ignorant about much of commercial partnership understanding of your business portfolio, I can only predict that you have compliant interfaces with your technology partners providing billing solution, signaling gateways,

media gateways. Since if software is working in a commercial environment , would generate CDRs that needs to be parsed, analyzed prior to BD delivery, or if it’s a prepaid NGN/IMS solution then softswitch / CSCF entities need to have a DCC (diameter credit control request) protocol feature to interface with the OCS. Besides that I have total understanding of SIP/MEGACO/MGCP/H248/H323 for voice and media gateway payload/signaling and QSIG/SIGTRAN/SS7 for TDM circuits. In fact according to my understanding I totally believe that your voice mail server, IVR, contact center are totally applicable in GSM/UMTS network infrastructure, since your entities are IP based and if its integrated mediagateway/signaling gateways it can perform such features (in our case it’s a little difference we have different products for two solutions) Coming back to the understanding of this job, I personally feel so excited to work with such a well reputed brand name that has earned its fame and proved its technology in a record time throughout the world. Indeed, companies like ZTE/Huawei (Chinese vendors) picture your product portfolio/features while designing their IMS/NGN systems because you have mastered your sector and have well versed product line focused on every scale of business sectors. Fears of operators to be dependent for a the life time over a single vendors have a given rise to multivendor integration compliancy, where many challenges from the commercial aspects of the market are being faced, such as vendors reluctant to disclose their technical specification of their interfaces, causing a huge headache to new entrant in an already established infrastructure of a given operator. Therefore, having skills, experience, knowledge and nonetheless, contacts throughout the industry plays pivotal role while integrating new solutions. In that aspect I hold ZTE, Huawei product experience and well versed technical industrial contacts to shorten the integration delivery time. Our engineers (including me) has to work under high pressure due to the eleventh hour delivery schedules and lack of proper technical installation documentation, since each product has undergone continuous development inside out (interfaces and internal implementation) so available technical manuals lag behind in terms of updated features (which is a common practice in all companies like NSN, Ericsson, Huawei). Therefore, being a part of dynamic and aggressive industry one has to rely on his experience, anticipation of new functionalities, features and changes. Especially in my case, I also had to sometime write a whole installation/delivery manual after completing the installation as each product is customized in terms of commercial licensing, features availability and product requirements. Therefore, on most of the occasions, there are just few technical

specifications (CLI arguments, folders to create, interfaces to open, configuration) given by test engineers from R&D which will finally turn into a whole manual specifically compiled for a given project. I have been in this practice a lot and this gives me ability and understanding of technical training delivery and product demonstration. I believe in creativity and innovation are the main features of any position regardless of its technological aspect, since telecom/wireless industrial standards are aggressively changing at very rapid pace therefore, having a specific appetite to learn new standards/technologies/process to comprehend the challenges of business plays a vital role in a team. I am also a learner and I believe in team spirit. I hope, this opportunity to have discussion with you regarding this position would be fruitful at all levels. I am personally a sole believer of individual efforts as well, therefore, if this goes well, you will be proud of being my team manager for the service delivery at Broadsoft very soon. Enclosed are few documents for your reference, to understand my way of work and we can further discussion about the details on the phone. Due to information security policy and confidentiality documents may not include major details. I am very interested in this position and looking forward for a fruitful discussion regarding this opportunity. Regards, Zeeshan

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