The Krishnamurti Adult Summer Study-Intensive and Retreat Program 2008

Presented for the first time on the beautiful Swanwick Retreat Campus in Victoria, Canada
Please join us for our first exciting 7-day Adult Intensive Program at Swanwick Campus, Victoria, Canada, especially created for adults interested in a sustained full-immersion, in-depth study into Krishnamurti’s teachings.

S wA n w I c K R e T R e AT c A m P u S , V I c To R I A , c A n A d A : S u n d Ay, Au g u S T 1 0 To S AT u R d Ay, Au g u S T 1 6 , 2 0 0 8
The Krishnamurti Adult Summer Study-Intensive & Retreat Program was created to give adults a sustained in-depth immersive experience of the dynamic life-changing teachings of Krishnamurti. This program presents Krishnamurti’s teachings as an entirely new way of living, of considering a different dimension of existence beyond the thought-based patterns of the mind, of living without conflict of any kind and of understanding the implications of the ending of time. We will explore together the possibilities of a new kind of freedom: freedom from fear, from confusion, from disorder and the illusion of separation. Through the shared process of inter-active dialogue, we will examine the hidden content and structure of our own minds, of our accumulated conditioning and how that conditioning unconsciously shapes our experiences and perceptions of life. The goal of this program is to help us to establish a ground for self-awareness and self-discovery through the in-depth inquiry of the dialogue process. Each day we enter into 2 penetrating dialogues. All our dialogues will be outside on the magnificant Swanwick grounds, with eagles and colorful migrating fowl flying overhead, visions of grey whales, otters and porpoises swimming nearby and the Olympic Mountains in the distance. There will also be daily viewings of a carefully selected group of Krishnamurti videos. Participants will have access to lovely walking trails.

“You helped bring Krishnamurti’s teachings to a clarity I have never before experienced. Although I have been reading Krishnamurti for years, I have never been in the company with like-minded people for a week, and the intensity and insights that came out of this group was amazing. His teachings fit together completely now. I have a new strength, a feeling of certainty.” – Kate Carr

Total cost of the Program is $900, which includes all meals, a pleasant room on Swanwick campus and all books and materials. Participants are responsible for the cost of transportation to and from Swanwick Campus. Live and study in breathtakingly beautiful Swanwick Retreat Campus, in Victoria, Canada, with over 30 acres of private beach-front wilderness that looks out over the Juan de Fuce straights and the Olympic Mountains, a lovely private lake, magnificent Oak trees and lovingly tended lawns.

For further information call: Richard Waxberg / Program Director / 805.640.0532 /