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Pre Production Planning Essentials For Multimedia Development

Pentasoft Technologies Ltd., is an organization which since its inception has been in the
forefront technology adaptation and focusing on creating an opportunity for skill and knowledge
enhancement through creating structured industry relevant training programs, which enable
you to migrate from an aspiring professional to a successful, productive and efficient Multimedia
specialist, thereby making you the most sought after candidate in the industry.

In association with Pentamedia Graphics Ltd., an organization that pioneered multimedia

development in India and renowned for its efforts in Animation, Visual Effects and Special
Effects, with inherent concept to completion capability brings to you value addition in the form
of a training program in Pre Production concepts that is essential for you to become a
successful multimedia developer.

Its been our consistent vision of creating employable and productive professionals, and
Pentasoft now brings to you this course which we are sure will give you the proficiency that will
enable you become a preferred candidate for employment.

Total Duration : 40 hours

Course Fee : Rs. 8000/- ( excluding applicable taxes )

Objective: To add value to the curriculum of aspiring Visual Communication / Multimedia

professionals thereby enhancing their proficiency leading to becoming a successful media

Why this course for final year Visual Communication Students.

The demand for Multimedia developers is on the rise with the tremendous growth in the
entertainment industry. However the economics prevailing today calls for the industry to insist
on increased productivity levels from their employees. This scenario demands value addition in
terms of efficient planning and execution of development activities thereby reducing
redundancy and error correction. This can only be ensured if the pre production activity ensures
that production is as error free as possible. Professionals with sound pre production knowledge
will be the most productive, there by be sought after by employers.

This course is designed to do just that, ‘ ENHANCE YOUR EMPLOYABILITY ‘

The key to a project's ultimate success is good planning. Implementing the myriad of steps
required to execute production and post production of a multimedia project can be achieved
through executing the techniques of Pre Production leading to an organization saving time,
effort and money as it reduces errors and redundancy leading to more productivity and
efficiency. To achieve this objective, aspiring professionals would do well to arm themselves
with the relevant knowledge that will make them preferred candidates at the time of seeking

This course will expose you to

1. Introduction to Pre-Production
2. The Importance of Pre-Production Planning
3. Major Elements of the Production Process
4. Program Design and Scriptwriting
5. Production Design
6. Pre-Production Considerations
7. Pre-Production Planning for Multimedia
8. Planning for Post-Production

Who Should Attend

Aspiring Multimedia professionals can gain the most from this course. A familiarity with
multimedia development concepts and software is assumed.

After this training you will be proficient in :

Pre_production :
Script Writing
Creative writing
Shot Breakdowns
Voice Over
Character Designing
Character Construction
Model Sheets
Color Concepts or Modules
Story Board
Camera Angles & Shots
Animatic Process
Background Layout
Perspective (basic)
BG Line Skeletons
Fair Background’s