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Tim Russ & Company (4165)
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Prope.ty Rental Address:

Total Monthly Rent: €
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lf a joinr tenancy, please state the applicant's sha.€: € ls the indifidual a prospeciive Tenant L l or Guara.tor" L-.1 (please tick) *lf a guarantor orfurther applicant, please provide the MARAS reterence number MARAS reference numbe'r
'lf a guarantor, please also p.ovide the applicant(s) they are acting for Names of applicantsr I/de Date of Bitth:

Se ect your record for the progre$ ol rhe aPplicalon


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Separated Divorced I

Witlowed I

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Reasan far depadure

Haveyou any currenl,histaricar pendingadverse credit? ConpaDy Landlard or nane:

lf yes, pleasesupply lhe details

Estate/Letting A9ent, Solicitor or Lardlord resardins where you are now living

Where have you been living during the last years?

Please pravidepreviaus addressesard dales ofoccupatian, aftachinga separatesheel if necessary

Current Income Details


SeffEnployed ir On Contract

Temporarya ReIircd

Unemployedt- Studenta:

Company/Agency name:

Grass per satary/pension annun t Camnencentent date:
Fu tlme I Paftlime 1 ll not pemanenl, please provide lhe wark end date / /

PayrcI,Setuice Pensian ar number

jn ls yaurenploynentto change thenearfuture? Yes I

ptease provide No - lf yes, detaits.

Previous Empfoyment ' Detaifs

provide Where haveyau beenworking detajls prcvious of during pastlhrceyears?Please the employers, alangwilhcanmencenent depanure and dates, altaching sepatale a sheelifnecessary


Accountant / Auditor
details if self

Praclice nane:

employed / retired lgq€l: your Please aulhorise accounlaouauditorprovide rel to

Bank/Buif ding Society cunent accounlonly

Bank/BuildingSociety Name:

Sotl Code:



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Addiiaonaf occupants &
general information

Please lhe names allptospeclve lisl of tenants over 18 yearsof agelo reside theadclress at


Decfaration Once lhe applicalionfom has been tully completed.please submi{ to vour aqenl

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aT 2007
MARASis a registere.lhdematu of ManagihgAgenlsPefe@ce Assislarce Ser,ces t,hiled

MARAS Individuals Application Helpsheet
givenbeiow, yourapplication be processed the minimum By followinq guidance advice the and will with ol delay.Please keeplhis pagefor future reference. Can I track my application on line? Yes Thiscan be doneat anytime.To do lhis,slmply follow fivestepsbelow: lhe 1 Goto 2. Cl ck on lhe seruices "ADDIication lfacker'. yourdateof birthwhererequesied (ddhm/ylyy) 3. Enter passwod 4 Enlerthe code of4165. yourrecord an update yourapplicalion. 5. Select for on The app,ication ,om To avoidunnecessary delay.please complete applicelion in full and in a darkcolour. the fom Home a.tdrcs s i ntom aaiod We require fulldelails yourresidential of addresses the pastthreeyearc,evenif addresses for are . I am a home owner and my propedy is being sold. Thefulladdress conlact det3ils and oftheestate aqent solicitor or dealing yoursale with should be . Iamaaenant, The detaiis lhe landlord,letting of agentororganisation whomyoupayyourrenl should suppliedlf to be you areawareyourlandlord ditricult contact, please is lo ALSOprovide copybankslalements showing lhe lastthreemonlhsrenlalpayments a copyofyourlenancy and agreementWhat should t do il, have currena, hisloric or pen.ting adverse credia? Youshould ensure thal as muchinformalion provided possible a separate is as on this sheetandsubmit wilhyourapplicalion. question Failure answeflhis to mayjeopardise application/t€nancy. your accuralely Details borrow whichyouare repaying of nqs wilhincrediltems do not needto be lisied. We require lhreeyears ncome/employment details. seclion previous A for is employment infomation provided. please However, usea separate sheetif necessary. . I amlwill be employed by an educaaional eslablishmena that is closed lor holidays. li theeducational establishmenl conlrolled a localauthority, fuil localauthorily is by the alongwith delails lhe nameoi lhe school/educational provided establishment in should supplied the employment be section on the application alongwilh yourposition, date,employee lorm start number etc. please lI youremployer nol a localauthority is provide copyworkcontract e atongwithyourmosrrecent . I am selt employed and have an accounaan,lauditor. Youraccountanls/alditors details shouldb€ supplied whereindicated. Please youhavegiven alsoensure yourconsent youraccountants/auditors lo lo provide r€ference [,4ARAS. a to The ncome figurelo be stated the application in lhe section on form Curent Income be Details should the figureshown lhe prcfiion yourlastfinalised as accounts relation yourselfemployment. youhave in to lf recently please commenced lrading and haveyetto haveyourfkstsetof accounis finalised, st6le"not finalsed in thisseclion. . t am selt employed and do not use an accounlantlau.litor. A copyof yourlasl lax calculaiion issued the H l\,1RevenueCustoms relation selfassessment by & in to should submilled yourapplicalion. be wilh Please notea "Stalemenl OfAccounf is NOTacceptable lfyou yourdelails submit on-ljne H [,4Revenue Customs, lo yourtaxcalculallons be obtained your & can through online lacililv withthem. The income figureto be statedon the application in the section form Current Income Details sho!ld be the ligureshown lhe profilon yourlasl finalised as accounls relation yourselfemployhent. in io lfyou have recently please comm€nced trading andhaveyel to haveyourJirsl ofaccounts set linalised, slate not fnalised rnthissection. . I am worklng on a conaracalas a te,nporary member of saart Thedelails thecompany whomyou havesecured via of workshould provided be withthe contractual end dateof yourworkplacement. lfyou havebeenmadeaware yourposition on-going, please provide is the posilion i.e.oneweeks norice lerminale workposition be provided eitherpa(y. contractlal to the to by . t am reaircc,and my income is derived trcm pensionsPlease submit yourpension copypension stalements confirm that income wilh yourapptication_ shoutd You ensure thatcontact for providers included. details yourpension are . t am rcaired an.I my income is derived trom investments (and pension income), provide Please details your financialadvisor/accountant canve t your situation. you are atsoin of who tf please receipt pension ol income, referlo the paraglaph above.