The Krishnamurti College Student Summer Study Program for 2008

Please join us for this exciting 15-day program especially created for college students interested in a full-immersion, in-depth study into Krishnamurti’s life-changing teachings.

Ojai, CalifOrnia, CamPuS: wedneSdaY, june 25 TO wedneSdaY, julY 9, 2008
This program challenges students to participate in an entirely new way of living, to consider a different dimension of existence beyond the thought-based patterns of the mind, to live without conflict of any kind and to understand the implications of the ending of time. We will explore together the possibilities of a new kind of freedom: freedom from fear, from confusion, from disorder and the illusion of separation. Through the shared process of inter-active dialogue, we will examine the hidden content and structure of our own minds, of our accumulated conditioning and how that conditioning unconsciously shapes our experiences and perceptions of life. The goal of this program is to help college students to establish a ground for self-awareness and self-discovery through the in-depth inquiry of the dialogue process. Each day we enter into a penetrating dialogue under the western oak trees on the Oak Grove campus. In the evening we read from Krishnamurti’s writings around a fire under the stars. There will also be daily viewings of a carefully selected group of Krishnamurti videos. Students will have access to lovely walking trails just outside Besant House. There will also be weekend trips to the beautiful beaches of Santa Barbara and hikes into the spectacular canyons surrounding Ojai. This program is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Live and study in breathtakingly beautiful Ojai, California, amidst tall mountains, lush flowers, orange and avocado groves, wonderful hiking trails, less than an hour from the beaches of Santa Barbara. For further information call Richard Waxberg / Program Director / 805.640.0532 /

“The program allowed students to be themselves and to ask questions about ideas that are normally overlooked. I felt as if I realized new insights into a world that I had been viewing through sheltered lenses for the past 19 years. I am fortunate to have discovered this program. It opened the door to things that I never knew existed.” – Francesca M. Lies “The time I spent here was one of the happiest times in my life.” – Si Chen To apply: Please send an application fee check for $25 along with a brief description of yourself and your college studies; include both home and cell phone numbers and a mailing and email address for correspondence.Also please include a recommendation from a college chair or instructor with whom you have taken a course, suggesting that you are mature, self-disciplined and co-operative. Send to: Krishnamurti Foundation of America, c/o the Krishnamurti Summer College Student Study Program, P.O. Box 1560, Ojai, California 93024, USA Cost: $900 / which includes all meals, a pleasant room of your own at Besant House, all transportation while in Ojai, and all books and materials. Students are responsible for the cost of transportation to and from Ojai.

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