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TP-Link IP Cameras - Managed by IP Cam viewer app (Android and iPhone Available)
Paradox SP 6000 - remote managed by VDMP-3 module connected to Unifi VOIP phone
Whenever an alarm triggered, I can use IP Cam viewer app to monitor and then dec
ide to disable the alarm using VDMP-3.
In many parts of HCM the ground water lies between 2 inches and 18 inches from
the surface but you can find out by having a hole drilled on the site and waitin
g a week or so to see how much water comes in using a weighted string.
I used North American standards for all my concrete and rebar - and they often p
lace the floor rebar too near the base of the floor concrete. It affects strengt
Use lots of inspection traps. Also you might need an anti-backflow flap to stop
street sewage backing up into your house. An inspection 'T' should be put wherev
er the sewer stack passes through a floor. Vent the stack through the roof.
Cut a small piece of the alarm wiring,remove the rubber and try burning the copp
er. Cheap wires will melt and drop immediately. Expensive / good wires will melt
but will not drop of.
And now to the Construction Methods
a) Brick wall will be heavy and will cost about RM25/sqft and will take 4-5 days
including rendering and painting for an Average wall say 10ft high x 15ft long.
b) Partition wall can be constructed many ways, the common and best for domestic
situation is whats called a "Stud Wall" which uses timber (2"x4") or Metal C-Pr
ofile to create the frame work and then the frame is covered on both sides by ei
ther Plaster board or Cement Board. Insulation can be placed in the cavity creat
ed by the frame work to improve Thermal and Noise insulation.
Not sure ont h e costs of Partition walls in Malaysia but they should be about 1
/2 the price of Brick wall, also a 10ft High x 15 ft Long shoul only take 2 days
to compete including painting (1/2 to 3/4 day for framing then 1/2-3/4 day for
paneling and 1/2 day for painting).
BTW with regard to the Cement Board there is one version called "compressed Ceme
nt Board" (but not sure on availability in Malaysia) which is about 2-3 times th
icker than than normal cement board and about twice the density (so each sheet i
s about 3-4 times heavier than normal cement board), and almost no one can tell
that it isn't rendered brick wall. You can tap it with you hand or whack it with
a hammer and it sounds and feels like a brick wall.
Also a major advantage of Partition wall construction is that it is very easy to
add power points, run power cables, aircon piping etc inside the wall at any ti
after the selection of the steel iron, observe also for the sand type they use..
.the best sand for renovation is from 'mine/lombong'..usually the mine sand is w
hite in color....the.....second is from river..or we call pasir sungai....normal
ly river sand in yellowish or redish in color.....for pasir sungai or river sand
..make sure that the river sand is 'wash' type...else....there is mud inside the
sand..causing your concrete not strong enough....
for brick selection....if you got budget..use red brick 'tanah merah'....this br
ick is good and also..make your house cooler..compared to sand brick.
...for sand brick..the price..last time is about 0.23 sen ...else..the red brick
is about 0.37 sen..price already gone up...for the red brick..the fully bake br
ick is to recognized this brick?...there is some black color or line
on the brick....
First type is BS type of steel iron for concrete...BS means British Standard. Se
cond is CQ type. If you go to hardware shop selling construction material.. norm
ally they will ask..BS or CQ...if you want to know what is CQ stand ask
1.the differences between BS and CQ is the quality and percentage of pure iron i
nside...the BS steel iron is so to CQ (CQ steel iron is a bit 'lem
bik' and BS steel iron is bigger size...if you want your house stronger and last
ing and do not want to crack beam later after a few years....then.....insisted y
our contractor to use BS steel iron...i m sure they will surprise when you menti
on BS and CQ...the price of BS steel is higher about RM4-RM5 per pieces. That wh
y contractor do not want to use BS..they want to lower the price with lower qual
ity of steel.
Make sure for beam and least use size not used size 10..
.some contractor used size 10...later many years your house will crack
one more advise..for sewarage..every corner should have one main hole..this is t
o avoid clogging...and also the corner must use clay pic..
to avoid any crack after plaster, please wet your wall before apply the cement f
or plaster. The brick has the strong ability to absorb water, thereofore if you
do not wet the brick, it will absorb the water from your plaster cement, cause t
he your cement plaster premature dry , not normal dry.
1. before concrete the floor, please put the construction plastic before concret
e, many do not know the main reason to put the plastic. The main reason to put t
he plastic to avoid the water from concrete to dry to fast to soil and causing t
he concrete premature dry and can cause your floor concrete brittle or crack or.
Many think that the main reason to put plastic is to avoid water vapor, this as
secondary reason.
2. The best method to concrete floor is as my pic below, the BS BRC net steel (t
he jaring steel) is tie to the beam that exposed, these will make your floor con
crete super my pic below. Please use BS BRC net size 7 or
8, especially for upper storey. If for single storey house BS BRC net steel siz
e 6 pun ok lah.
3. If you raise your floor like mine (i raise 1 feet above), please fill with sa
nd (as we know sand not 'takung water'). If possible do not fill with tanah or s
ampah sarap, usually contractor want save money, cause sand is expensive. Usuall
y 'tanah' will 'mendap' as time goes, then there is gap between floor. Before co
ncrete, let your sand fully 'mendap' by rain water or pipe water. Then after the
sand mendap, then re fill any gap, then you can concrete after your sand is sta
1. Previouly i forgot to mention, it is recommended the maximum distance between
pillar is 20 fts, ensure that at least every 20 fts, there is a pillar.This to
ensure your strength of your upper beam.
3. For electrical, i would advise to have seperate DB for your house if you are
doing reno, such as one DB at living room, one DB at kitchen or one DB at upstai
r. In this way you can easy manage and easy to troubleshoot in future.
Selection of stop cock is also important to have good water volume. Many do not
know this, even to some contractor. Select stop cock that can allow good water v
olume. Before buy the stop cock, turn on the stop cock tap and inspect that the
'hole' is big enough. Some stop cock, when turn on the tap, the 'hole' inside is
small causing small water volume pass thru. Try find brand such as "VIP' that h
ave good water volume. It doesnt matter what brand is as long it has good 'hole'
inside, i just give example as i m using VIP brand.
DO NOT USE ABS pipe. Get PVC pipe Class 6 or 7 or stainless steel SS pipe (SS pi
pe expensive a bit ). Min use pipe size 3/4 inches.
to ensure your brick wall stronger, it is advisable to add one layer or net mesh
stripe every 6 layer of brirck lay. The stripe size is about 3 inches wide.
I just to advised if possible do not use ABS water pipe.Instead please use norma
l PVC pipe. For PVC pipe please ensure that your contractor using Class 6 and 7.
The ABS pipe is not resistance to acid, very easily 'makan' by acid.My tips : fo
r PVC joint..if you want stronger connection especially if you use water pump..p
lease use special glue about RM30 per not use normal PVC glue.Let me cla
rify, the thickness of Class 6 PVC Pipes is not the issue. The joints which uses
glue are the culprit for leakage. Glue type joints are not capable of handling
high capacity water pump.
I will give forumer the standard mixing ratio of cement and sand is 1:2 (is the
best) but 1:3 is also acceptable but per square inch compression stress is lesse
r compared to 1:2 ratio.
adding more:
the standard cement:sand:gravel ratio for concrete is 1:2:3.
concrete yes..the Y10,Y12,Y16 steel is for pilling,pillar,beam etc.These also ca
lled rebar bar. There are 2 types as i mention earlier in my post..BS and CQ...d
o not use CQ...request for BS standard..
for house just use Y12...Y10 is smaller..Y16 is too big for house, normally for
high rise building..the Y16 need machine to bend it.
One more thing, kedai hardware sometime also tipu2...they will sent you the ceme
nt that already "masuk angin"...this is due to the cement bag is koyak a bit so
the cement will will rugi...i kena a few when order ceme
nt..i remind the hardware shop....DONT SENT ME the koyak bags.Ans: All pasir kas
ar will do as long as you get the 'washed' sand. Sometime the kedai also tipu2..
they sent you unwashed sand..becarefull...
TIPS for termite:
Do not hire pest services and waste your money instead you can DIY and this the
best method to eliminated termite :
gd luck
You still need a scupper drain to channel to water on your roof slab to your nea
rest floor trap. You must not use normal floor trap. you must use something like
that isn't proper water proofing, the proper way is apply to all flat roof and m
in 150mm up turn skirting with min 2 coats
But if you are doing 2 storeys, then you will have to be careful. I would sugges
t you to do what we call a 'trial pit'. That is to ask someone to dig a small pi
t at the area where you intend to extend, maybe about 1 to 1.5m deep to assess t
he ground conditions. If it was EXTREMELY easy to dig that 1.5m, then you need t
o be careful. You will also need a pair of experienced eyes to look at the groun
d. If it was backfilled and not original ground, then placing a footing foundati
on on top is NOT RECOMMENDED.
For aircond inverter to be cheaper than the equivalent non inverter, it must ful
fill a few condition:-
1.) Use more than 8 hours a day. Less than that the savings that you get cannot
cover the difference in cost. If you do not fulfill condition 2 and 3 below, you
can run it 24/7 continuously non-stop and still not save a single sen of electr
icity. In fact, you will actually spend 10% more on electricity compared to non-
inverter because Inverter have to convert AC electricity to DC and there is a 10
% lost.
2.) 25-27c. If you go too low, the inverter will be at maximum power all the tim
e and you will not get any benefits from it.
3.)Appropriately sized. Similar to above, if you use too small of a aircond , th
en it will be at maximum power all the time to cool your room and therefore no s
aving benefits.