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1. Different genes and combinations of genes called
A. Gene diversity
B. Species diversity
C. Ecosystem diversity
D. Ecological diversity
E. Biome diversity
2. Look at the picture.

Wallace line is
A. 1 D. 4
B. 2 E. 5
C. 3
3. The statement below which is not included in of
natural resource in situ reservation is
A. Gunung Leuseur National Park (Sumatra)
B. Ujung Kulon National Park (Java)
C. Bird Park-TMII (Jakarta)
D. Way Kambas National Park (Sumatra)
E. Komodo National Park (small Sundanese)
4. The number of gene, species, and ecosystems in
plants and animals which show various of shapes,
appearances, frequencies, dimensions, and other
properties called
A. Adaptation
B. Biodiversity
C. Biome
D. Ecosystem
E. Vegetation
5. In situ reservation is
A. the condition of the living organism outside its
habitat (its living place).
B. the difference found between two individuals
of one species.
C. the complex of a community of organisms and
its environment functioning as an ecological
D. the condition of the living organism inside its
habitat (its living place/its original natural
E. modification of an organism or its parts that
makes it more fit for existence under the
conditions of its environment.
6. (1) These forests have a distinct wet and dry season
(2) The trees shed their leaves in the dry season (3)
Monkeys, frogs, spiders, kangaroos, koalas and
rabbits live in the forest.
The statements above are characteristic of
A. The wet tropical forest
B. The seasonal forest
C. The savanna forest land
D. The steppe
E. The river ecosystem
7. (1) Many found the kind of big mammal,
except pocked mammal.
(2) No species of monkeys (primitive primates) are
(3) The diversity of colorful bird is very low.
(4) Many poucked mammals (marsupials) are
found, while big mammals are rarely raterary
(5) Found the kinds of monkeys (primitive primate),
mainly in Kalimantan.
(6) The diversity of colorful birds is very high.
The statements are characteristics of fauna in the
East Indonesian Region (Australis type)
A. (1), (2), (3) D. (1), (3), (5)
B. (2), (4), (6) E. (3), (5), (6)
C. (4), (5), (6)
8. There are several numbers of animals species.
(1) Tigers (4) Cats
(2) Lions (5) Goats
(3) Dogs

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The species diversity between one family are shown
by animal numbers
A. 1, 2, 3 D. 1, 2, 5
B. 1, 2, 4 E. 1, 4, 5
C. 1, 3, 5
9. This is not included in ex situ natural resources
A. Collection garden
B. Germ plasm garden
C. Botanical garden
D. Rhinoceros conversation in Ujung Kulon
E. Keeping in hgh temperature room
10. The difference within chickens live in one place is
A. Evolution D. Diversity
B. Adaptation E. Variation
C. Adaptation and variation
11. The making of national park is included in the
activity of
A. General natural protection
B. Natural protection with specific aims
C. Tight natural protection
D. Natural botanical protection
E. Animal sanctuary protection
12. Species diversity can be seen from these differences

A. Shape, color, number, size and appearance
B. Shape, color, number, size and hereditary
C. Morphology and anatomy
D. Behavior and genes
E. Morphology and behavior
13. Rice, corn and soybean plants show diversity at
A. Gene D. Genus
B. Species E. Family
C. Ecosystem
14. Natural conversation and preservation aim to
A. Protect plants and animals from extinction
B. Conserve geological formation from destruction
C. Lengthen each animal and plant individual age
D. Conserve sufficient grassing place
E. Create a good surrounding nature
15. Between individuals in one species, it has never
been found two individuals with precise characters.
This occurs because there is a difference in
A. Environment
B. Parental
C. Species
D. Environment ad genes
E. Genes and germ plasm
16. Ecosystems diversity is shown by the differences in
tehese components, except
A. Primary energy resource
B. Producer types
C. Productivity
D. Consumer types
E. Biotic components
17. Komodo in Indonesia needs to be protected
effectively from extinction. For that reason, komodo
habitats need to be convert as
A. National park
B. Priority area for greening
C. Natural heritage
D. Animal sanctuary
E. Shelter forests
18. The followings which are included as natural
resources are
A. Stones-teak wood-sea grasses
B. Teak woods-sea grasses-corals
C. Stones-sea grasses-iron ore
D. Corals-waterfall-milestome hill
E. Sea grasses-corals-milestone hill
19. The first person who found a barrier between
Australian and Oriental is
A. Max weber D. A.R. Wallace
B. Linnaeus E. Aristoteles
C. Charles Darwin
20. The stated as amazing flower by government
through Keppres No. 4 1993 is
A. Dove orchids D. Jasmines
B. Moon orchids E. Orchids
C. Roses

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