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John J. Shyster
United States Magistrate Judge Case # ______________
C/o Federal Public Defender Reuest for Proof of Clai! and
Ji! "nfidel #ar "dentification $u!ber%s&
'(( South Fourth Street
Suite )))
So!e*here+ US ,,'-'
Regarding an .rder and Findings and Reco!!endations signed by John J. Shyster dated %day&
%!onth& %year&+ Da/y C. Jones hereby reuests the /oucher that 0ro/e the Findings in the resulting
order. 1lso that the na!e and bar nu!ber of the 1ttorney 2eneral !entioned in the .rder *ithout
identifying *ho that is+ and *hether or not s/he has authority to hold Da/y C. Jones3s 1uthori4ed
Re0resentati/e in custody+ in order to allege an assess!ent that John J. Shyster refuses or is unable to
0ro/e %by /oucher& the assessed clai!+ in fact+ by hi!self+ or others+ he identifies and refer to+ in the
Findings and Reco!!endations .rder+ either in his official ca0acity or e56officio ca0acity+ ad!its to
o0erating an insol/ent court %*hich is illegal by any standards7and e/idence of e5tortion being
co!!itted against Da/y Citi4en Jones+ offender in this !atter+ and Da/y C. Jones the re0resentati/e
for Da/y Citi4en Jones+ the sole60ro0rietor of Da/y Citi4en Jones3 0ersonal business and e5e!0t fro!
le/y.& 8he refusal of John J. Shyster and his confederates identified in his said insol/ent order is his
confession to ha/ing in/ested the !oney else*here for unauthori4ed 0ur0ose there by a cri!inal
John J. Shyster has re0orted to using a burdenso!e /olu!e of 0a0ers re0eating redundant and
irrele/ant cases+ to disguise his absence of an assess!ent+ %assu!ed to obtain the unla*ful detainer for
Da/y Citi4en Jones& *hich reuires a 0roof of clai! %a chec9 or /oucher co/ering the a!ount of
da!ages alleged in the contro/ersy& as a !atter of fact+ failing to gi/e the courts+ local State and #ar
1ssociation the Certificate %/oucher& of .rigin to deter!ine that Da/y C. Jones and confederates
0ro/e %sub:ect !atter& by the /oucher as a !atter of fact+ not to be assu!ed. 1ssu!ing the assess!ent
is the 0ractice of la* in the local co!!unity *ithout a license+ and charging a clai! *ith the assu!ed
%non6e5istent assess!ent& is a felony by John J. Shyster and confederates+ a dishonor used to detain
Da/y Citi4en Jones and Da/y Citi4en Jones in an effort to create a disguise for the !e!bers identified
by John J. Shyster %and the other na!es in the action 66 good 0lace to 0ut all the na!es& on this
Findings and Reco!!endations+ to enter the ;ocal co!!unity in disguise *ith a rac9eteering and
cri!inal enter0rise to loot and 0lunder and terrori4e the local citi4ens.
S0ecific reuests for na!es+ bar nu!bers+ etc !ight be in order *ith this being the reasons for
reuesting the infor!ation to bring Disci0linary #ar 1ction and #an9ru0tcy.