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28/06/2008 8:58 pm Welcome to

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Welcome to the Anabolic Steroids -
We constantly update our page to reflect all of the most recent information and commentary about
steroids and anything involving the current trends in steroid use. Please feel free to visit our message
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The anabolic steroids information contained on this Website is for educational and entertainment
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iSteroids does not, in any way, condone the illegal acquisition and/or use of anabolic steroids for
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Switching from Test E to cyp
I was wondering if it would be ok to switch from test e to cyp. I am currently
takin 500 mg test e and 400 mg of eq. I am goin into week 3 of my cycle
and the pain from the test e is ridiculous. sorry to sound like b***h but iam
in pain.By the way I just got my Cyp and Proviron today from AS after just 5
days :)

Sorry if I was in the wrong on the last post
I'm sorry if I misread the rules but isn't this
forum's purpose to find out who is scammer and
who is not? I was just trying to see if it's a
scammer site before I bought and I did post it in
G (1 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol
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Sw i t c hi ng f r om Test E t o
c yp
I w as w onder i ng i f i t
w oul d be ok t o
sw i t c h
f r om t est e t o c yp. I
c ur r ent l y t ak i n 500
t est e and 400 mg
of eq.
I am goi n
I nt r amusc ul ar I nj ec t i on Q
the scammer section. If i'm in the wrong I
apologize and it will never happen again. I just
thought that was what it was for. Sorry again.

New brand of HGH?
Anyone had any experience with an HGH brand called Glotropin? It is
supposed to be 191AAS. Selling at a low price too.

Are steroids that bad?
There is much talk about how bad steroids are, which is of course false. Did you know that almost half a
million people (a little over 400,000) die from smoking every year? or did you know that almost 100,000
(past 80,000) die from drinking alcohol per year? and did you know that there have been [...] More...
History of Steroids and Anabolic Steroids

The history of anabolic steroids cannot be explained without looking back to when the very beginnings of
testosterone were first discovered. It's been widely accepted since ancient times when the testicles were
known to be required for male sexual characteristics and development. Then, in the mid-19th century,
scientists discovered that removal of the testicles from birds caused a disappearance of male sexual properties.

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This led to a lot of different experiments to
help scientists figure out how exactly
testosterone worked. By the mid-1930's three
different scientists had synthesized
testosterone making it the first anabolic
steroid. Testosterone was tested on dogs to
result in them bulking up after which
experiments were carried out in men.

It didn't take long for people to realize how
using testosterone would help athletes. In
1954, the American Weightlifting Team began
using testosterone and the team's doctor,
J ohn Ziegler, began working with
pharmaceutical companies to refine the
substance to be more efficient in enhancing
strength. (2 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol
Buy Steroids
Anabolic Steroids
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Sustanon 250

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I ' m pr esc r i bed by my
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Test ost er one
Cypi onat e,
c ur r ent l y I
have one vi al
w i t h 5 Ref i l l s
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Dec aj c ec t
Has anybody used
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di d how i s t he
qual i t y of
t hi s br and?

Number of user s: 113,041
Number of post s: 486,535

Go t o t he f or um

In 1967, anabolic steroids were banned by the International Olympic Council (IOC) and many sport
organizations began following suit. This was the beginning of the ever-continuing struggle between sports
organizations and the athletes. Soon, the IOC had a test to determine if athletes had used testosterone
steroids, but it didn't take long for the athletes to develop different types of steroids that would work around
the tests the first being a steroid that would leave the body quickly so that it wouldn't so up on the test.

Perhaps the most adept at this was the German Democratic Republic who conducted much of the research in
how to use steroids and still remain undetected. In fact, the fact that the government was both research and
concealing steroid use in the country's athletes remained unknown until the late 80's.

This scandal is what has given steroids a bad name. Ironically, however, this is about the same time that the
medical community found the benefits of using anabolic steroids for medical purposes in the treatment of
certain illnesses and ailments.

Steroids are not out of the public light yet, however. We mostly hear about steroids when professional athletes
test positive for using the substance. Steroids are still being widely used in the United States for both medical
purposes as well as by athletes (including high school athletes).
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Steroid Abuse

All drugs can be used and abused and the same is true with steroids. According to the law, there are
legitimate, approved medical uses of steroids and other, non-legal uses of steroids are often considered abuse
by most people. While people who use steroids illegally might be abusing them, this is not necessarily the case.
find out more at: (3 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol
Steroids In Baseball and Sports
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2006 Mr. Olympia Results

Steroids Esters: Much more than just half-life of testosterone...

By the end of this article, you're going to know:

What an steroids ester is and how it works
Steroids Esters greatly impact much more than just half-life
Steroids Esters influence the degree of a steroid's conversion to estrogen
Anabolic Steroids Esters actually make a given steroid more or less anabolic
Steroids Esters influence peak plasma levels of a given steroid
Half-life/Active-life charts are all basically incorrect

Read the whole article about Steroids Esters and how Anabolic Steroids work on your body...


The Rise and Fall of Ttokkyo!

Anthony Roberts: Ok...without telling us too much about you, can you let us know what your
experience with steroids is?
Anon: Well, without telling us to me about you needs to be addressed first. I have already been
convicted of several things and been through a couple prison systems. I need to state, right from the
start, that some of the things I am going to talk about I did indeed experience myself. In some cases,
a friend of mine did some of the stuff I will talk about. I can't remember. Basically, if you are from the
government and reading this, I assume you know who I am. If I didn't already cop to something that
you are reading, you should assume that my friend did it. Back then I was pretty doped up most of the
time, so things get a little blurry every now and again. I suspect that other, non-G-men will recognize
who I am as well. I'll say something to you later on, if I feel like it. Although it should be obvious that I
have the freedom to say whatever I want and artistic license to say it however I want to, if you are
reading this and from the government, know that it is a bunch of flat-out lies. I don't ever know what a
steroid is. Cool?

Anyhow, I have a little bit of experience with steroids. To put it bluntly, I had the unfortunate
distinction of being a fairly important part of what I consider to be the premier anabolics distribution
and manufacturing operations of all time: Laboratorios Ttokkyo. Obviously, a white kid from the burbs
doesn't just fly to Mexico City and apply for the job I had. It was a long and very unique road that we
paved and led us to fortune, albeit brief and fleeting.

Read the whole interview - The Rise and Fall of Ttokkyo! - Anabolic Steroids from Mexico
WHOA! wait a second, NFL players use steroids ??? NO WAY! this is SHOCKING

NFL Notebook: Saints DT suspended for steroids
Saints defensive tackle Hollis Thomas was suspended for the final four games of the regular season
yesterday for violating the league's steroid policy.
Thomas, backed by the team, appealed the suspension, which he said was caused by using asthma
medication. He uses an inhaler daily and it apparently contained a banned steroid.
Thomas signed this year with New Orleans after playing nine seasons with the Eagles; he missed the (4 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol
2002 season in Philadelphia with a broken right foot. He's had 43 tackles and four sacks for the Saints
and has been an integral part of their 8-4 record, which leads the NFC South.
If New Orleans makes the playoffs, Thomas would be eligible to play. He can be added to the active
roster on J an. 1, 2007, the day after the regular season ends.

Advanced Steroid Cycle I

Intermediate Steroid Cycles I


I mean seriously, give me a break? Tammy Thomas used some unknown anabolic agent, was it even a
steroid? who knows, but they sure as hell pegged it as one for convenience. Of course,Patrick Arnold is
to "blame", the guy gave out some legal prohormones, the feds decided to make them illegal and they
arrested him, what freaking BS!

Cyclist indicted in steroids probe

Former elite cyclist Tammy Thomas was indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury on charges of
hindering the government's steroid probe.

Thomas, 36, is accused of four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice for allegedly
lying to a grand jury investigating a steroid ring that spanned across many sports.

Olympic officials banned Thomas from competition in August 2002 after the performance enhancing
drug Norbolethone was detected in her urine samples, according to court documents.

At the time, the drug was an obscure steroid that had been used in a few human tests in the 1960s
and was rediscovered by the rogue chemist Patrick Arnold to boost athletic performance.

Norbolethone had never been marketed for public use, which made it helpful to athletes seeking an
undetectable edge. The substance, also known as Genabol, became popular among Olympic athletes
during the 2000 Sydney Games.

Arnold, the Illinois chemist who supplied the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative with undetectable
performance-enhancing drugs, is among five people who have pleaded guilty in the BALCO probe.

The indictment adds cycling, a sport often associated with doping, to a probe that has exposed steroid
use in professional baseball, football and track and field.

Thomas, a Yazoo City, Miss. native, was a silver medalist in the individual sprint in the 2001 World
Track Cycling Championships. Her efforts to gain a place on the 2000 U.S. Olympic team ended shortly (5 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol
before the games after her testosterone levels were found to be high.

She has always maintained her innocence and said the positive results may have been triggered by
contraceptives she was using.

The indictment accuses Thomas of lying when she testified she never used performance-enhancing
drugs. She also is said to have lied when she testified that
she did not get illegal drugs from Arnold, who was convicted in the scandal earlier this year and is
serving a three-month sentence in a Morgantown, W.Va. federal prison.

Last month, Trevor Graham, coach to track sensations Marion J ones, J ustin Gatlin and Tim
Montgomery, was indicted for allegedly obstructing the steroids probe. He has pleaded not guilty.

Authorities ordered Thomas to make an initial appearance J an. 5 in federal court.

Discuss Tammy Thomas and Patrick Arnold here:


Begginer Steroid Cycles I

State Trooper Charged In Steroids Case A Pennsylvania state trooper has been charged with
possession of illegal substances.

Trooper J effrey Dillig of Kennett Square is assigned to the Avondale State Police Barracks in Chester

Authorities said steroids and syringes were recovered from a van that Dillig reported stolen. They said
Dillig tested positive for anabolic steroids and his DNA was found on a syringe recovered from the van.
Dillig has been suspended without pay pending resolution of the charges. (6 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol

discuss here:
Looks like the state trooper intended to buy steroids along with other drugs? what drugs did he want to
purchase, I don't know. But, it does seem like he was a legitimate bodybuilder. Fat girs have higher
testosterone levels and fat guys have low testosterone levels and high estrogen levels , is this all true? Read
about steroids in policet...
Whoa , whoa , British dragon out of business ! Well as I predicted, BD aka British Dragon is now out of
business - check out their site and message. In case it changes later, I got a print screen for you. British
Dragon has always been a procurement company. However, with an aim toward producing licensed products,
we formed a partnership in Eastern Europe to manufacture. Before this was finalised, sub-standard products
were being produced which were not to the standard nor tradition of British Dragon.
Thus, no genuine British Dragon products (as under the control of the founders) will be produced after
December, 2006.
All our regular distributors as listed on the Suppliers list will have sufficient stock until well into the new year
British Dragon would like to thank its loyal supporters. Please re-visit this site for further bulletins. So British
dragon is out of business! done!
GHRP-6 and Hexarelin
Anabolic Steorids newsletters:
Anabolic Steroids Newsletter
August Newsletter
J uly Newsletter
October Newsletter
============================================================== (7 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
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Steroids Blog
We will now be bitching people out 24/7 on my anabolic steroids blog!



The Fastest way to get Bigger, Stronger, and More Ripped!

MyoGenX is our latest natural testosterone boosting supplement. MyoGenX contains a new compound called
Fadogia Agrestis. Discovered by world reknowned anabolic expert Anthony Roberts, MyoGenX can be used
safely by any type of athlete or general bodybuilder looking to gain lean muscle mass.

Track coach Graham maintains innocence in BALCO probe

By DAVID KRAVETS and PAUL ELIAS, Associated Press Writers
November 16, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Trevor Graham, who has coached Olympic champions Marion J ones and J ustin Gatlin,
pleaded not guilty Thursday to accusations he hindered a federal steroids investigation targeting baseball star
Barry Bonds and other high-profile athletes.

Graham is charged with three counts of making false statements to federal agents in an indictment issued Nov.
1 by the grand jury investigating performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports.

He was freed on $25,000 bond after appearing briefly before U.S. Magistrate Edwin Chen. His attorney, Gail
Shifman, entered the plea on Graham's behalf.
Graham did not comment, but Shifman told reporters outside court that "he'll be vindicated" at trial. If
convicted, Graham faces a maximum of 15 years in prison and a $750,000 fine.
Shifman declined to answer questions about whether Graham supplied athletes with performance-enhancing
drugs or told athletes where they were available, as the indictment alleges. Graham was granted immunity for
his cooperation but not from prosecution for making false statements.
Shifman said the charges were "really regrettable," because Graham's intention had been to clean up track and
Three years ago, he helped spark the steroid investigation by anonymously mailing a vial containing "the
clear," a previously undetectable steroid, to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. The probe has netted five
convictions, including that of Patrick Arnold, the Illinois chemist who produced the clear for the Bay Area
Laboratory Co-Operative.

Bonds' trainer, Greg Anderson, also was convicted in the BALCO investigation. The grand jury is examining
whether Bonds committed perjury when he told a 2003 grand jury that he never knowingly used steroids. He
testified he believed Anderson had supplied him with flaxseed oil and arthritis balm.

San Francisco U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan said after the hearing that the government's steroid probe "is an
ongoing investigation." (8 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol

"Whether or not there will be more indictments," he told KGO-AM, "only time will tell."

Graham operates Raleigh, N.C.-based Sprint Capitol USA, a team of about 10 athletes that includes Gatlin, the
100-meter co-world record holder who tested positive for testosterone and other steroids in April. He also
coached J ones, a sprinter who won five medals at the 2000 Sydney Games, and her ex-boyfriend Tim
Montgomery, formerly the world's fastest man who was suspended from competition for two years for doping.
Following Graham's indictment, Olympic 200-meter gold medalist Shawn Crawford and former U.S. 100-meter
champion Me'Lisa Barber announced they would no longer train with him.

In August, the U.S. Olympic Committee banned Graham from its training centers, because several of his
athletes have been suspended for doping offenses. Last week, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency notified Graham in
a letter that he is accused of violating doping rules, sources have told The Associated Press.
discuss here:

Albuterol vs. Clenbuterol


J ay Cutler wins the 2006 Mr. Olympia
Written by Team FLEX.

J ay won and Ronnie lost. That sums up the 2006 Mr. Olympia. In a historic upset, the reigning Mr. Olympia,
Ronnie Coleman, was defeated on stage by his fiercest rival, J ay Cutler. It's an occurrence that has not
happened since 1984 when Lee Haney won his first Mr. Olympia when he defeated the current champion,
Samir Bannout.

Place Name Country 1+2 3 4 Total
1 J ay Cutler USA 12 5 5 22
2 Ronnie Coleman USA 18 10 10 38
3 Victor Martinez Dominican Republic 34 16 16 66
4 Dexter J ackson USA 36 20 19 75
5 Melvin Anthony USA 50 25 26 101
6 Gustavo Badell Puerto Rico 62 30 29 121
7 Toney Freeman USA 68 35 103
8 Markus Ruhl Germany 84 41 125
9 Dennis J ames USA 96 47 143
10 Gnter Schlierkamp Germany 102 54 156
11 Vince Taylor USA 120 50 170
12 Branch Warren USA 114 61 175
13 J ohnnie O. J ackson USA 130 67 197
14 Darrem Charles Trinidad & Tobago 148 62 110
15 Troy Alves USA 142 75 217 (9 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol
16 Paco Bautista Spain 160
16 Dennis Wolf Germany 160
16 Rodney St. Cloud USA 160
16 Ronny Rockel Germany 160
16 Mustafa Muhammad Austria 160
16 David Henry USA 160
16 Bill Wilmore USA 160
Tougher steroid laws this fall! Buy steroids and go to jail for a long time!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, read

"US Parole Commission Extension and Sentencing Commission Authority Act of 2005, temporary, emergency
amendments to these acts has been set forth (effective March 27th, 2006) to increase punishment for steroid
possession and trafficking. Whereas 50 pills used to equal 1 unitGONE! 1 pill equals 1 unit. 10 mL's of
injectable steroids used to equal 1 unit, but not anymorenow it is 0.5 mL's of injectable steroid is 1 unit."

US let's rapists off with 6 months, car thiefs with community service, but steroids are now the "deadly" game!
such bullshit


Anabolic steroids raise levels of harmful protein - true???
You see this whole study is flawed and full of lies...I could make this study about crack heads and it would be

Plasma homocysteine levels are strongly influenced by diet, as well as by genetic factors - NOT 'just' steroids.

"The dietary components with the greatest effects are folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12. Folic acid and other
B vitamins help break down homocysteine in the body. Several studies have found that higher blood levels of B
vitamins are related, at least partly, to lower concentrations of homocysteine. Other recent evidence shows
that low blood levels of folic acid are linked with a higher risk of fatal coronary heart disease and stroke."

A simple lack of vitamin B and folic acid can cause the SAME! problem, so is it steroids? or are they full of shit,
like all the other misinformed/ignorant idiots out there.wers/24413-anabolic-steroids-raise-levels-harmful-

If there is one thing I hate is people using mass panic to make up BULLSHIT studies!



Patrick Arnold going to J AIL! Balco???
Interesting, they send chemists to jail...but USA lets rapists go on probation and child molestors stay on house
arrest? just more bullshit in the USA
cry me a ****ing river, so he made some steroids - jeee wiz, did he inject people with them personally? glute (10 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol

Three months in prison for BALCO chemist

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - A U.S. federal judge sentenced the Illinois chemist who devised a steroid at the
center of the BALCO sports doping scandal to three months in prison on Friday.
J udge Susan Illston accepted a plea deal agreement of three months prison followed by three months home
detention as part of a two-year supervised release program for Patrick Arnold, known as the "father of
prohormones," which are steroid-like substances.

The punishment was the same as baseball star Barry Bonds' personal trainer received last year for steroid
distribution in the BALCO affair, which has tarred the reputations of top athletes in track and field, baseball and

Steroid user stereotypes!

Nice to see the good folks at the media agencies really giving an unbias view. NOT!

discuss steroid user stereotypes article here

Bodybuilder collapses, dies -Sunday, J uly 23, 2006
I suspect it's from diuretic abuse...I've seen my share of bodybuilders drop dead from dieuretics. Lasix,
especially, intravenous can be deadly!

Bodybuilder collapses, dies

A Rhode Island man who was planning to make a comeback in his favorite sport of bodybuilding collapsed and
died while preparing for a local competition.

Anthony D'Arezzo, 44, of J ohnston, R.I., was in Pittsburgh for the weekend's NPC Teen, Collegiate and Masters
National Championships bodybuilding competition when he collapsed Friday afternoon in his hotel room at
Sheraton Station Square.

An autopsy yesterday ruled that Mr. D'Arezzo died of cardiomyopathy, according to the Allegheny County
medical examiner's office.

Mr. D'Arezzo had long battled heart disease, said friend Dave Palumbo.

According to a resume posted on Mr. D'Arezzo's Web site, he had not participated in a major bodybuilding
event since 1997.

"He was trying a comeback," said Mr. Palumbo, who spoke with Mr. D'Arezzo earlier on Friday.

Mr. D'Arezzo was a fitness trainer in Providence, R.I. The competition was taking place at the Sheraton.
DISCUSS Dave Polumbos bodybuilding here... Have we found the link? my thoughts: people, get off your fat
ass and go do cardio...clean up your diet and train. Research with mice has identified how diet drugs such as
Fen-Phen work to activate the brain chemical serotonin, which curbs appetite.
The finding could lead to new diet drugs that don't have the dangerous cardiac side effects associated with Fen- (11 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol
Phen, which led it to be banned in 1997, after it had been used for almost a decade, the researchers said.

"We wanted to look at the pathways and molecules involved in the anorexic properties of drugs like Fen-Phen,"
said lead researcher Dr. J oel Elmquist, a professor of internal medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern
Medical Center at Dallas, and director of the Center for Hypothalamic Research.


Lying bitch blames steroids on drunk driving Michelle Rodriguez says her drunk driving is because of her steroid
use? IMO, she's a lying bitch! People like this should not be allowed in the media. If there is one thing I hate is


Netter is here! T ISSUE ARTICLES: Fixing your Thyroid with HCG
Clomid for Thyroid Recovery
Aromasin and Nolvadex for PCT
The Arnold Schwarzenegger cycle
Fareston (Toremifene Citrate)

Trenbolone Enanthate

Trenbolone Enanthate is a drug that's exclusive to the underground market. In other words, you won't see it
with the Organon or STERIS label on it. It was produced as a cheaper alternative to Parabolan, by a leading
underground lab several years ago. When I first got my hands on it, I sent it away to a large lab to have it
tested for purity and although they replied that it was probably about 90% pure, they couldn't be totally sure
because they had no test sample to compare it to. So what's really interesting here, from a philosophical point
of view, is that the underground actually began to produce their own unique products instead of simply
producing clones of the steroids already available at the pharmacy. Other than the ester, which only effects the
blood plasma levels of a steroid, peak concentration, and active life, this drug is identical to Parabolan and
Trenbolone Acetate- differing only in the fact that it is active in the body for a longer time.


Amphetamines = Bullshit!
The NFL is trying to classify meth and other amphetamines in the same category as steroids, so what's the
implication? steroids are recreational drugs? Mr. Harold Henderson, please shut the hell up and stop lying to

Amphetamines were previously listed as a "substance-abuse drug," but are now in the same category as (12 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
Buy Steroids, Anabolic Steroids, Side Effects of Steroids, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Winstrol
steroids and other enhancers that carry much stronger penalties. This season will serve as a transition year,
where a first positive test would bring a warning and put a player into the drug program.
But in 2007, amphetamines will be tested for on a regular basis. A first positive test will result in a four-game
suspension, the same penalty now levied for positive steroids tests. Major League Baseball also started testing
for amphetamines this season as part of its steroids policy.
Harold Henderson, NFL executive vice president of labor relations, said the league and union worked together
to toughen the penalties for amphetamines after the Congressional hearings last year on drugs in sports.
"We never looked at it as a competitive issue for our players, like steroids and other things, but realized the
possibility that some players would use it for a gameday edge," Henderson said Tuesday in a phone interview
from San Diego, where he was attending the annual rookie symposium. "The union quickly agreed with us."

Cabergoline (Dostinex)
Dostinex was originally introduced to the bodybuilding community by the anti-aging crowd. About a decade
ago, the only place you could really find this stuff being sold was on mail order lists for various life-extension
clinics. Although they are, frankly, a very weird bunch of people, the life-extensionistas were among the first to
find and make available a lot of the stuff that eventually found its way into athletic circles, like Dostinex and
other such nootropics (drugs that increase mental activity).

Dostinex is one of those drugs. I first saw it on an anti-aging clinic's price list about a decade ago, and more
recently, I saw it being discussed by various people who are in the know on the internet. The former fact
made it slightly interesting to me, while the latter had exactly the opposite effect. Actually, I first mentioned it
in an ancillary article I wrote several years ago, but recently I decided to do some more research on it, and I
have to admit, it's a very interesting drug. Before I explain what it does, I think a discussion of some important
hormones and enzymes are in order.


End of Schering primo?
Bayer is known for going "legit", stopping sales of 'grey' area products from the companies they buy.
Bayer says it owns enough Schering shares to complete takeover

German chemicals and pharmaceuticals giant Bayer said it now controlled more than 88 percent of stock in
rival drug group Schering, for which it had launched a hostile takeover bid.

"The way is now clear for the Bayer Group to acquire Berlin-based pharmaceuticals company Schering AG," it
said in a stock market statement. "The attainment of a three-quarters majority was the last remaining
condition of the takeover offer."

Management board chairman Werner Wenning invited the remaining Schering stockholders to accept "our
attractive offer of 89 euros per share," pointing out that the additional acceptance period runs from J une 23
until J uly 6. READ MORE ABOUT THIS ANABOLIC STEROIDS ARTICLE... (13 of 14)6/28/2008 11:58:46 PM
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Steroid stash seized at home
A twice-convicted local drug dealer has been tied to the area's largest seizure of illegal steroids, arrested in a
case that sheds light on the surprisingly open world of buying and selling the substances on the Internet.

Authorities say the dealer -- Christopher J . Magnano, 33, of Rensselaer -- would buy the substances overseas
and then resell them through the relatively anonymous, home-delivery offered by the Web. Police said it would
have been coincidence had any of his steroid customers been local. Using the Internet made his reach global,
they said.
Magnano is accused of dealing substances that included human growth hormone, the anabolic steroids
dianabol and tamoxifen, a cancer drug injected by steroid users to enhance the absorption of testosterone.

Anabolic steroids and synthetic hormones, which are used to rapidly add muscle mass when combined with a
workout regimen, are openly offered by a number of Web sites, many of which are based overseas.

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career of body building involves the use of testosterone, winstrol, supplements and dianabol. This is of course
just a small part of the equation. We never want to create a drug addiction which involved drug and steroid
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Fitness addiction is a good thing, but steroid addiction is not. You must learn to use steroids in proper ways
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Since the conception of i steroids . com, the steroids community has changed greatly. Steroid abuse is rampant
with people starting to use the drug at stages of their life at which it's unnecessary. Steroids are not a joke, this
is not a drug you should take lightly. J ust the other day, an article about anabolic steroids appeared on google
news discussing the fact that anabolic steroids are the next "bad drug." This would NOT be a discussion topic if
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