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Search begins for A-List IP Legal Team, as preparations for

multi-billion dollar Lawsuit get underway.

Boston, MA, October 16, 2014 For over 3 years, wrongfully foreclosed homeowner - Mohan A. Harihar, has
acted as a Pro Se litigant out of financial necessity, one of the millions of Americans irreparably harmed by the US
Foreclosure Crisis. Over time, and since the initial decisions rendered in the lower Courts, an overwhelming
amount of evidence/information has, and continues to come forth in support of Mr. Harihars consistent claims. For
that reason, the Massachusetts Appeals Court has recently granted Mr. Harihar leave to file for new trial
associated with civil damages resulting from Appellees - Wells Fargo NA, US Bank NA, RMBS CMLTI 2006-
AR1, Harmon Law Offices PC, et al.

For those who have been following this growing storyline, you are already aware that the damages suffered from
this individuals wrongful foreclosure, while individually significant, represent only a small fraction of the overall
picture. Through the economic hardship associated with his wrongful foreclosure, Mr. Harihar created three (3)
separate frameworks
designed to assist with this Nations and overall global economic recovery from the US
Foreclosure/Financial Crisis. These frameworks, while designed to significantly improve economic trends on a
macro-level, also provide substantial individual relief to those identified parties who have suffered significant loss
associated with the crisis. Successful implementation would not only be considered historic, but also achieved
through an already existing infrastructure, and without the need for added legislation, bailouts, or even one (1) US
tax dollar.

As previously reported, the primary framework has been successfully presented to multiple high ranking
government officials from Washington to a local Congressional office, a Lender Senior VP of Risk Compliance,
and the Chairman of a Nationally ranked Strategic communications firm.
It has been forwarded to the EOP for
review at the specific request of Vice President Joe Biden, and after a review by Senior Economic Advisor
Bruno Freitas, recommendation has been made to present to US Senator Elizabeth Warren (MA).

Actions by multiple parties including (but not limited to) the Appellees associated with this matter threaten the
successful implementation of these projects. The increasing complexity and magnitude of this matter warrants the
retention of a highly skilled and experienced legal team, with the following specialized services to include:
Intellectual Property, State/Federal/Appellate Court experience, and experience in Government related matters.

Qualified Legal Firms are encouraged to contact Mr. Harihar directly @ 617.921.2526 (Mobile) or Email:

For Further Media Information Contact: Mohan A. Harihar
Phone: 617.921.2526 (Mobile)
Follow on Twitter: Mohan Harihar@MH_Foreclosur1

The term frameworks refer to specific projects considered the Intellectual Property belonging to Mohan A. Harihar, created to
assist with US and Global economic recovery from the Foreclosure/Financial Crisis.
Successful presentations have additionally included the following parties: The Deputy Chief Counsel (Former) of the House
Financial Services Committee (DC), The MA Attorney Generals Office, NH Attorney General Michael Delaney (also the NH -
Sec of State, Governors Chief of Staff, and several members of the Governors council), the Office of Congresswoman Niki
Tsongas, and members of the MA State Senate (former & current). No party has found flaw with this plan.
EOP Executive Offices of the President; Presentation dates for the EOP and Senator Warren are still pending.